Ivan acted quite distant from me this morning. He wanted to spend the day alone with his sister before we went out for dinner. It worried me that he didn't want to be with me. But Toris assured me that they just needed some time together.

He was right. Ivan spent so much time with me that Natalya must feeling neglected. Normally, she's with him more, right? It must be hard for her to let me kiss him instead of her.

And now, we are seated in a fancy restaurant for dinner; our last dinner together for a while.

He looked very handsome in his navy sweater, black jeans and his scarf. His bangs would fall over his right eye each time that he brushed it back. Something about that always made him look dangerous and highly attractive. And I'm not the only one to think so. Women from other tables were watching and smiling at him or even winking to him. But either he ignored it or was oblivious. He kept his eyes on me with a smouldering gaze that always made me melt.

He must have noticed my expression since he was smirking. "You have a rather dreamy look in your eyes," he chuckled, sounding sinister.

I tried to smirk back at him but he just continued laughing at me. "Don't worry. I'll be more feisty later."

He stopped laughing and smirked that sexy smirk that drove me nuts. "Looking forward to it."

The smartly dressed waiter choose the right moment to come over and take our order. He looked from Ivan to me then back again; his face turning quite red.

"W-what would you like?"

"I'll have the sea bass," Ivan ordered, complete unaware of the waiter's nervousness.

"And I'll have the steak please," I ordered politely, hoping the manners would calm his nervousness. No diner wanted a nervous waiter. Still I wonder what was making him so anxious.

"C-coming right up," he choked out, scurrying off to the kitchen.

Ivan seemed to be off in space after that; a thoughtful expression on his face. I waited for him to come back to me but he seemed far away. Luckily the nervous waiter returned to refill our wine glasses. This seemed to wake Ivan up, thanking the poor boy before he scurried off again. I watched him as he went but his pants began falling down. He quickly hiked them up again and went behind the bar to hide.

Then it occurred to me that I've seen this waiter before. And the memory made me burst out laughing.

Ivan raised a brow, probably wondering what's wrong with me. "Why are you laughing? What's so funny?"

"I just remembered where we've seen that waiter before," I told him, calming down from the laughter now. "He's the boy from the bar. The one that ran out of the bathroom."

"When? I don't remember that at all," Ivan groaned, scratching his head as he racked his brain for that moment.

"You were pretty drunk, dude," I sighed dreamily, in memory of that night in the bathroom.

"I remember being hung over but that's it."

He shrugged and took a sip of wine; looking at me with that gaze again. I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks. Good thing the waiter brought over dinner, refilled our glasses and left.

For the first time since we sat down, conversation flowed freely; topics ranging from work to me only wearing an apron every time I cooked. Ivan licked his lips on that one with that dark gaze; making me really want to jump across the table to kiss him. How does he always do that?

We didn't bother with dessert since we just waited to throw each other on the bed. Luckily, I have a can of whip cream on the fridge.

In a rather quick fashion, we arrived back at my house to find Natalya and Toris sleeping on the couch. Ivan bent down to pick them up and put them in bed but I stopped him, grabbing him close to me with threatening eyes.

"Leave them. I don't want to wake them while I'm licking every each of your body."

After Ivan and Alfred left, Natalya seemed rather down but at least she wasn't crying again. Still I hated seeing her sad. I sat down next to her on the couch, wrapping my arm around her waist and putting her head on my shoulder. "What's the matter, Natalya? Do you miss Ivan? Do you want me to get you something?"

She wiped the tear from her eye as she buried in my shoulder. Great, I've made her cry.

"Darling, what's the matter? Please tell me," I begged as I lifted her head to look into her eyes.

"I love you," she choked out, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Then why are you crying?"

This truly baffled me. If she loved me, why is she so sad? She knows I love her and would give her anything she wants. It bothered me how she's been acting lately. Her odd behaviour makes me wonder if she's getting really sick. It would torture me to see her suffer any more than she already is. But how could I take her pain away?

"I don't know," she sobbed, hiding in my shoulder again. "I just want to be close to you."

Then I remembered that I broke my promise to take her dancing. Maybe that's what made her sad? Or maybe because our trip is nearly over and she's going to miss me? And she wants to be as close to me as she can until then. But I have an idea to fix that.

I let go of her, getting up to looking at Alfred's huge stack of CD's.

"What are you doing?"

"Just wait there," I told her rummaging through them. "Aha!" I found some classical music CD's wedged at the bottom of the stand. Just what I was looking for! Turning it on in the stereo, I turned back to her and held my hand out to her. "Princess, may I have this dance?"

She smiled through her tears and took my hand, bringing over to where there was space. I put my hands on her hips as she rested her head on my shoulder. She clung to me as we swayed back and forth, not really dancing but not standing still. We stayed like this for a long time, soothing her tears and sadness.

"Why did you want to go dancing so much, anyway?"

"Because then I can be close to you and in your arms," she yawned, closing her eyes as we continued to sway. "And I used to love dancing with my brother in the past. This way I could be with both of you. You know, I love you both so much."

"Whatever makes you my princess happy," I pressed a kiss on her head and rocked her for a few more minutes. "You're not well. You must be getting tired. You rest."

I guided her down to the couch and wrapped her up in a blanket.

"Can I have a tea please," she yawned, looking adorable.

I went and made her some tea, bringing it to her and letting her cuddle up against me.

"Am I really your princess?"

She looked up at me sweetly, making me want to cuddle her like a child.

"Of course you are."

"What does that make you? My knight?"

"Hard to be a knight when the princess can rescue herself," chuckled, nuzzling her cheek. "Probably your servant."

"Not a prince?"

"Naw. What does the prince do for the princess? Nothing. No, I am your loyal servant who blindly does whatever you want."

"I must get really friendly with the help then," she giggled, leaning up to kiss me a few times. "I'm one very lucky princess. One very naughty princess. Kissing the servants? Bad girl!"

"Come here, you naughty princess," I chuckled again, pulling her on my lap. " If you weren't sick, I'd punish you."

"See? One lucky princess…"

In order to catch up this story to where I want it to be; I'll be shortening or combing chapters.