In a world where singing and dancing is a way of life, those who are chosen rise up in song and dance. . .usually at the same time. But when a new enemy threatens to silence them forever, a new breed of student is born. . .

Blaine gazes proudly at his little band of misfits. They're all happily talking to one another, enthused about their successful battle with the Warblers. Blaine wants to join them in their celebration, but he knows better. The New Directions as a whole had beaten the Warblers, but they hadn't all gone in undercover. They hadn't all seen the depths of evil that Hunter was capable. They're celebrating a battle, but Blaine knows that the battle is far from won.

"Attention!" he says, banging a gavel down on the well-worn desk of McKinley's science room – and the most available space for the Sidekick and Heroes club. "Attention, fellow superheroes, attention!"

It takes a few minutes for everyone to calm down – a few minutes, along with Tina's persuasion and a little telepathic help from Artie – but eventually they all take their seats, even the overly-excitable new kids. Blaine smiles benevolently at them.

"Good job, team," he says, lifting up one hand to maintain silence when they start to titter again. "We've recovered the Nationals trophy. . .but our work is far from finished."

"Yes it is," Brittany says, raising her hands. "You can just turn it in blank – the teachers pretend it matters, but the worst that happens is that you fail."

"Unique wants to win Sectionals!"

"The Braniacs could certainly use a fundraiser for a new bus. . ."

"That. . .is not what I'm talking about," Blaine says, banging the gavel again. "I'm talking about using our powers for good – to fight evil. Not just to help us with glee club, or our homework – no offense, Britt."

"It's okay," the blond says, shrugging. "Maybe I can get Lord Tubbington to do it for me."

"Nightbird is right," Artie chimes in, wheeling himself over to sit beside Blaine. "We need a new superhero mission. . .something worthy of our newfound powers."

Marley tentatively raises her hand. "Should somebody go get Finn? Since he's in charge of glee club while Mr. Schuester is gone?"

"Oh my God, no," Tina says emphatically. "Finn is a complete and total idiot. We all love him, but we know he only got the job because Mr. Schuester felt sorry for him. Besides, his superhero name is Treble Clef. That's not even a real superhero name." Marley still looks a little uncertain. Blaine sighs, and motions for Tina to go ahead. She's smiling a little when she turns and says decisively, "I persuade you not to think about Finn again."

"I've got a great idea," Sam says. "Why don't we go to New York. We could fight to get Kurt back."

Blaine's in the minute that he hears New York. It's probably not the most ethical use of his new superpowers, but he can't help thinking that maybe when Kurt sees how he's turned his life around, he'll be willing to give them another chance. Still, he can't push away his memory of their last meeting. . .

Relationships are about trust, and I can't trust you anymore.

Before Blaine has the chance to say anything about it, however, the newbies are already talking excitedly.

"Unique needs to buy herself a new pair of shoes."

"I could totally get down with seeing St. John's – it's totally the biggest cathedral in the world."

"I'm sure Daddy would let me use his black Amex!"

Blaine raises one hand, pleased with the way that everyone's chatter almost instantly dies down. "That's a good idea, Sam," he says. Before any of the freshmen get the chance to get overly excited again, though, he continues. "Everyone isn't coming, though. . .just the mere essential personnel."

"That personnel better include Unique." Blaine is almost afraid to look at the sophomore. She's been a bit put out ever since discovering that, the one day she'd been absent, the choir room had been hit with a sudden shock of electricity, granting all of the members of New Directions new superpowers. Blaine doesn't have the heart to kick her out of the Superhero meetings, but the truth is that her only power is the ability to spot a bad weave from a block away.

"Sorry," Blaine says apologetically. "This one is going to be seniors only." Tina, Artie, and Sam instantly begin to clap their hands, while Brittany just looks confused. The newbies are looking angry, and Kitty is reaching for her whip, so Blaine hurries to explain. "We already have our college applications turned in, so we don't have to worry as much about missing a few classes. We don't know how long this mission is going to take, and we can't afford for people to start talking. Secret identities, remember?"

"Bro," Ryder says sadly, turning to Jake. "Mega Studs will have to wait to unleash our amazingly good looks and charm on the ladies of New York."

"S'okay," Jake shrugs, winking at Marley.

Nightbird. Blaine starts a little, still not used to hearing Artie's voice in his head. He tries not to turn toward his friend, aware that if Artie is using telepathy he probably doesn't want anyone else hearing. Britt hasn't turn in her college apps yet. In fact. . .I think she's been going only to the classes that she passed last year.

Blaine sighs, and brushes at his hair, his hands coming away sticky and gel-encrusted. "Britt," he says, "you're staying behind, too. You have to go to all your classes, not just Cheerios."

"I thought it would be easier to pass this year if I just go to the classes I'm good at."

"Oh, honey," Tina sighs. "It doesn't work like that."

"Well, it should," Brittany says. "School would be way more fun that way."

"Meeting dismissed," Blaine says, banging his gavel again. "I'll see you all in Glee Club in an hour."


It turns out that when Sam had suggested going to New York he'd had an actual plan in mind – and it's not bad, at all. Sure, Blaine feels a little creepy turning over all of the old videos he'd taken at Kurt's house, so that his friend can practice imitating Burt Hummel, but it's all for a good cause. He and Kurt are soulmates, and that has to mean something.

Tina is able to Persuade four tickets for them when they arrive at the Lima airport that afternoon. She's also able to Persuade the TSA agent to keep him from checking Blaine's utility belt or Artie's tripped out chair.

"This power is the best," she mentions as they buckle themselves in to their plane seats. "I'm going to use it on Finn nonstop when we get back. I'm going to get all the solos this semester!"

She pauses, and looks almost guiltily at the boys when she says that – Sam is conducting some kind of mouth exercises, however, and Artie already has his computer out, diligently searching for romantic excursions in New York. "Fine," Tina whispers to Blaine. "We can do a couple duets. We'll be like a platonic Finchel. . .Blina? Or Taine?"

"I prefer Blina," Blaine says honestly.

When they finally land in New York, Sam excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He emerges, ten minutes later, looking exactly like Burt Hummel. It's eerie, and Blaine can't seem to stop calling him 'Sir.'

"Parents must love you," Tina says breathlessly. Blaine shrugs.

"He's a good kid," Sam says gruffly, laying a heavy hand on Blaine's shoulders.

"Okay, that's just creepy," Artie says. "Also, you didn't have to chameleon your way into being Mr. Hummel just yet – the plan is just to hit the hotel for tonight, remember?"

"Oh, yeah." Burt's face falls for a moment, before Sam, almost guiltily, shapeshifts back into his normal face.

"Secret identities!" Blaine hisses, noticing the way that several passerbys are staring at them. "Tina, can you take care of this?"

"I Persuade you to forget about this," Tina says. The people who had been staring collectively shake their heads, as though confused, before shuffling away. "Do I have to do everything?"

"Not everything," Artie says chipperly. "I book us the hotel reservations and called us a taxi!"


While his friends are enjoying the HBO and free moisturizing, Blaine can't seem to tear himself away from the window. Tomorrow, he thinks. Tomorrow he's going to see Kurt again. And Kurt's going to listen, because Sam will pretend to be his father, and encourage them to "talk" and goodness knows that Kurt would never knowingly disobey his father. And if he does. . .if even having a Burt Hummel look-a-like isn't enough to make Kurt finally listen, then he'll have Tina Persuade him. . .

There's a sick twisting in Blaine's stomach at that though, though. Tina's new power is a little terrifying – he doesn't want to consider how close it comes to mind-control, how close it is to a total invasion of Kurt's rights. Tina's explained that it's not mind-control – she can't force anyone to do something that they really, sincerely don't want to do – but it's close enough to be sickening. Still. . .if that's what it takes, Blaine isn't sure that he'll turn down the offer. . .

His thoughts are interrupted by Artie screaming in his head, however, and he turns sharply, wishing in a distant part of his mind that he were still wearing his cape, because it would improve the drama of his twirl. "What is it?"

"Look!" Tina says, breathlessly pointing at the tv, that's depicting a break-in at a huge skyscraper downtown. "It's 's office. Isn't that where Kurt works?"

"Oh, God," Blaine breathes out. He doesn't have to say anything to his friends – they move like a team, quickly grabbing their superhero uniforms and throwing them on. Blaine is especially careful to make sure that his mask is fitted properly – he wants to make sure that Kurt is okay, but he does not want to meet him in his Nightbird outfit. Tina has thought enough to put on a mask as well, a strange geisha-inspired peace with fans coming out of the side. Artie shrugs.

"Let's be honest," he says. "I'm not busting through any windows – I'll stay where Kurt can't see me and just use my mind."

Which only leaves Sam. Blaine tells him to shapeshift into some kind of a superhero. A moment later, he's staring at. . .

"Thor? Seriously?"

Sam shrugs. "It's all I could think of! And changing my hair is a bitch. . .at least he's a blond!"

Blaine shakes his head. "Okay, listen," he says. "Vogue is down on 34th Street. I'll get there faster by rooftop, but obviously you guys will need to take. . .more conventional transportation. Just please. . .get there are soon as you can."

He doesn't wait for a response, before leaping out the window onto the fire escape. This time, Blaine notices with some satisfaction, his cape is appropriately affixed and provides for a very dramatic exit.

"Hold on, Kurt," he whispers to the night air, already feeling rejuvenated and alive. "I'm on my way."

A/N: For those who read my other stories. . .I'm sooo sorry for the five that are left unfinished. HOpefully over winter break I'll have the chance to go back and fix them up. Meanwhile, I couldn't help but write this semi-crack, after seeing all the previews for Dynamic Duets.