Unknown face: The demons mouth

Chapter 1

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When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you

-Friedrich Nietzsche

August 11, 12:56 A.M.

Tap, tap, tap. Her knee high navy heels clicked the slick marble floor. Nobody was in the building at this time of night. The walls were painted black, the color of death. Table's here and there with red flowers, the color of blood. An old man passed me in wonder, why I was wearing all navy blue, the color of hero's. She felt's the cold barrel of my gun touching my back.

Room 24, room 25, room 26. Her eyes glided along the gold platted plates on the doors. Her destination was room 40. Her target. Room 36, room 37, room 38, room 39. She positioned my body so she could bust through the door.

August 12, 1:00 A.M.

She feet slid on the floor. Her heart pumped blood, making her focus. She closed my eyes, remembering what Allen had told her. Go in there and kill him, leave his body there. Make sure you have gloves and exit from the window. You know what to do after that. She took a deep breath, again and again. Before her brain could decide, she launched herself towards the door. She plowed it down with one swift kick. A blast of cold air made her hair fly behind her.

August 12, 1:20 A.M.

"I hate everything about you. Why do I love you?" A sickening song came faintly from a room farther in. Her hand reached for her back and slipped inside her pants. She quietly took the gun out and held it up to her face, with the barrel pointing towards the ceiling.

The music stopped. Soft footsteps were walking towards her. When a body entered the room, and it walked past me. Her solemn eyes peered over the bar. A man. In his early 20's. A lights tan, brown hair. He turned her way, but his eyes were looking above her. His eyes were a dark ice blue.

"We were made for each other. Out here forever." He softly sang.

"I know we were." She sang after him. He turned around, and she stood up. "If all I ever wanted was for you to know. Everything I put my heart and soul. I can always breathe. I need to feel you here with me." His eyes meet hers.

"What do you want?" He said. She walked up to him. He didn't budge.

"I'm not gonna answer that." She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his body. Looking for his cell. He backed away, but she held on. He slapped her face.

"Don't touch me!" He yelled, grabbing a backpack from the side of his bed. "Here! Do you know what this is?" She cocked her head.

"It's a bomb." His eyes focused on the gun in her hand.

"If you shoot me, you die also. The whole building comes down!"

"Oh well," She picked up the gun, and aimed it at towards a wall. "That's just more sins added onto your life, not mine." She smiled.

He let the demon open its mouth to the other side. Everything was moving so slow after that. She shot at his head. She picked up his ID from his night stand and jumped out of the enormous glass windows. Her leather covered arms blocked her face from the shards. The ball of flames chasing after her slim, pale body.

"Risa!" She heard him scream from the building. She let my arms fly in front of her. She blinked.


Saki's Pov

Arianna, my editor closed the book.

"Incredible." She said. A grin grew on my face.

"Really, you like it?" I asked her. She nodded. I clapped my hands together. "Thanks you! Oh thank you so much!"