skystorm: and were back with the new story hope y'all enjoy. this time jack makes a mistake and meets new people and enimes enjoy

jack was asleep in the cave a few moths after the battle he was a handsome wolf his fur used to be tan like his mother now his coat was starting to turn a gold hay color and he had his dads blue eyes and they were turning voilet. life in jasper was ok and all but he wanted adventure he wanted to battle and fight. every girl in the pack liked him but he didnt like any of them none of then matched his flame they would try to contain it he needed someone to match itnot contain it.

humphery was out on potrol in the woods his coat was silver and he had blue eyes he was portective of his family scince poat had nearly killed him and his pack. humphery had alot on his sholders his son always wanted to fight and battle he remembered bing like that as a pup but his mate was expecting his pup or pups he worried for there safty

kate was a beautiful tan wolf with brown eyes suspecting humpherys pup or pups. she was walking around the clearing in sreach of food. she was leader before humpery she nearly lost him because of a supid mistake that she wouldnt make before. her son jack was always looking for adventure like his father when her and him were pups

jack humphery and kate were all family. simple small and with another on the way little did they know all there lives were gonna change.