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Aqua Marine

Ventus Strife. One of the most, if not the most, famous Psychologists in the world, past or present. His his apparent ability to perfectly understand emotions of all kinds is, according to one of his friends, his greatest asset in solving all of the cases that he has been assigned. His patients have included many celebrities, such as Axel Inciendo, the lead singer to the band Blazing Oceans during his battle with depression two years ago. And from pop stars to politicians, as Ventus's (known to his friends as Ven) very next patient was the leader of the Nobody party after his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Riku Mekakushi, now the youngest person to hold the position of Prime Minister.

But what Ven is really famous for is the Strife case, the twelve year case of Ven's identical twin, Roxas Strife. While the majority of Ven's work came about after he left University with a PHD is Psychology, arguably the most important thing he did happened just two weeks after Roxas was admitted to the hospital. It isn't known what it was that Ven did, but he managed to convince Roxas to try to live again. It was observed that the meal time after Ven had left, all of the food Roxas was served was eaten.

Just weeks ago, Ven's brother was able to return home, all thanks to his brother's constant help. While Roxas is still out of touch with reality for a fair amount of his waking life, there has been severe progress seen since Ven took him in in his home in Twilight Town. He has been well enough to grant us an interview, in which, upon being asked about his brother, he replied: 'Ven did a great job with his life, something I'm sorry I can never match. When I first went to see Ven where he works, I was amazed to find a picture of me on the wall, taken back when I was in school.'

But perhaps the most fascinating thing about Ventus Strife is his research into psychological abilities. His starting of the organization Psirust for the research and aid of people with psychic abilities, especially children. Indeed, there are even rumours that Ven is another of their numbers, but in the interviews, he avoided this question.

When asked if he knew why his twin had chosen him to lead the trust, his reply surprised us all. 'I can read people's minds. It's why I will never make eye contact. It is also why I was in that state, I looked at myself in the eyes and everything I was thinking went on a loop.' Following that, he ended the interview.

And Ven isn't stopping there. Psirust has already expanded across continents, but there are still some to go. His aim is to reach out to the world and bring a balance between those with psychic abilities and those without. In an exclusive interview, Ven told us that he has already 'been looking into another expansion, this covering help for all children. It is my hope to be able to help them all, as unrealistic a dream as it may seem.'

And so, Ventus Strife. One of the world's greatest men, or indeed women, and definitely one deserving of every last bit of praise that he receives. If there is a better man that Ven, then he is really avoiding my radar, because otherwise this column would be about him.

Well Ven, the world wishes you luck on your mission to save the children of the world. Break a leg, mate.

As a note, this IS Aqua. She didn't really feature in this story, but she is one of Ven's friends. In AUs, I always picture her fencing or as a journalist. And always a friend of Ven's.

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