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Title: Perhaps Love isn't all that bad after all

Summary: The relationship between Bulla, now further into her pregnancy, and Goten gets stronger as the time for the baby to arrive sneaks closer. Meanwhile, Bulla still has some unfinished business to tend to. Sequel to Whoever said love would be easy.

Bulla eyed Goten out the corner of her eye as the both of them sat side by side in the waiting room. She was now seven months pregnant and she wasn't as big as she thought she would be, not that she was complaining. She was grateful for that and the main reason that she probably wasn't that big as she should be, most likely had to do with her saiyan genes. So far, things for her and Goten were going great and they were getting along perfectly. Even though they still weren't dating yet, they did agree to take things slow. The only two things that were worrying her was how she was going to break her pregnancy to Seventeen and how the public were going to take her pregnancy...

Speaking of the public, she had to have about thirty magezines out, or more, about her and the amount of time she was spending around Goten. It was getting aggravating and a little scary at the same time. It was times like this she wished she just had a normal life, but being the heiress of Bulma Briefs made no such thing possible. She let out a faint sigh, catching the attention of the demi-saiyan, and father of her child, beside her. She smiled at him gratefully when she felt him squeeze her hand in an attempt to comfort her.

"Are you okay?"

Bulla tilted her head towards the ceiling as she shifted uncomfortably in the hard chair. "Honestly, no. I'm a little stressed that's all."

"Is that still bothering you?"

She nodded in response. "Not only that, but another thing as well."

Before Goten could question Bulla any more, a young, middle aged man opened the door and slid in with a clipboard in tow. "Is there a Bulla Briefs here? "

She rolled her eyes. Wasn't it obvious that she was the only person in here besides Goten? She stood up, and grabbed her purse, "That would be me."

"Ahh yes. Right this way. "

Bulla nodded and followed the man as he led them to her doctor, Goten following behind them as well.

"Here you are Ms. Briefs, " said the man once they stopped in front a small room, "Mrs. Rivers is expecting you and will be joining you shortly."

Bulla nodded, "Thanks."

"No problem. Well, take care."

"You too."

He nodded and then left, leaving Bulla and Goten alone.

Both of them entered the room and took a seat, Goten sat in the corner on the small chair, while Bulla sat on the bed-like chair made for specifically for patients. Not being one to sit in silence, Bulla spoke up, "Thanks for coming with me, Goten. "

"You don't have to thank me, I told you I was going to be here for you and the baby."

She smiled lightly as she brushed her bangs out of her face. Ever since she entered her third month of pregnancy, he quit his old job and begun working at Capsule Corp under Trunks wing, saying that he needed to earn more money if he wanted to take care of his family. She could honestly admit that she was glad she was carrying his child, instead of some other person who wouldn't take the job of becoming a father as serious as him. The door cracked open, interrupting her thoughts in the process, as a young woman with brown hair entered and closed the door behind.

"It's good to see you again Ms. Briefs, and I see you brought your boyfriend again."

Goten and Bulla looked at each other, both blushing as the woman laughed.

"Anyway, have you been avoiding all of the foods you're suppose to? "

"Yes, I have."

"Good. Have you experienced any complications since your last visit two weeks ago? "

"No, I haven't. "

"Good. I'm going to run a few tests on you and check you and the baby's health. Oh and speaking of your baby, you said something about not wanting to know the gender of the baby until you visited me again. Are you ready now?"

Bulla looked at Goten and smirked. He has been practically dying to know of the sex of the baby, unfortunately she wanted to know as bad as he did so she couldn't wait any longer. "Yeah," she finally answered, "we're ready."

"Very well then. After I run the tests, I'll check and let you know."


"It seems like both you and your baby are still healthy. Now to check the sex of your baby. First things first, I'm going to need you to lay down, Mr. Son would you mind helping her?"

"No, I don't mind at all, " he replied as he stood up and helped Bulla lay backwards.

The doctor cut on a near-by machine and then rubbed a clear, gel-like substance on Bulla's stomach and then took the two parts connected to the machine and placed them on her stomach.

Within minutes, the doctor smiled and then cut the machine off, "Congratulations. It seems like you've been blessed with a girl."

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