Chapter 1

Nathan could barely believe what Audrey had told him. Sarah had had a child, and not just any child. The Colorado Kid. The Colorado Kid was her son.

The news simultaneously took a load off and put another one at the same time. His first thought was relief, knowing that the love that she felt for James Cogan was one of a mother for her son, and not of the other kind, but then his second thought kicked in.

Was it possible?

He'd just come back from being with Sarah in 1955…and he'd done something that he thought wouldn't matter in the huge scheme of things.

However, it appeared as though his one act had caused everything else to spiral to where they were now.

James Cogan, the Colorado Kid…was his son.

He knew that if he could feel, he would have felt his body temperature plummet and felt the hairs rise up on the backs of his arms and along his neck. The repercussions of his actions were almost unbelievable. And he knew that he had to tell someone…but not Audrey.

He knew who he had to tell.

Several hours later, at the Grey Gull, he cornered Duke in a back area of the restaurant, where no customers would accidentally overhear their conversation.

He didn't say a word, and merely grabbed the other man's arm and dragged him near one of the empty tables, leveling his own blue eyes at Duke's hazel ones. Duke protested as he was dragged, one hand up in arbitrary complaint.

"Hey, whatever it is, I swear I have a license for it, or I paid the fines for it, or whatever, alright?"

Nathan gave Duke a serious stare and he saw the man's expression change.

"Wait a minute…you only give me that look when something's up. I know that look; I've seen you with that look before and nothing good ever happens when you give me that look. What's up?"

The chief let out a long sigh, slightly upset that he had no one else that he could tell, but forged ahead anyway.

"You know that the Colorado Kid is actually Audrey's son, right? Or, Sarah's son?" Duke nodded, and opened his mouth to say something, but Nathan cut him off. "I know something that no one else knows about James Cogan; not even Vince and Dave know, and it needs to stay that way."

He gave him an enigmatic stare, and Duke simply nodded.

Nathan lessened his grip slightly on the man's collar and then said, "I know who the father is."

At that, Duke's gaze turned sharp and accusing.

"You know? How the hell do you know that? We only just found out that the Colorado Kid is her son, so how do you know who the father is?"

Nathan gave him a look and then completely let go of Duke's collar and leaned back slightly on his heels and then broke the uncomfortable stare between them.

"We…when we were back in, in 1955, I…well, I spent some time with Sarah."

That was all Duke needed to hear, and his gaze turned judgmental in a second, and he spoke up before the chief could get in another word.

"You slept with her?" His tone was a low, harsh, accusing whisper. "You…you…I can't believe you! And after telling me not to mess with the, the time-space continuum thingy! Audrey is going to kill you, you know that, right?"

Nathan's blue eyes then turned as sharp as Duke's.

"You're not going to breathe a word of this to her, do you understand?" Duke was about to protest, but Nathan cut him off sharply. "No. I don't want to hear your reasons for telling her. She is not going to know about this, understood? Cause if she somehow, accidentally, finds out that I'm the father, you can kiss the Grey Gull goodbye, because I will bury you underneath the law and use everything I have against you. Forget about the clean sheet that Parker gave you, I still have the originals. Audrey doesn't find out. Got it?"

Duke could see the fire burning in the man's eyes and realized that Nathan would probably most likely kill him if he breathed a word of it to anyone.

He nodded.

"Loud and clear, Nathan. Loud and clear…"

And with that, Nathan turned and walked out of the Gull, leaving Duke even more confused and paranoid than he normally was.

He shook his head at the chief's back and let out a soft sigh of disappointment.

"Just tell her, Nathan…just tell her," he whispered under his breath as he walked over to the bar, not noticing the outline of a familiar psychiatrist lingering on the porch just beyond where he and Nathan had had their whispered conversation.

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