Summary: Set 16 years post Chosen. Buffy had finally settled into ordinary life when that pesky destiny came a knocking, leaving her sixteen year old daughter in the less than capable hands of Andrew, Buffy leaves town in a dash but when she returns Ava & Andrew have got a lot of explaining to do.


Buffy was busy packing a bag for the road trip ahead when a knock came at her bedroom door "come in" she yelled "oh hey sweetie" she smiled fondly

"Hey, just checking if you want any help packing?" Asked the teen

"Uh no, I'm pretty much done" smiled Buffy folding one last t shirt and putting it into a duffle bag

"I still don't see why I can't come with you" grumbled the blonde

"Honey I already told you, it could be dangerous"

"Mom, I'm the same age you were when you started all this, besides I've been training really hard"

"I know and you're amazing the way you fight you remind me of-" Buffy caught herself before she finished her sentence

"My dad?" asked Ava

"Yeah" Buffy whispered "Maybe next time okay?" Said Buffy picking up her bag and throwing it over her shoulder "so homework, don't stay up too late and please don't annoy Andrew, I can't deal with his complaining"

"I promise Mom" smiled Ava giving her a hug goodbye

"Oh and don't get into trouble please"


Buffy had travelled ten hours from LAX to London Heathrow; jet lag was definitely a theme of today. She maneuverer through the crowds to luggage claim and on to meet Willow, finally she saw a flash of red hair and smiled.

"Willow!" she giggled

"Buffy! You look amazing!" said Willow pulling her friend into a hug

"Thanks, so do you"

"So how's Ava? Still misbehaving?" smirked the red head

"Oh you have no idea, I really don't think Dawn was this much trouble..." Willow shot Buffy a look "okay maybe she was but I definitely wasn't this bad"

"Buffy, you burned down your school gym" said Willow

"Yeah but I had an excuse" said Buffy flustered

"Relax I'm just kidding, you can tell me all about Ava on the drive back"


Ava walked through the door, and dropped her book bag on the floor and sauntered into the kitchen "Ava!" called a voice

"Great" she muttered opening the fridge

"Where have you been? You're three hours late from school" whined Andrew

"Look I had stuff to do okay, no biggie"

"Yes biggie, your mom said if I don't keep an eye on you that its gunna be my head on the chopping board!" pouted Andrew folding his arms

"Look my mom isn't gunna fire you, she doesn't have the authority she just said that to y'know scare you into trying to control me" said Ava pouring herself a glass of orange juice

"Yeah but I still think I need to keep you safe" said Andrew

"Why? Because some big bad might be after me one day? Because of who I am? Big deal!" she yelled walking toward the back door

"Where are you going?" Andrew panicked

"Somewhere, anywhere but here" she said slamming the door shut behind her

"Crap" huffed Andrew "Buffy's gunna kill me"


"Ah Buffy, how good to see you" said Giles opening the door and inviting the blonde slayer and the red head Wicca into the slayer compound

"Nice to see you too Giles" smiled Buffy

Willow obviously caught a hint of the tension raising, so she babbled on about the architecture of the building, it was obviously the first thing that sprang to her mind and Buffy smiled gratefully at her friend silently acknowledging her attempt of rescuing the conversation.

Buffy and Giles' relationship had strained over the years first with Giles aligning himself with a plot to get Spike murdered, then having him turn his back on her when things got a little rough towards the end of their time in Sunnydale but the final straw came when he wasn't thrilled when Buffy announced she was pregnant. Since then they'd gotten along just to save face in front of the newbie slayers, it had been four years since Buffy had seen her mentor she'd just realised how much older he looked than before but then again not everybody in her live could be immortal could they?

"Do come in Buffy, you must be tired" said Giles

"Actually I slept some on the plane, I feel rested. I'm ready to jump on in with the crisis at hand" smiled Buffy

"Oh well perhaps we should go through to my office" he said gesturing towards the door a few yards away

"oky doky"


'stupid Andrew, stupid mom, god I don't even need a babysitter I'm totally fine on my own' thought Ava as she walked the darkened streets of Misty Waters, CA. it was a small town not too much demon activity it was a good place for Buffy & Ava to settle down. Ava had walked these streets regularly during daylight hours but for some reason everything looked different in the dark and she'd gotten turned around, she decided to take a short cut through an alley. She could just hear her mom now 'stay away from dark alleys have I taught you nothing!', but Buffy wasn't here and it was the fastest way home plus with the training her mother had given her she could fight off a vampire easy… or so she thought.

As she entered the alley she immediately felt like somebody was watching her "c'mon Ava, it's all in your head" she whispered to herself. She walked further and further the alley seemed never ending, she picked up the pace and started to practically run.

"what's your hurry" asked a large vamp stepping in front of her

Ava couldn't speak she just let out a small petrified squeak, and tried backing away quickly she realised the vamp wasn't alone as several more of his gang surrounded her. "aw come on sweet thang, all we want is a taste" chuckled the vamp

Ava finally found a little confidence "oh I'm sure you do, but the thing is you have no idea who you're messing with" she smiled

The vamp and the rest of his gang started laughing hysterically "and who are you sweet thang"

"not your dinner" said Ava laying a punch on his jaw

Now he was pissed, he back handed her sending her stumbling back a few steps and landing straight on her behind "baby likes to play huh?" said the vamp crawling next to Ava's limp body

"Oi mate, I wouldn't do that if I were you" a voice from the shadows startled the vamp

"why not" he asked

"because then I'd have to kill you" said the voice

"I'd like to see you try"

"okay… don't say I didn't warn you" the voice retorted

In a flash of leather and dust the gang had disappeared. Ava rose to her feet, still a little shaken "are you okay?" asked the platinum blond lighting a cigarette.

"I'm fine, how did you? How the hell did you do that?" she asked

"practice" he smirked

"who the hell are you?" asked Ava defensively

"now is that anyway to thank your saviour?" he chuckled

"I would but I need to know who the hell you are first" snapped Ava

"Name's Spike… now come on let's get you out of this alley"