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Chapter One

The dull tone echoed through the large, empty room as she pressed the black key lightly. Staring out of the great picture window that dominated the room, Isabella considered the implications of failing.

Snowflakes fluttered down onto the gardens, blanketing everything in sight. A scene that, to many, would have been picture perfect—a post card—but to Isabella merely added to the bleakness that permeated her life. The hard, wooden stool was uncomfortable beneath her thighs. Her straight-backed posture and her cold hands, now still on the silent keys, added to her growing sense of discomfort and unease.

Two months. It was only two months until the performance. A performance that was supposed to change her life and would elevate her father's status within his circle of musical acquaintances. A performance she dreaded with no less fear than a sailor made to walk the plank into shark infested waters.

No, it would not do to fail. The daughter of Charles Swan—part owner and generous funder of the Symphony Hall— and the image of her beloved mother Renee Swan—the exquisite violinist, held upon a lofty pedestal in the wake of her tragic death—that daughter. She would do well not to disappoint.

Isabella stretched her spine, flexing like a cat and interlinked her fingers, cracking them outward ready to begin. Ready to make everyone proud. Everyone that was, but herself.

Returning her gaze from the white flakes drizzling in the wind, she placed her fingers on the familiar white and black keys, breaking the silence with the melancholy scale of B Minor, while she awaited her new teacher.


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