I didn't think I'd have this up so soon... Well. Here it is, the story I promised at the end of Memories in Blood. With some changes. It's not going to be RokuSo anymore. Now, it has no romance at all.

This is slightly inspired by the book The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. It's really good. I should note that I don't own it.

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"Roxas! Come on!" I sighed, pulling my bag over my shoulder as I walked out of my bedroom, the colours white and lupin being the last thing I noticed. "We're going to be late!"

My twin was at the bottom of the stairs, looking very much identical to me, save for his clothes. We'd made an agreement years ago about what clothes we wore, just so our friends could tell us apart.

Well, his friends.

"I'm coming Ven." I said, making sure not to make eye contact with him. I didn't want to do that. Not with anyone.

"Well hurry up!" He called as I walked downstairs, taking my time as I wondered if I could get a blindfold. It would probably help... "Finally!" Ven exclaimed, practically dragging me to the front door. "Bye guys!" He called behind us as he left.

I heard a faint reply before the door closed behind me.

The walk to school was normal. Five minutes, through the school gates, then into the teaming throng of noisy school kids, from eighteen months to eighteen years old, and adults. And for me, there was that extra layer of noise on top.

That extra layer is with me a lot, even when I'm on my own.

Even if it's silent in a room, I can hear it.

It's annoying.

While Ven ran over to his best friends, a boy and a girl about three years older than us, him with dark brown, spikey-ish hair and her with short blue, and a boy our age with black hair and amber eyes, I walked to the library.

It's always quiet in the library. There is never more than ten people in there at once. It's not uncommon that it's not just me and Belle, the librarian. I sometimes think that most of the school doesn't know the library exists.

Belle's really nice. She gets enraptured by books, even on the fiftieth read of them, and is married to Adam Beast, one of the Games staff. He's nice as well, but harsh sometimes, and can be a little violent.

But the good thing about these times, is that it's the only time I don't mind what I hear in the extra layer.

School starts at quarter to nine, and me and Ventus had arrived at five past eight. I knew and he knew that we wouldn't have been late. He just really liked being early.

At twenty to nine, I headed to my form room, in the Geography corridor and where I had my first lesson that day. I unpacked, then continued to read my book.

This book was really good, and I often went back to it. The reason? The main character reminded me of me.

I looked up as the first people entered the room, a auburn-haired girl called Kairi, favourite things flowers and sunsets, and platinum blond Naminé, hobbies drawing, writing and painting. I had a short biography of each of my classmates and teachers.

I returned my eyes to my book, then was distracted by the door slamming open.

Riku's had another rough night with his dad. Riku was beaten by his dad, Sephiroth, because of trivial things, like spilling some water on linoleum, or dropping a pan. The only other people who knew were his close circle of friends, all four of them. The rest of his friends just thought he got into a fair few fights. He had plans to move in with his cousin.

I looked away as the three talked quietly. It was five minutes before everyone, including our form tutor, had arrived.

We were registered by our teacher, Xaldin Lance, and then told to get out our books, Kairi being the only one to leave. She didn't take Geography, and I don't say I blame her.

The lesson was a drag, so I settled for mock attention. Meanwhile, I played with some ideas in my head. Eyes are worst, but anywhere else is still loud enough to hear. Photographs are horrible, videos not quite so, paintings fine. Animations are safe. Focus is better than free. Don't risk reflections. That was my way of separating everything into Safe, No-go and Between.

I still normally prioritized No-go.

"Roxas. Since you don't seem to need to pay attention to the class, why don't you tell us what we were talking about, and what we will do?" I looked him in the eye, just very, very briefly.

"You were reading out a passage you stole from a textbook about migration, you're about to go on to immigration and then you'll set us a question on the pros and cons of immigration of an MEDC host country." I answered, turning away right as I finished. I only ever did this sort of thing to teachers I don't like, which is most of them. I winced as the normal headache came. It was weak, I hadn't looked long enough for it to be too painful.

"Um... correct." That still unnerved him after a full four years of teaching me. "Now, where was I..." I tuned back out for the rest of the lesson, trying to ignore the noise, me being in it again.

The door crashed open, making everyone jump and spin towards the figure panting in the doorway. His panic was tangible.

"Sorry... Sorry I'm late Sir." He said, looking around the room. "I missed my train into school." He had spiky brown hair and tanned skin. I avoided his eyes, knowing how dark the secrets all people can hold can be all to well.

"Tricky, considering the fact that you don't get the train." Xaldin replied. The boy looked up, and met my eyes.

Information flashed into my brain. Sora Leonheart. Fifteen years, eleven months, three hundred and fifty two days, twenty three hours, fifty minutes, twenty seven seconds. 09:52:24, sixth of September, 1996. Squall 'Leon' Leonheart. Rhinoa Leonheart. Zack Fair. Aerith Fair. Vanitas Fair. The list continued, and within a second, I knew everything about him. He was my brother's friend's cousin. He'd changed school due to him moving in from Destiny Islands after his parents died in a car crash. He was now living with Vanitas and his parents.

There was a throbbing pain in my skull.

"Roxas?" Xaldin asked.

The next thing I saw was black.

First chapter, and a cliffhanger. What could be better?

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