A/N: This is dedicated to scoobygang101, the biggest iCarly fan I know!

"iCarly, iCarly!" came a voice from the hallway.

Preparing myself for iSam's assault, I turned around to see my friend's face glowing with excitement. I cringed at iSam's suggestion to get sushi, recalling vividly her grotesque eating habits. I agreed nonetheless because iSam had a dogged disposition and would not let it go.

I suggested we take the bus, images of the decomposing squirrel on iSam's car tires flashing through my mind. iSam grunted in agreement and they boarded the bus. I watched patiently as my friend fumbled awkwardly through the contents of her handbag for money. For the third time that week, I shelled out a dollar for my inept friend. We exchanged a look of understanding, with envy hidden just beneath iSam's visage.

We arrived at the sushi restaurant in a flurry of fallen leaves and bus fumes. Conversation was sparse on the bus, each friend staring vacantly out of the window, watching people go about their lives. Each of my attempts at conversation was met with a grunt or a statement murmured inarticulately.

We were to seat ourselves at the restaurant. "Uuuuuuh" filled the silence as iSam turned on the spot looking for a place to seat. I cleared my throat and sat down at the nearest table and gestured for her to do the same. She perched in her chair with her bag in her lap, looking nervously around the room. It seemed that conversation was becoming harder and harder these days. We looked gratefully at our waitress as she brought the menus.

"Would you like to try the soup?" she asked kindly, looking at iSam. Before I could protest, she accepted the offer. She stared down at her silverware as my mind drifted far away from the pseudo-Asian music and cheap décor.

iSam and I were laughing riotously at iFreddy's latest prank. I threw my arm around my friend. She smelled nice, not like alcohol and ramen noodles. We looked on happily as our friend jumped up and down, gesturing wildly. The sun was streaming through the window and hitting our backs; we felt like joyful meerkats. Our friendship was fresh and new, we had ideas and the whole world was ahead of us. How could it ever change?

The sound of slurping brought me back to reality sharply. Flecks of soup hit my glasses. I could no longer afford contacts since our webshow money had run dry. I started to take them off of my face to clean them, but I thought better of it. There was, after all, an entire meal to get through. I observed my friend. This person… No, this stranger. What had we to talk about now that high school was over? We shared a shabby apartment near the university and barely managed to look at one another. Why do friends grow apart and become this? You learn things about a person after a point. You learn their animalistic tendencies, their faults. All of them. So you get used to them. Was this relationship healthy? No. But I realized I was better off after I ran away from home and turned to alcohol. Maybe it was iFreddy's death that changed our friendship-his slow journey through the final stages of stomach cancer. Maybe it was iGibby's girlfriend who overdosed on diet pills after her pregnancy. Maybe it was a lot of things.

We counted our pennies and dimes to pay the bill. There would be no tip today.