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"Miss Granger. See me after class."

Hermione nodded politely. Inside, she was reviewing, trying to figure out what she'd done.

Inappropriate smiling in front of a snarky Professor? Cheerfulness without a cause? Being happy without the proper permit?

He couldn't fault her potion. It was perfect.

The summons only dimmed her bouncy mood slightly. She'd been depressed since returning to Hogwarts…really since Harry had defeated Voldemort…but this morning she'd finally felt…happy again.

The other students left quietly and she made her way to his desk without removing the smile from her face.

"Miss Granger…is there a reason why you are beaming like an idiot in my class? Seventh year potions is a dunderhead-free zone."

The purring threat behind his words was still there, but she didn't feel the effects.

"I'm happy sir."

Her teacher sneered. "Ah, I see. And to what do we owe this unexpected fount of felicity?"

She felt a sudden wave of affection wash over her. Yes, he's a snarky bastard, but I'm so glad he's alive to be one.

"I'm happy to be alive sir, do I need another reason?"

Maybe she'd finally reached the point where she could look past the deaths and count her blessings as she considered the living…and Severus Snape was the prime example of that.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "After months of sulking around the castle in a fugue this new attitude is something of a shock." He looked at her with the slightest hint of concern. "Are you certain that you are not suffering the effects of a spell or a potion?"

She felt her heart contract.

"I don't think so sir, though I might understand if someone has been secretively shooting cheering charms at me…I suppose that I've been rather depressing to be around these past months…"

Severus stared at her and ran one finger over his lips absently, as if deep in thought.

"I don't see any sign of a cheering charm Miss Granger, and I would expect, that after your experiences in the final battle, that anyone attempting to cast spells in your direction would find themselves unable to cast in short order." He nodded to himself, took out his quill and parchment, and scratched out a note in his spiky handwriting.

"Very well, you don't appear to be under any spells, you aren't declaring your undying affection for some idiot boy, which probably precludes the possibly of a love potion, and I know you are able to throw off the Imperious…so I suppose you can go to your next class. See Poppy if you notice anything untoward…"

She took the note and beamed at him as she stuffed it in her book bag.

"Thank you sir. I'll be sure to let her know if I notice anything amiss!"

She leaned down, kissed him affectionately full on the mouth, and sailed out of class.

Severus sat, frozen in shock, for long moment…

Then he smirked. "Cheering charms indeed."

When you could brew fame, bottle glory, and put a stopper in death, a simple anti-depressant potion was child's play.

"Better stick to cheering charms with the others though…" He muttered as he checked his notes. Miss Granger's affectionate reaction to the potion was quite pleasant…but it wouldn't do for Longbottom to have a similar one.