Everyone is born covered in the blood of their mother's womb. I was covered in lots of it. My father always talked about how much my mother was there for him and my brother, and how excited she was when she found out she was having me. Though I doubt that she knew she was going to give birth to a demon. Well just to clear things up I'm not really a demon. My form of magic just makes me out to be like one. Anyway, my mother died a few months after I was born and that's when my father and brother took it in their hands to protect me. We moved a lot since she died, and ever since, staying in one place for a while never felt quite right.

Since she died before I could even learn how to retain my memory, I never really felt sad when I thought about my mom. Sure I was a bit jealous of the other girls with their moms, but I had my dad and my brother, Ezekiel. My father, Kenta, was the one who taught us magic. But I was the one who took it more seriously. Because of the type of magic I use, my father taught me how to become one with it. My magic is rare and beautiful, was what he'd always told me. 'Just like your mother', he'd say. At a glance my hair looked raven black like my dad's but in the light anyone could see the dark violet color. Ezekiel had lavender hair, like my mother. We both had her eyes though even if Ezekiel's were violet and mine's a more violet red color. Anyway, on the anniversary of my mom's death, my father always sat in silence. It wasn't depressing silence or awkward silence, just silence. It drove my brother crazy, so he'd always take me out some where secluded to spar with him. At first, sparing with my brother was like betting a fight you know you'll lose. But the older I got, the stronger I grew, and then it became fun to kick my brother's ass.

When I said we moved a lot, it wasn't because my family was the adventurous type. No, my father was like the Robin Hood of wizards. He did his own thing. And in this process, he gained a lot of enemies. I always hid in the safety of the arms of my brother as we watched our father fight. What amazed me was how my father could draw so much blood, and yet, not shed a drop of his own. He didn't kill them, else that would draw us attention from the Magic Council. No, if my father's enemies died, it was because they couldn't get help in time, not because of him. Kenta Aisuru was not a killer. To make sure we could defend ourselves, my father taught us magic. Specifically for me, Morphomagus blood magic. And it was called that because this magic had to be passed down in the family. Which is why it's so rare and why I got lucky. Not only is Morphomagus blood magic rare, it isn't exactly hereditary. For one thing it isn't passed down through every generation or else everyone would have it. It also doesn't really skip generations. I think I remember dad telling me how anyone born to possess the power of Morphomagus meant that they had taken a piece of that magic from whichever parent possessed it first.

Possessing this magic wasn't something easy to handle. It's supposed to be a form of one of the most powerful magics in all of the world. It is also very dangerous to have. Most Morphomagus wizards were part of dark guilds. But my father was never part of a guild. He believed that all the rules that a guild held would hold back the potential of his magic use. Plus, mom apparently didn't like the idea of him going on quests and leaving for weeks or even months at a time. But it still wasn't something to play with. Using this magic meant that you had the power to literally drain your opponent of the blood in their body. Which is what makes my magic illegal in other parts of the world. Some Morphomagus wizards were even powerful enough to crush a person's heart from the outside. You could say it's like marionette magic, but much, much darker.

It was or rather is hard being me. For one thing, if you use your magic to the full extent everyone is automatically afraid of you. I've never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it, but believe me when I say lots of people deserved it. Some even deserved to die. Whenever my brother was angry, he'd channel his anger through magic, and generally took it out on some of the wizards that were after my dad. They always made me hide away somewhere. Before my magic was strong enough, I would always cover my ears so I wouldn't be able to hear the screams and groans of the wizards in pain. In some situations, I cried. I may have been born in Fiore, but I've traveled half the world. My father always said that a person with a wide range of experience and lessons can always become a successful wizard. Which is exactly what I wanted to be. Except my dream was to become strong enough to protect my loved ones, not having them protect me. It was always like that. Always…..


I ran as fast as my little legs would take me. I tried to catch up with Ezekiel, I really did. But my small body couldn't take it anymore, so I tripped and fell. "Ezekiel!" I screamed. "Ezekiel!" But he never heard me. Someone did. And they grabbed me, covering my eyes so I couldn't see who they were. I wanted to scream for help, but for some reason this person made me feel safe. We kept running. Suddenly he'd put me down. I wanted to thank him but all he did was leave me a small black bag and when I opened it…

"Raphael!" I heard someone call. "Raphael! Where are you?" It was Daddy.

"Daddy! Daddy!" I yelled. "Daddy I'm over here!" I watched as he ran toward me and scooped me up in his arms. For some reason, I started crying.

"Where's your brother?" he asked. " I told him to protect you," and I could tell he was angry.

"Oh Daddy," I pleaded. "Please don't get mad at Ezekiel! It was my fault. I couldn't keep up, but some strange man grabbed me and he brought me here and gave me this…." I told him, holding up my hand that was clutching the small black bag.

"A strange man?" he asked and so on our way to our little house, I told him what had happened. "There's something really pretty in the bag too Daddy!" I told him. "And just what exactly could have been in that bag that made it so…." but he stopped his sentence as he looked in the bag. " What's inside, what's inside?" Ezekiel continuously asked, but when Dad took out whatever was in the bag, he stopped talking too.

It was a choker necklace. It was black leather with chains hanging from it that looped back to a group of blood red rubies formed to look like a blooming rose. It was the most beautiful thing I'd seen. I looked at my father, then to Ezekiel, and back at the necklace. I didn't understand why they'd stopped talking. Was it because the beauty of the choker rendered them speechless?

"Daddy why aren't you or Ezekiel talking?" I asked. I heard Ezekiel murmur something, but then Dad told him to hush. "Don't be rude to your sister. Obviously she wouldn't know why we aren't talking or what this choker's significance is. Don't forget, you're still being punished for running off without her."

"Daddy what's going on? What's so important about that necklace?" I asked, this time concern in my voice. Was it cursed? Would it possess whomever wore it, turning them into a slave of the darkness? There were so many things I wanted to ask, so many things I wanted to say, but my dad saw the look on my face and answered all my questions with just one.

"It was your mother's" he said quietly. And then I knew. The pain it cost daddy to see something belonging to my mother was so great, he couldn't even speak of it.


I touched mom's choker as the memory of that day ran through my mind. We didn't talk about who grabbed me, but then later dropped me. Ezekiel didn't even get punishment for leaving me that day. All we did was stare at the choker and try to remember memories that we had of my mother. Well, everyone except me that is. It was on this day that I realized that I didn't know my mother at all. I think I'm kind of glad for it too. Not the whole her dying part, but the fact that I can't remember her at all is what makes me glad. Remembering her would just make me even more down.

Morphomagus wizards usually have to have a binding spell with one of the 7 spirits. There were the snake, the wolf, the tiger, the hawk, the bear, the lion, and the boar. They all had special names that we wizards would call them, but I only knew 3. Daddy had a Scarlet Bear that died protecting him. That's what the binding spell does. It connects the souls of the spirit and the wizard, binding them, together forever until one dies. I vowed to never have myself in a situation where my spirit would have to die for me or me for it. It wouldn't be fair to either of us. Do you know why we need these spirit animals? Because our magic requires them. It is too strong a force for the normal human body to handle, and just exactly what would we do with all that blood?

We gave it to the spirits. It made their fur coats glossier and more vibrant. It gave them energy and power. However for me, when Rogue consumed the blood, I felt the energy run through my veins, like an instant rush of life. Rogue is my spirit animal. He was a snake. A Blood Viper is what wizards would call him. They are said to be the most darkest of all the spirits, but never once has Rogue ever tried to poison my mind with thoughts of evil. Even if the scarlet tattoo of some complicated ritualistic mark surrounding the sign of anarchy is on my left arm, showing that I am bound to him for life, I am the master. Even if he is strong enough to kill me with one hit, I will only do what I want to do. Just like my father.

The chokers… they kept coming. Though I saw no mysterious figure lurking around our many homes, they would always show up. There were red ones, and blue, violet and silver, emerald and ribbon. There were many styles. Some were flowers made entirely out of jewels. Others would be decorated with many gothic designs. I kept them all. At first my father was hesitant to let me wear them for, he feared it would remind him too much of my mother. But eventually, he got over it. He thought that I deserved something of hers if not any memory of her whatsoever. There was one in particular however, that I remembered he really didn't want me to have. But not for the reasons I thought.


"But why not Daddy?" I asked begging to be allowed to wear one of mom's hot chokers. It was black with white lace that bordered the top and bottom of the choker. It had chains that cascaded about 5-inches down the neck and ended with 5 ruby drops of blood. On the choker, two ruby dots that were meant to the bite marks stood out like white lights in the dead of night on the black part of the choker. It described everything I was.

My father was hesitant to give an answer and Ezekiel sniggered. "What's so funny?" I asked glaring at him. He was always putting his two cents in whenever Dad and I got in heated debates. In my mind I always told myself it was for attention.

"Just that Dad's the one who gave Mom that one. Let's see I think I remember….. ah yes! It was the day after their wedding anniversary and Mom was really pissed. Probably because someone forgot. So Dad went out to get something Mom really loved. A choker. And it had to be something that represented everything Mom and Dad were. 10 minutes after he got back and presented her with a gift, I was immediately sent over to a neighbor's house for overnight where later that night or maybe even immediately after, you were conceived."

"Ezekiel!" I shouted. "That's so gross! Thanks for that image that I can never erase from my mind." Then I looked at Dad who had a slight pink blush on his face. I widened my eyes at him."Eeeww! Dad really? Is that why I can't have it because it's what mom wore the night you two… made me?" I asked him. Why was I cursed to know these things?

"Yes it's true that's what she wore when you were conceived, but I actually don't want you to wear it because of what it represents. The choker is basically a vampire bite with it's victim's blood running down its neck. I am a Morphomagus wizard. I control the blood within others. And your mother loved chokers. Do you get it now?"

"Yes I do which is exactly why you should let me have it. I'm a Morphomagus wizard just like you. I'm pretty like mom was just like you keep saying. I'm everything that choker's about. A combination of you and mom. Hello I was made while she was wearing that. It's practically my birth right" Dad looked down at the table for a bit, like he was thinking. If he doesn't let me have this so help me God….

"Alright", he finally said. " You can have it seeming as if your mother were here, she would give it to you instantly." I ran around the table to give him big hug. Just then I heard Ezekiel sniggering.

"What's so funny this time?" I asked annoyed. I already know what the choker's all about why is he still laughing?

"Mom only wore chokers 'cause Dad gave her really huge hickeys-" But he didn't get to finish his sentence because Dad had thrown his shoe at him. And I could not stop laughing.


I giggled a bit, remembering that day as one the funniest days of my life with my family. But now, all I have is Rogue and frankly, he's all I need at the moment. My brother… he wasn't as lucky as I was. He wasn't born with Morphomagus blood magic. Instead, he's more of a spell-binder. Like I said before, he never really took having the ability to use magic as seriously as I did. He was more into physical fighting and weaponry. And boy is he pretty good. Our father had taught us how to fight with or without magic. He taught Ezekiel how to use a bow and arrow and how to set up a crossbow. When I got Rogue, he taught me how to shape one of his fangs into a dagger that I now keep inside my right boot at all times. Ezekiel may not have been special in a magical way, but he was always special to my father and I. No matter what, my father loved us both.

But when I was 14, Dad got sick. And then… he died. In his will, he'd left all this money, including my mom's money, to us. We split it 50/50. I don't quite remember questioning where exactly my father got all this money. He never really had a steady job and I'm pretty sure he didn't become a Morphomagus wizard for hire. But that didn't really matter at the time. I was officially an orphan, living with her older brother. Our lives slowly turned back to normal as we gradually got over Dad's death. We moved into a house, back in Fiore and Ezekiel got a job to provide for us. He'd argued that I was too cute to go out working with lecherous men lurking around.


"I will not be held responsible when I have to kick some guy's ass for grabbing at my sister's butt. You are a teenage girl. The hormones inside tour body are running wild around inside there. You're growing breasts and your figure's coming out nicely-"

"What the hell!" I screamed. " You're talking about lecherous men lurking around? You're the one who's lecherous! Pervert!" I wanted to throw my shoe at him like Dad always did. That usually knocked some sense into him.

"I'm sorry that I can't compliment the wonderful features of my cute little sister. Besides, my friends think I can't hear them when they say stuff like that about you. It's hard just standing by and not doing anything but they're my friends" He explained. His friends think I'm hot? Does that mean he does too?

"Which friends? And just what exactly are they saying about me?" I asked as nonchalantly as possible. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow, but answered me this time.

"You know. Leo, Aiden, Michael,… and Aaron. They say stuff about how you have a nice butt when you bend over to pick stuff up and how they can really see more of your boobs when you lean over the table." I was furiously blushing red now. Aaron thinks I'm hot? He's like what 18? And he thinks I'm hot? I wanted to squeal with glee, but with Ezekiel right there that would've been very awkward.

"Whatever", I mumbled. "Boys are such perverted creatures."


I put my hand over my mouth as I remembered Aaron. My first… everything. I remembered his perfectly tan skin and the way his dark chocolate eyes seem to smile when he looked at me. He had sandy colored hair and his voice was deep. When…when Ezekiel left me all alone, Aaron was there. He comforted me until I stopped crying in shock. Then, when we were on his couch, talking about Ezekiel, he leaned over and kissed me. He was waiting for me to pull back, to say "No". But I didn't. I remember wrapping my arms around his neck and loving the way it felt when his tongue was exploring every part of my mouth. I remember feeling hot around my ears and neck, and in a haze, we were in his room. So on the night Ezekiel had disappeared on me, Aaron had made love to me and took my virginity.

Aaron and I loved each other very much, but I didn't love him as much as he loved me. Because after what I did, I don't know how someone could still love someone who has broken their heart. I didn't break Aaron's heart. No I stomped on it. After that, any guy I was with didn't really last long. Not that I cared. For me, love just slows you down. And after what I've been through, I don't believe in love anymore. Now, all have to care about is Rogue, and paying my rent.

It was in the city of Wistler that I met Master Makarov. Well, technically, he'd tracked me down. I was busy taking care of the last few bits and pieces of…a life I needed to leave behind. I can't believe they actually tracked me down. Bastards. I didn't want to be a part of them, I never really was. There's no mark on me associating me with them, and our agreement was very clear. I had the right to leave whenever I wanted to. I may have been one of their best, but I had to get out. They wanted me a little too desperately, plus Rixon….

I walked casually through the tall grass as I listened to Katjaa try and stalk me. It was a pathetic attempt and we both knew it to be. Not only was she breathing too loud, her heartbeat was through the roof. She was probably freaking out because the others weren't there with her. Cedric's probably just regaining movement in his limbs and Enzo….he's lucky I dumped his half dead body in front of a hospital. He's going to need a lot of blood.

Anyway, Katjaa never really liked me. I could see her now, jumping at the chance to be part of the team that would retrieve me. She was always obsessed with earning Rixon's approval, especially if it meant being able to take me down. Let's face it, I wouldn't come quietly and Katjaa would still attack even if for some crazy reason I did. She never really did know when to let it go. I listened as she stuck to the trees, still breathing too hard and ripping bark off the tree limbs with her feet. I was getting bored and it was time to end this game.

I stopped walking and turned around. "Come on out Katjaa. I know you're following me. I can hear you breathing."

"You never were one for the element of surprise," she shouted as she came out from the top of a tree, walking towards me. Her hot pink hair shined in the sun, the large knife strapped to her belt bouncing on her thigh as she walked. " You always made things so much more…difficult."

"I was also never really one for your shit," I replied. "Let me guess, you're here to convince me to come back right? I think you can guess my answer since Cedric and Enzo aren't here to back you up."

She walked closer to me. Rogue, concealed in the grass, hissed at her. Her eyes flicked down. "So that's where your snake is. I couldn't track him for awhile. Anyway, I thought we'd have a little fun before you joined us again." Her smile was sickly sweet.

"Thanks, but no thanks. Not only am I not coming back with you, I can only imagine what your idea of fun with me is."

From that moment on, everything moved in slow motion. Katjaa's fist was coming towards me, but I blocked it and kicked her right in her stomach, sending her back a few feet. When she looked up at me, her eyes were filled with anger. She screamed a cry of fury as she ran at me, grabbing her curved knife. Just as she did, Rogue rose up to his full height, and I whispered the incantation:

Spirit of my heart

Spirit of my mind

Lend me your magic in which we shall bind

My blood and your blood

Connected for eternity

I was briefly bathed in the blood red light of a magic circle as Rogue's body transformed into a beautiful scythe made out of his scales that littered in the light. I managed to blocked Katjaa's attack just in time as she swung down on me. I jumped back and swung my Rogue-scythe at her legs. She jumped up high, and using her magic, her curved knife turned into a two handed broad sword. She came at me with side ways attacks, looking like she really wanted to hack me up. Just was she was about to change her weapon again, I struck. Using the end of the scythe, I hit the ulnar nerve, located at the elbow. Katjaa cried out, dropping her weapon. I came at her again, swinging the scythe back and forth, leaving cutes all over her arms and legs.

Katjaa wasn't defenseless for long. She picked up her sword, changing it into her dual wind sais, coming at me with a more quicker approach. I felt the needle point sais slice my arms, my legs, even a couple on my cheeks. The only way to stop her was to hit her hard once more, but I knew she'd be ready for the scythe. I swung it up,like I was going to hit her in her solar plexus, but at the last moment I pulled back and punched her right in the jaw. She landed hard into the grass, making no move to fight back.

"You done having fun now?" I asked, wiping my cheek of the tiny streams of blood running down it. "Go back and tell them you failed."

Katjaa got up, pieces of green grass sticking up out of her pink hair. She wiped her mouth, and I knew there was blood on her hand. "No I…I won't let Rixon think I'm a failure."

"He doesn't love you." I saw her yellow eyes widen. That struck a nerve I see.

"Shut up!" she yelled. "You're the one who left. Once I bring you back he'll see how strong I am, that I can even be better than you."

I laughed. I actually laughed at her. "Oh my God. Is that..is that what you think is going to happen? You think he'll love you because you brought me back? Don't you see that's what he wants? He wants me back there. Rixon wants me."

"We slept together," she blurted out. "When he was with you, he was with me. He was mine before you, and he'll be mine once you're dead."

"Dead?" I asked. "You're supposed to bring me back idiot. And you think I don't know Rixon was fucking you behind my back? Everyone knew Katjaa. You don't get the kind of love you're looking for with a man like Rixon."

I could see she was getting angry again, her yellow eyes blazing. And I knew that I couldn't leave Katjaa alive either.

"He said you were nothing but a distraction to him," she said, picking up her sais, turning it into a large ax. "That..that he just liked the allure of fucking his own recruit. He got over you after awhile."

"So it took him a good year and a half to get over me?" I rolled my eyes. "God you're so delusional. Face it Katjaa, even though you had him first, you're the other woman."

She brought the ax over her head and swung down, knicking my shoulder and effectively knocking me to the ground. "They told me alive, but I think they'll understand why I could only bring back your body," she panted.

I rolled as she swung down again, the ground vibrating with the force of her hit. She jumped on top of me, the only thing keeping her away was the shaft of my scythe.

"We both know they'll kill you if I'm dead. I'm much more valuable to them alive than you, Katjaa. Rixon thinks so too."

She screamed, throwing down her ax in frustration, her hands reaching for my throat. I grabbed them, rolling us over, her head hitting the ground hard.

"Give them a message for me will you?" I asked calmly as I punched her a few times. "Don't look for me. Or else everyone who does, will end up dead, just like you." I stood up directly over her body.

"You're a monster!" she screamed. "A monster!"

I took my stance, holding out my arm and splaying my fingers out. I used my magic to feel around for her veins, then I slowly made a fist. And pulled.

Katjaa made a face like she was suffocating, taking in deep breaths to no avail. I was taking her blood, not her air. Soon, there was nothing left but a dry shriveled body with pink hair coming out of the top. Rogue had transformed, back, and he gave me a look.

"What? You never liked her anyway. You always threatened to eat her. Here's your chance."

I turned away as I heard a sound like the crunching of chips between teeth

"Did you really have to kill her?" a voice asked. I jumped immediately into a defensive stance.

Suddenly, a little old man wearing an orange jacket, orange pants, and a cute little blue and orange Joker hat. His t-shirt was white with a weird symbol on it. Then I knew: He was part of a guild. He walked up to me and looked at me intriguingly, as if we'd met before. His incredible shortness made it a bit hard to not want to scoop him up and squish him in my arms, but he was an old man and I'm a young woman. He could take it the wrong way.

" Yeah well, she was going to kill me so what was I supposed to do, stand there and let her?" I asked. He finally stopped circling me like a vulture and smiled. He smiled at me!

"You know," he said, " Your magic is illegal here in this country." I froze. Yeah and? Is this old man gonna snitch or something? He kept talking.

"Don't worry I won't tell and that's not what I'm here for anyway,"

"The why are you here? I don't even know who you are," I asked confused. Was this midget old man crazy?

"Don't you remember me?" he asked, but then he saw the look on my face and continued. "Of course you don't. I'm an old family friend. I use to play with you when you were very young, Raphael."

Hold on. This guy knows my name? But I don't remember him at all. I know Dada had a lot of old friends but…. who is this guy?

"Prove it. If you knew my Dad then why is my name Raphael, an obvious boy's name?" I asked. Now I had him. No one but my family, and my Dad's friends who visited knew that reason.

"Your parents honestly had no idea if you were a girl or a boy. Obviously picking out a unisex name was just too conventional for them, being the people they were and all. So they picked out the name Raphael because your mom thought that was such a nice name for a boy and your father, being the fool that he was, thought that it'd be so cool to have a daughter with a non unisex name."

I couldn't keep my jaw from hanging so low. This guy was really the real deal. So then what does he want? Raise me as the daughter he never had as some kind of promise to my parents or something? Find me, then include me in his will as his remaining kin so I can get more money? I'm sorry but this little old man does not look like he'll last long.

"So then…. why are you looking for me?" I asked. He smiled at me and then cleared his throat to begin his story.

"I promised your father that in the event that he died, I would take you and your brother with me back to my guild, where you would join and be safe. Where you would finally have a family. You especially would bee able to use your powers as much as you wish when you needed them. So then, where's your brother?"

Couldn't this old man tell? All I had was Rogue. My family was gone. Forever. And there's nothing I or anyone else can do to change that. So yeah where is Ezekiel? Why did he abandon his 17 year-old sister in a house all by herself? Why didn't he take her with him? Did he even care how she- I mean how would I feel?

"Ezekiel left me," I said as quietly as possible. "I haven't seen him in 4 years." The old man looked like he wanted to hug me, but judging by his extreme shortness, all he would seriously be able to do is hug my calves.

"Foolish boy", he mumbled. "Leaving you alone like that. He knew this is what your father wantedand he ran away. So this means you're all on your own?" he asked.

"No I have Rogue", I answered, gesturing to Rogue as he finished off the remaining parts of Katjaa. Makarov looked like he wanted to faint, but he kept his composure to be polite.

"What guild are you part of anyway? Your Guild Master said it was okay for you to take a personal quest?" I asked. When I think about, I thought Makarov would've been the first member of whatever guild he's part of considering he's so old.

Makarov laughed then said, "I'm guild master of Fairy Tail. I can do whatever I please. Anyone can recruit guild members, but I find it more special if the Master does it." So this little old man is the Guild Master of the legendary Fairy Tail? And he was friends with my dad? Damn.

"Okay", I said. This has got to be the strangest thing in my life. Actually not possible considering everything in my life is strange.

"Okay what?" he asked confused.

"I'll join your guild. For the sake of my dad and because this place sucks. I don't have to live…. you know… at my old house?" I'm never setting foot in that place again. That house sits there waiting for the owners to come back, just like how I waited for Ezekiel to come back. But he never did.

"You can live wherever you please", he said, "So long as you come to the Guildhall once in awhile to take requests. And make friends." Ugh. So I have to play nice to the other kids? That's no fun at all. But I guess it would be easier than not having friends. This could be good for me. Not having to fight with villagers might lose its touch a bit but I'll get used to it.

So after explaining to Makarov about Katjaa, I packed my stuff and Rogue and I were escorted by Makarov to the city of Magnolia in Fiore. I didn't think coming back would be so easy as it was. I expected all the memories to come flooding back into my mind and then I would have some kind of spaz attack about it. But really nothing happened until we got to the East Forest. Not far from here, is an old orange yellow house with a green roof. By now it must be suffocating from the crazy vines that crawl all over it if you don't trim it properly. I closed my eyes in order to calm myself down from refusing to take any step further. Rogue had noticed this and took a break with me.

"Are you okay mistress?" I heard his voice ask inside my head. He was concerned about me, and whenever Rogue worried about me his first instinct was to protect me, something I've always disliked about the bind between us.

"It's okay Rogue," I murmured so Makarov wouldn't hear. "I'm fine".

Rogue gave me a look that told me he didn't believe me. I gave him an even stronger look back and he slithered on. When we finally arrived in Magnolia, I'd noticed that there was a train we could've taken all the way instead of partway, then taking a boat down a wide river, and then walking the rest of the way. This screwy old man…

"So you mean to tell me we could've stayed on the train?" I asked, pissed.

"Yes, but a little adventure is better than boring old train ride isn't it?" he answered with a smile. He's so lucky he's an old man and Dad's friend and too short for his own good.

We continued walking on through the city. There were beautiful apartments and cute little magic shops, things I haven't been able to enjoy in a long time. I hadn't noticed we'd come to a halt, until I felt the top of Makarov's head at my knees and I tripped over him. Rogue slithered to my rescue but when he looked up, he was in awe.

The building we'd stopped at was three stories high with red tile roofing and windows with green and red shutters. There were three huge a flags,a green one, an orange one, and a blue one. I noticed that the orange flag was noticeably huger than the other two and the the Fairy Tail Guild stamp was smack right in the middle of it, just like it was on Makarov's shirt. The strong wind made the flags flutter beautifully as I got up from my embarrassing fall.

Makarov smiled at me and said,"Welcome to Fairy Tail Raphael".