"This will be so fun! Don't you think?" The woman next to me asked, excitedly. She was beautiful, had a charming smile and seemed like a lot of fun. I'll have to get her number later.

"Totally, Dudette!" I chuckled giving her, Bella, a thumbs up. Truth be told, I was looking forward to this; seemed like everyone here was.

I signed up for cooking class, which landed on Tuesday and Thursdays. The other nations were always teasing me about my fast food habits so I wanted to prove to them I actually can cook and cook well. That and Matthew, Iggy and Francis were coming over for my thanksgiving dinner. Matt spent hours on an amazing family meal for his Thanksgiving in October. It was only fair that I put in the same effort. We didn't get much family time anymore so these times were special.

"I only know how to make waffles which are very yummy," Bella giggled, waving a spatula in the air. Chatting with her, I finally recognized she was Belgium. She was here with the Netherlands for a long vacation in America and she thought taking up classes would be a fun thing to try.

A few minutes before the class started, a tall man stepped in, going next to the only empty seat. He didn't look at me or the pretty woman next to him. But I would recognize that man anywhere.

"Oh! Look! It's Russia! I wonder if any other nations are here?" Bella giggled, catching Ivan's attention. He obviously forced a smile; the shyness of it almost adorable.

At last the instructor came into the room, going to the front of the room. The blonde introduced herself as Mrs. Winters (Here you see Ivan cringe.) and told us we would be baking two kinds of cupcakes: chocolate and vanilla. The activity was meant to be an ice breaker so you would be working with each member of the class. Which means I couldn't avoid Ivan. What was he doing here anyway?

The first step we need was mise en place for the chocolate cupcakes. I wasn't familiar with the French term but now it made so much sense. The instructor showed us how to measure out each ingredient and prep everything to be mixed. She had us then switch partners to do the same thing with the vanilla. Now I was with another pretty girl, a brunette this time, following with along with the teacher.

The continued with the batters, baking and making the frosting. I got along well with all the women and few men in the class. And I was having a lot of fun but now it was time to pipe a proportion of the cupcakes with Ivan. Great…

And it seemed he wasn't too happy to be working with me either; actually groaning when we met at our station. "Well hello to you too," I spoke, as sarcastic as ever. "What are you doing here?"

He sighed, obviously trying to relax. "Natalya and Liet decided they wanted to stay for a while so am I. I needed something to do and I thought it would be interesting to learn other things. Why are you?"

"Learn something new," I told him truthfully, not wanting to go into detail with him.

"Guess we're in the same boat," he sighed again, picking up the piping back with vanilla frosting inside. "Let's get this over with."

We each followed along with the Mrs. Winters' demonstration. To my own surprise, I piped the butter cream on perfectly while Ivan was having tons of trouble. The frosting kept escaping from the top of the bag or spurt out from the nozzle. I went over to help him, accidentally putting my hand over his on the bag. I hadn't noticed it or that he was blushing. My arm went around his waist as I guided his movement of the bag. With my help, he got the cupcakes frosted and they all looked amazing. "There we go," I chuckled, placing the bag down.

"T-thank you, A-Alfred," he stuttered nervously as I started to pull away.

But it was when I pulled away is when I noticed that he was bright red. It took a minute to don on me what I had done, muttering a curse under my breath; my cheeks matching his in colour. But at least no one noticed the exchange.

"Alright, Everybody!" Mrs. Winters called out, looking at everyone's work. "Great job! Let's pack up them to take home and clean up!"

Ivan avoided me for the rest of the clean up, trying to stay as far away from me as possible. I brushed past his arm as he was sweeping and he bolted to the other side of the room. Bella shrugged, acting like she didn't know what was going on. Had she seen the moment after all?

Once everything was packed up, Ivan was first to leave, rushing out the door. But at least Bella waited for me, walking out with me. She allowed me to walk her to her hotel, playing along with the hero bit. "Bye Bye, Alfred! See you on Thursday," she called out, waving as she entered the door. Once she entered, I turned to walk back to my home. Would Ivan be there? Why was my heart beating so much? Why did I feel so nervous? Why was I feeling like this over my worst enemy?

A Rusame fic for my little sister who I love dearly.