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People sometimes romanticize being a parent. I can tell you that being a parent is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love Hope. She's my best friend. I even love her a little more then I love Sabrina. But I have learned something about being a father. Sometimes it means putting your comfort and your needs second. It means focusing on your child. It means that you would rather be hurting then let your child hurt.
"Jimmy," Virginia called, "Breakfast."
"Just a sec," Jimmy said. He closed his journal.
"COME ON JIMMY," Burt called, "Mom's making pancakes. Jimmy came out. He gobbled up all of his food.
"Wow. Someone's hungry," Virginia said. Jimmy nodded.
"I was out with Sabrina last night," Jimmy explained, "She um... was studying and because she was distracted by... YOU KNOW she just didn't get all of it done."
"Jimmy," Burt said, "If you're going to cover up what you did for your girlfriend try to be a little more convincing."
"I am not lying," Jimmy said.
"When you lie your voice gets all high," Burt said.
"Okay fine," Jimmy said, "I did it for Sabrina. So what? I would do the same thing for Hope."
"That's okay," Burt said, "I did the same thing for your mom."
"Oh my GOD are you kidding," Jimmy asked, "Tell me all about it"

Disclaimer: I don't own Raising Hope. What did Jimmy do for Sabrina. Ten days to guess.