Here you go!

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[Patricia POV]

Patricia sat in her dorm room angrily, listening to Sick Puppies again. Apparently, hanging out in her bedroom during first period was against the rules! It was the first day so they shouldn't have expected Patricia to get into the swing of things right away. Now she had to participate in the school play as punishment for a grade instead of a detention. Her auditions were in an hour.
Patricia had been in last year's play, but that was different. She wasn't the acting type at all. Looking over the script, Patricia read the words to the main character, Claries, aloud. "I never meant for this to happen. Sometimes, if you really like someone, nothing else matters." Talk about drama! This play was so stupid!
Patricia looked at the clock on her phone- 4:40. She had twenty minutes to get ready and be there. He opened her closet and pulled out a black tank top, a black and red mini skirt, and black fishnet tights. She began changing out of her school uniform into the clothes she preferred.