I find myself with always the same problem. Too many ideas for fics, but they only last for a few days before I lose all the energy and excitement for the story and I completely disregard it. Then I read those one-shot collections, and I realized it was the perfect way to get these little ideas out of my system. These are for your enjoyment as much as for my peace of mind.

First up: Damon Salvatore is a renowned rock star, thinking he has everything he ever needed. Until he meets Elena Gilbert, that is, who changes his view on life completely.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries.

He was a certified rock star. He's had so many awards, so many girls flock at his feet, and everybody knew his face. His name was enough to make girls squeal in excitement, his face was on every girl's wall and he got laid more than Charlie Sheen and Gene Simmons combined. Pictures of Damon Salvatore hung on his wall where he stood next to legends like Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney.

He loved his life. He absolutely loved his life.

Together with his band mates, he has toured literally all over the world and his voice was to be heard on all the big radio stations. He's been having celebrities praise his talents and his abilities to woo a crowd like he already was a legend in his genre. He had the looks, he had the talent, and he had the charm. He knew he had the perfect life.

There was one rule in his music though, and that was that he would not be singing any ballads. He refused to. His band mates didn't understand him: ballads were something they still wanted to do, something every big band has done. He refused to sing about love, unicorns and fluffy puppies because he just didn't see the reason for it. He was a proud bachelor, a true macho man. His band mates respected him enough not to talk about it, but he honestly didn't mind.

That was, until he saw her for the first time.

He really had never seen anyone as beautiful as her before, and he has seen a lot of beautiful girls in his lifetime. That girl looked absolutely delectable in a pair of black leather jeans, a soft orange cropped swing tank top with a pu-leather jacket covering her from the cold of being outside. She walked on a pair of suede ankle heels behind a pretty blond who looked also pretty hot, but didn't have the girl's face. He's always been a fan of brunettes, but this girl was different and absolutely mesmerizing. The wind blew through her silky smooth straight brown hair, her olive skin flawless and soft even from a distance. Her eyes, big, doe and innocent, had a story to tell, and he desperately wanted to know.

It got even worse when they made eye contact for the first time in that moment. She smiled a shy smile, and fuck, he was hooked from that very moment on.

That's how it had all started out.

''Come on, Damon, a bet is a bet! You're not bailing are you, you coward?''

He smirked at her, god how he loved this girl. Almost every show she has been there for him, cheering, dancing, grinning up at him and making him feel like he coule rule the whole damn world, the one that became sappier with every album that followed. He has never seen her outside of tours and concerts, and he was content with that. Whatever they had, that undefinable connection was something he refused to let go of. He was absolutely miserable when he had that winter tour and she had school to attend last year, and he was at the peak of his career when she and her best friend Caroline had decided to tour along with his and his band. He had realized he couldn't do this without her around anymore. She was all he ever needed.

And that was what had inspired him to write the ballad. He hadn't told her. Hell, his band mates and damn manager didn't even know about it. And he was okay with that. The song was not finished, but all he knew was that whatever would happen, wherever they would be a few years from now, regardless he was perfectly content with hanging out with the band and co. back stage playing poker and drinking with his arm slung around her shoulders and her lips against his.

That was all he needed. She was all he needed.

''Come on, Elena, you promised!'' Damon whined at the pretty brunette.

Elena rolled her eyes at him. ''Fine, but this is a onetime thing, got it?'' she commanded with her hands on her hips, having never looked more gorgeous to him.

Damon smirked at her, the kind of smile even she wasn't immune to, the girl of his dreams. Not that he had ever said that out loud. He already started unbuttoning his black pants, but when his t-shirt went over his head he missed her little strip tease and she was already in her burgundy lacy underwear.

He groaned, walked over to her and put his arms around her waist in a protective hold. ''That is never going to get old.''

''Well, then you better make the best out of it before your tour ends and I have to go back to school.'' And he would return into his spiral of booze and women again. This time not because it was a favorite pass time of his, but simply because he missed her. He was turning into a sap all thanks to a 5''6 girl who weighed no more than a 122 pounds. He had claimed himself 'very whipped' in his head and he heard it plenty of times from his friends, but he had never actually admitted it out loud. Whenever she was around he dropped all he was doing and he wouldn't even take the time look at anybody else but her. They just weren't worth it like she was.

He grabbed her hand, and kissed the silver spiral ring saying ''Not all who wander, are lost'', given to her by her now deceased mother. It was one of her many prized possessions, she had claimed, just like the silver four leave clover necklace he had given her for her birthday a few months ago. Every moment he had seen her, spent with her, seen her without any clothes on, she had never taken it off. Not once.

He wanted to say something else, something romantic, something so un-him and memorable, but Elena being Elena, had to escape from out of his tight hold and jumped right into the lake, screaming, her arms wrapped around the legs she had pushed against her chest.

He laughed loudly before jumping in after her, feeling absolutely free, better than he had felt in all the years he thought he had absolutely everything.

''I'm leaving for London, Damon. I won't be back until graduation.''

''That's in two years, Lena.''

Elena looked at him with a sad expression in her eyes. She was in his shirt, resting her forearms against the kitchen island, watching his muscular back as he walked around the kitchen making them breakfast in the hotel they were staying at, as he tried not to turn around and look at her.

''This is a once in a life time chance, Damon. You know this is what I always wanted.''

Silence fell between them, the only sound the clattering of dishes and the simmering of bacon, sounds that did nothing to tone down the tension in the room.

Damon turned around abruptly. ''So, that's it, you're just going to leave?'' he blurted out.

''Damon I can't keep following you and Savior around forever, I need to build a future for myself, too, just like you have been doing every single day since I've known you!''

''Two years, Elena, it's been two years, you're just going to throw that away?'' He asked, angry now and stalking towards her now standing form.

''Damon we have been apart for months at a time, I only ever saw you when you were touring, like twice a year!''

''That was more than enough for me,'' he gritted out.

Elena sighed tiredly. ''I am not fighting you on this, okay? I want this, and I am going to do it, you said it yourself, no strings attached.''

Damon was fuming now. ''Things change, Elena! Don't tell me you think what we have now is the same as what we had then!'' he yelled out in frustration.

''Than what do we have, Damon? Please tell me, because I remember you having no qualms in jumping into several other beds every time I went back to Mystic Falls or Colombia!'' she yelled back.

Damon groaned at her. ''You know why I did that! I told you they were all distractions to me.''

''That doesn't make it hurt any less, Damon, and you know that!''

They were both silent for a moment, just staring at each other, their chests heaving in anger and passion.

''So you're just going to leave, is that it?'' he said coldly, his walls going up around her fully for the first time in two years.

Elena groaned in frustration. ''Damon, I have been following Savior for two years, watching you do what you do best! This is your dream and I have respected everything that came with it! Even with that damn little black book in your drawer I still ended up naked in your bed every tour! Why can't you grant me the same courtesy?!''

''I thought I had told you about that book, it was nothing, Elena!''

''It's not about that book, it's about you not respecting that this is what I wanted to be doing ever since I was a little kid. This is my dream, my parents' dream!'' she said, the tears streaming down her face.

Damon's face softened at the mention of her late parents, and just like that, the atmosphere changed and he took her in his arms, running a soothing hand through her hair as she sobbed into his chest.

''I don't want to hold you back, Elena, but I don't want you to leave either,'' he whispered to her while clinging to her as tightly as she was clinging to him.

Elena nodded against his muscular chest. ''Me neither, but we need to be realistic here Damon, I can't keep up with you all the time. This can never progress further than it already has, and I don't want to be stuck in this place forever.''

''You deserve better,'' he whispered brokenly, knowing deep inside this day was going to come sooner or later. He didn't want to separate from her.

The other times had been different. He knew he'd see her again, there was something to look forward to whenever he was recording or doing an interview talking about his upcoming tour. Now, he had no idea what to expect or how to continue.

''Will I ever see you again?'' he asked, not really expecting an answer from her.

''I don't know, Damon. Where will we be in two years?''

That question had haunted him to this very day.

''I'm Elena.''

''I'm Damon.'' Wow, she had soft skin. I wonder what her hair felt like?

''Would you like to come backstage? I'm sure my band mates would like to meet you and your friend?''

Elena smiled sweetly and knowingly at him, rolling her eyes before yelling for 'Caroline'.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

''Sure, that sounds fun.''

''Are you sure this is a good idea?'' Elena asked worriedly as they were crouched behind some bushes.

''Come on, Elena, don't bail on us now!'' Damon whispered back mockingly.

Elena slapped his chest playfully, and they grinned at each other.

''Oh, get a room!'' Klaus had whispered to them from behind them.

''The day you get your hand from out my best friend's pants, Klaus, we will'' Elena snapped at him good-naturedly, making Damon grin proudly at his girl.

''You guys ready?'' Damon asked at his friends, and when everybody nodded, they slowly walked out and started TP-ing the neighbors that had been bothering them all week, because apparently they were too loud. Damon blamed Elena for that one, though.

Afterwards, the older man of the couple had come out with a cane, screaming that he'd call the police, and they had run off in Tyler's convertible Jeep, laughing and joking, Elena and Damon making out in the backseat.

''When will you tell me about this song?'' Elena asked him sweetly, sweeping a bare leg over his, her fingers lightly dancing across his bare chest.

Damon rolled his eyes and rolled on top of her naked form, resting his forearms next to her head.

''No,'' he said, kissing her pout away.

''But why?'' she whined petulantly, making him chuckle at her.

''Because I want it to be a surprise.''

''For what?!'' she exclaimed.

He kissed and nipped along her neck, making her moan as her hands ran up and down his muscular back. ''Your birthday is in August, right?''

All Elena could do was moan because he was too distracting with what he was doing to her body, lightly skimming his nose around her toned stomach, making her giggle.

He grinned at her salaciously, making her raise a brow.

''It's a birthday present, so you'll just have to wait. Until then…'' he told her mysteriously as his head disappeared under the covers, the only sounds coming from Elena, telling practically their whole hotel floor how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

He never was one to get nervous when going onto stage. He'd come to predict the reaction of the crazy going fans in the front trying to grab him, the flashes coming from phones in the middle, and the screams for attention in the back.

He'd seen it all, and he'd loved it.

Everybody had noticed it, the way his love and devotion for the music he made had diminished in the past two years. Their reputation was slowly dying down, but that fortunately didn't mean their fan base had gone down as well.

This time, though, this song, was the first one in two years he was excited about singing.

He only hoped she thought the same.

''Hey,'' was the only thing he had to say before everyone went crazy. He had to crack a sexy grin at the reaction he had known to wring out of ladies for seven consecutive years now. Whatever problems he was having with himself, that never ceased to be good for his ego.

''So I have a little announcement to make to you guys. I've written a new song a few years ago dedicated to someone who means everything to me. The thing is, I don't think she knows, though. This song has been collecting dust in my drawer for over three and a half years now, and I think today is finally the day to let you guys be the first ones to hear it. Richmond, this is my very first rock ballad, By Your Side. Hope you like it.''

August 22nd. Yes, this indeed was the perfect day, he thought melancholically to the darkened sky.

All I want now is to be with you
Cause you know I've been everywhere else
Looking back at what you got me through
You knew me better than I knew myself

When I feel lost and I can't find my way
When words are at a loss I can hear you say

He thought he was dreaming when he thought to pick out those same brown eyes in the crowd. She and Caroline were weaving their way through the crowds until she was resting against the iron fence, resting her forearms against it as she grinned at him.

He grinned back. That was all he could do. He was in the middle of his song, completely gob-smacked, his mind completely blank, and still completely filled with memories and thoughts of this one girl that had completely and utterly turned his life around.

I'll be by your side, when all hope has died
I will still be around oh and I, I'm still on your side
When everything's wrong, I will still be around
By your side

Fighting my way back to where you are
The only place I ever felt at home
Stumbling backwards through the dark
I know how it feels to be alone
And where we go is where I wanna be
And in the silence I hear you say to me

The audience went completely crazy at the new energy coming from Savior, their band, and Damon snuck a quick glance at his band mates. Matt, Tyler, Klaus and Kol were all grinning at him, happy for their friend as they slammed and played their instruments with a new found vigor and enthusiasm.

His gaze found hers again, and their eyes stayed locked for the rest of the song.

I'll be by your side, when all hope has died
I will still be around, oh and I, I'm still on your side
When everything's wrong, I will still be around

I can't wait another day to show my space between
Your heart and mine, and you're all that I need
You say I

I'll be by your side, when all hope has died
I will still be around, oh and I, I'm still on your side
When everything's wrong, I will still be around
By your side, by your side, by your side, by your side, by your side

The minute the song ended, one of the guards that was familiar with her had let her through, and before he knew it, she threw herself in his arms and they started kissing. People were hollering and camera's started flashing, but he didn't care. The whole world was allowed to know Elena Gilbert was his to have, and his to keep.

''I love you,'' she whispered to him before kissing him again.

''I love you, too,'' he whispered back devotedly.

In that moment, he felt it again, what it was like to be with her again. How he was completely able to let go of the bad boy persona he had to hold onto with other people around.

And he was okay with that, because for the first time in his twenty-six years of being alive, he wondered If his mother had been right all this time after all.

With a woman by your side who knows better, you know you'll be fine.

Well, that was the first one. This is obviously AH, and the one-shots are all going to be different worlds, some with vampires, some without. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and mostly they come with a song.

The song I used for this one I also incorporated in the story: Lifehouse - By Your Side.

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