Okay well, lots of people wanted me to sort of make some squeal or something to this so I just decided I'll write a little of what happened after Natsu and Lucy has taken a bath and stuff so yeah . . . Enjoys!

What happened last night and a few minutes ago will stay in Lucy's mind forever and ever. Natsu just has a way with his hands and tongue; she thinks Natsu is some kind of sex god. Her sex god to be exact. Lucy made a humming sound in the back of her throat, liking the sound of that. Lucy's personal sex god. Or better, slave.

"Oh my, I like the sound of that," Lucy mumbled to herself, slipping on her panties. "Like the sound of what?" Natsu asked as he slipped his arms around his tiny naked waists making her squeak in surprise. "Natsu! Don't sneak up on me like that; you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Who else would it be?"

"What if somebody secretly made his way into my house?"

"I'll know and if somebody saw you like that, I'll murder him for looking at my beautiful girl's body. It's only for my eyes to see, got that?" Natsu raised a brow and looked at Lucy, slipping on his t-shirt.

Lucy eyed him and smiled a bit, liking the sound of that. My beautiful girl. Lucy closed her eyes and smiled happily; she wants to hear that coming from his lips every day.

"Yes sir," Lucy said as she pulled up her mini skirt, putting the bra on her chest. It was weird to think that only 17 hours ago they were teasing and fooling around with each other but now, they're in a serious relationship involving sex and love, something you do not see every day.

"How are we going to tell everyone?" Lucy asked, sighing a bit. She didn't want to hear them all scream and over-exaggerate over the fact that they're now a couple. It's not like they haven't seen one before.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I got this all under control," Natsu reassured her making sigh and worry about it even more. Natsu has got this under control.

Yeah fucking right.


Lucy was all flustered as she sat down in front of Gray, not even looking at him to know he had a huge smirk on his face. She knew what he was going to say and all she came here was for her cash and maybe a small speech about their relationship. Gray could help, right? But for now, she needed to endure the teases he was going to shoot at her.

"You and Natsu had sex, didn't ya'?" Gray asked making Lucy's face heat up even more. "You saw everything! You set that up, didn't you?" Lucy shouted, finally looking up to see Gray had an amused look on his face, grinning slightly.

Oh how she wished she didn't ask Natsu to stay away while she talked to Gray, she wanted him to beat him to a pulp for doing that but at the same time, thank him for finally hooking them up.

"Oh please, you're not mad at me, you're actually thankful I did that,"

"N - No! I shouldn't have agreed, goddamn you Gray."

"You're welcome."

"Shut up and where's my money?" Lucy extended her hand out for her cash, wanting it to spend it on some new underwear. Some new ones Natsu might love to rip off her.

Gray sighed and dug into his pocket, taking out a handful of cash. He handed it to Lucy who happily accepted it. "Here, you won it fair and square."

"Why thank you. And Gray?"


"You knew Natsu was going to agree, right?" Gray looked at her for a second before sighing and smiling slightly. "I'm going to tell you a secret but keep your mouth shut around Natsu, okay?" Lucy looked at Gray and nodded, seeing that his expression was serious. He must not want to get on Natsu's bad side anymore.

"Natsu actually told me a few days ago he wanted to fuck you," Gray whispered, looking around nervously to see if anybody is listening. Luckily, nobody was.

Lucy's eyes went wide as she felt her jaw drop. "Wha -!" Lucy shouted, about to scream at the top of her lungs but Gray quickly shushed her, grabbing her wrists to pull her back down on her seat. "Shhh! I told you to keep quiet," Gray hissed making Lucy stare at him in disbelief.

"I - I, but Natsu -", "Yeah, the same reaction I had." Gray muttered, snorting a bit. "A - And then?" Lucy pushed him further, wondering what Gray had done next. Why would Natsu tell Gray this? Since when has he become so interested in the celestial mage?

Gray sighed and ran a hand through his messy black locks looking around then back at Lucy's eager face. "He's liked you for a while now."

"That's bullshit! Natsu and I have been together for almost two years now and he never dropped any hints about liking me or anything!" Lucy shouted, slamming her hand on the table showing that she was rightfully angry about nobody telling her that Natsu liked her. She always liked him but held back because she saw that Natsu only looked at her as a friend but now look at the situation they're in now.

Gray looked around with wide eyes to see if anybody was watching or listening to them but none of them weren't listening thanks to the loudness in the guild. "I told you to keep your voice down, Lucy!" Gray hissed, keeping his voice down to a whisper but loud enough for her to hear.

"You will tell me everything Natsu has told you, now." Lucy hissed back, glaring daggers at him. Natsu could have told her something, or maybe dropped a few hints like maybe blushing or holding her hand a bit more or something! This frustrated her.

"I will, but you better not scream again or I will not say another word about it."

"Deal, now start talking."

"Alright, Natsu has told me he started getting feelings for you about 6 months ago but he was afraid of telling you or something like that."

Lucy opened her mouth to say something but Gray stopped her before she had a chance to say something, "Don't say anything till I finish telling my little story." Lucy shut her mouth and nodded, looking at him with those brown orbs, curiosity dancing in them. Gray nervously looked around again and leaned in close making Lucy also lean in close to hear him better.

"And just a few months after he told me, he told me he wanted to drag you to bed and fuck you senseless." Lucy gasped as she stared at the ice mage with wide eyes.

Why hasn't she heard anything about this? Or especially see any of these emotions coming from Natsu? She always thought he was that dense Natsu that doesn't even know what a relationship is called. "That doesn't make any sense; he never showed any interest in me."

"I said shut it," Lucy shut her mouth again looking at Gray with impatient eyes. How long is this story anyways? "Look, you haven't noticed anything but I have. When we're all going on a mission I tend to see Natsu always staring at you or trying to get close to you. Haven't you noticed that he's always looking out for you?"

"It's because I'm his nakama, and well, I'm the weakest in our team."

"Lucy, don't you ever say that about yourself again." Gray growled looking at Lucy with angered eyes. Lucy never sees this side of Gray unless he's fighting with somebody, he rarely gets angry. Lucy looked at Gray with wide eyes thinking what has gotten in him.

"You're not weak, you're strong." Lucy was about to argue but Gray shot her a glare indicating that he was going to scream if she said anything more about being weak so she shut her mouth and let him continue.

"Natsu always has cared for you; he wants you to be safe. You don't see Natsu going to go save every little guild member here and cared for them as much as you, he loves you, obviously."

"But remember when Levy-Chan got hurt? He got so angry he looked like he was going to kill somebody!"

"But did you see his face when he heard you got kidnapped and was going to possibly get hurt? Natsu was about to murder all of them and go save you."

"But –"Lucy started but shut her mouth as she realized that was true. How come she never noticed it?

"Cause you're dense," Gray answered her question making her lift her head up and look at him. Maybe it is true, she is dense. She always thought she was the least dense coming from love but looks like she was the most.

"Anymore questions, Miss Lucy?"

"No, that'll be all, thanks by the way." Lucy flashed him a small smile before standing up and walking away. "Enjoy you time with Natsu," Gray shouted, smirking a bit making a small blush appear on her cheeks. Stupid Gray.

Lucy made her way to the bar where Natsu and Mirajane were talking. Should she tell Mirajane or has Natsu told her already? And she should really talk with Natsu about everything Gray has told her about, she was curious.

"Oh, hello Lucy." Mirajane shifted her eyes to the blonde walking towards them making Natsu's face brighten and get up to hug her.

"Lucy! I just finished telling Mira about last night!" Lucy's face turned scarlet as she gasped, staring at the bartender and the dragon slayer with wide eyes. He what?

"Y – You did what?"

"Oh Lucy, don't be shy, I already knew what was going to happen. After all, I did watch what Natsu was doing to you yesterday at the table." Lucy stared at her with wide eyes; so Gray wasn't the only one watching. Who else was then? "M – Mira!"

"Oops, sorry. But now you two are a couple now, right?"

"Yep! Lucy is all mine now!" Natsu grinned proudly wrapping an arm around her shoulder making Lucy scold him.

"Mirajane, please I beg you to –", "Hey everyone! Natsu and Lucy is a couple now, party!" Mirajane screamed making the guild cheer loudly. Mira flashed Lucy a devious grin before running to get more beers and alcohol out of the cellar.

Lucy groaned and covered her face with her hands, her face burning beet red. Oh how more embarrassing can this get?

"Hey Luce, how about you and I go to the back and do some things you'll enjoy." Natsu purred in her ear making Lucy gasp and look at Natsu. Guess she thought wrong.

"No answer? I'll take that as a yes," Natsu grinned as she picked her up bridal style, making his way to one of the rooms in the back of the guild. Lucy's eyes widen and started to struggle in his grip, not the second time in the morning! She has to admit, it was amazing but it always wore her out and she wanted to party.

"N – Natsu, wait, but I -!" Lucy screamed but Natsu silenced her by kissing her lips. "This time, I'm going to take you against the wall," He whispered seductively making Lucy melt in his arms.

Oh, how fun.

Guess, the end? X'D

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