I just saw Rise of the Guardians and wanted to write a one shot, and thus this was born.

It's about someone who believes in Pitch.

I know that the world is not a haven of laughter, and hope, even though some people like to helplessly cling to this fantasy, I will not. I will not let myself believe that the shadows aren't spinning their webs of fear, that the spirals of darkness don't eventually grab ahold of you, and drag you away.

I don't believe.

This world is rotting, and because of that, there is always something to fear. The fear of the serpents that slither in the blades of blowing grass, waiting to strike or spiders that weave their silver silk into lovely designs that hides the creature from sight, so that they might devour the prey that falls for their trap.

Beauty is Dangerous.

I will not believe that the light is real, for when the time comes, what if it is not there? I can't allow myself to trust in my dreams, but heart is rebelling, it wants to, it hopes to, it clings to with an unwavering grasp that maybe, just maybe, the light, hope, is real, that its ok to feel it peace, in this realm of pitch black darkness.

Only that.

That is the only thing that makes my heart and mind, fight a constant battle of wills, each side stopping at nothing to succeed. But my hope is slowly losing, each day; the darkness grows, leaving nothing untouched.

It hides a darker truth.

So now you know my turmoil, the state of my heart and mind, in the never ending chaos of love and war. Will love prevail? Or will the shadows on the walls that creep in the night, finally consume me. The one thing that I can say with both heart and mind is this.

"I don't believe that beauty is dangerous, only that it hides a darker truth."

Welcome, to my Beautiful Nightmare.

I might write a full story about this later, but for now I'm on a RotG fanfic frenzy! Off to write more stuff, if you have questions or constructive criticism PM me or review please! The last sentence applies if you want me to do something with this one shot, but please send an idea if you want a full -blown story.