jak and rain looked from jasmine to james then at each other rain had tears in her eyes and jasmine was sobbing uncontrolably while her father walked back to the camp james walked up to rain "i didnt know rain honest attack he did it i-i swear" james words were truthful but rain was hurt and scared she backed away from him
" no i should go so you and jasmine can be happy" she ran away from him
"rain wait" kate stopped him
" she doesn`t mean it shes just upset" she said calmly but rage was filling in him
" no she doesnt care for me" she walked by jasmine " ill see you at the wedding" he walked away jasmine sobbed harder
"j-jak i d-didnt k-know-ohhhhhhh" she sobbed
"i know i know" jak said calmly " im sorry all of this happened i really am we can still be friends right"
" i-i would love that" jasmine said shakily

humphery went to find rain she was sobbing miserably on a cliff it was special this was where her and james kissed humphery cleared his throat " he didnt know"
"i know daddy i didnt want him to hangover me and not be happy with jasmine" her voice was not her own it sounded like a wiser wolf huphery walked over to her and licked her forehead
"well then i geuss if he did hangover you he still loves you"
" ill live through this." she paused for a moment "daddy im ready to go home" she looked at him and smiled they walked together down the slope. rain felt uneasy. "Theres something i have to do" he smiled at her
" go on then" she ran down the slope and thought the woods everything blured she heard vocies in the gourge she walked over to it and saw james and attack "what were you thinking i cant manage my own life much less a pack" james growled
"thats why i was in control untill that girl-"
"THAT GIRL IS MY LIFE" james roared at him
" you heard what she said"attack said rain made her self known
"and im sorry i never ment to hurt you i was upset and angery" rain said james looked at her and stayed quiet"i want us to stay friends at least"
" get out of here" attack growled
"no james i still love you but your betrothed to jasmine" she kissed james " sorry this happened ... good-bye" she walked away.

jasmine sat with jak and his family wanting to see them off rain looked for james the train was getting close "when i say jump jump" they train car to jasper got closer "JUMP" they landed with a thud james ran down he saw them jump on the train he acted like a total jerk he ran faster the train gained speed "RAIN"
"JAMES ARE YOU CRAZY" james lept on the train and his claws slid. he was grabbed by jak humphery and rain " need a little help" rain asked
"yeah, yeah i do" he panted he looked in the those green eyes that had given him hope rain frowned
"you know you cant stay" she walked away and looked out the door then down the river
"ill stay as long as i can" a new voice spoke
"which isnt long" bane growled
"you woulnt touch him" rain growled and stood infront of him but humphery pulled her to the side
"he can actualy as long as were on his land theres nothing i can do" humphery looked down at his paws "its pack law" rain walked forward
"if he leaves its over my dead body" bane stepped forward
" that can be arranged" james pushed here out of the way
"no ill go don't hurt anyone" he said deffetedly
"hope you can dog paddle" he gabbed james and therw him in the river and dived after him
"NO!" rain screamed and ran forward kate and humphery grabbed her " james JAMES" she sobbed "h-hes gone i loved him" he whimpered kate tried console her. "im sorry rain i dont need to lose you"