All I ever wanted was to be free, I wasn't human, I wasn't a demon. Where was my place? Did I have a place? I have no where to go and it's as if I'm bounded by chains by my cruel fate… born as a Half-demon. Neither side accepts you, my parents committed a forbidden love crime, between a Human and Demon, thus I was born, it was never meant to be. As punishment for them and their child, me. They we're murdered slowly and painfully and I was to serve as a slave to these cruel demons for as long as I lived…This is my Fate…

I'm a now 15 year old Phoenix Half-demon serving the Phoenix demon's that inhabit the Altera Mountains. I was forced this life style. I've been a slave since my birth. My parents were brutally murdered by the demons; I'm treated awfully like trash because I am a Half-breed. Pitiful, how simple-minded these demons are. They do not accept me because I am not either race. Do they not understand it? Is that why they treat me with such cruelty? I will never understand.

"Slave! Bring us food to eat!" Shouted one of the leaders of the Demons, I nodded but as I walked into the mountain I scoffed. These Phoenix demons were too large to fit inside this mountain. So, often when I wasn't ordered I would sneak down deep into the mountain, down into Altera Core. The temperature was frigid. Not an actual plus for a Phoenix Half-demon. I may be part human but I'm part phoenix as well. Cold areas make me feel severely weak. But that was all the better, I used this closed down area to train relentlessly with my powers. One day, amongst my training I stumbled upon a human weapon. A 9mm Pistol, I learned to fire it accurately and with precision. I became a dead-eye. Ammunition was a negative though; instead I was channeling my fire power into the gun's chamber to use as bullets that would pierce just as well. If not stronger.

The reason for this training, I was planning an escape, I wanted to leave this treacherous island. It held bad memories; it ached my heart to be here. My only family is gone, I'm mistreated a slave to demons. I'm hated and no one is on my side, I'm alone. If I am going to be alone, I'm going to be free at least! This is when I made my decision to leave. Tonight.

I walked silently into Altera's Core. My light feet making soft taps on the ground from my 5" heeled boots. My stomach shivered alone, it was exposed. Me being high temperate for my half race I tend to wear lighter and more exposing clothing to not suffocate from the heat of clothes. My red blouse and beige bust-cut jacket swayed in the soft breeze that blew through the core.

I twiddled with one of my two braids nervously. Being down here alone was a bit creepy. It was deathly silent and it was freezing, though the place was brightly lit and looked as if it had tight security, though I hadn't seen a single person yet. This confused me even more and motivated me to move faster. I broke into a jog, my heels making louder noises onto the steel ground.

My ears tweaked. I heard a hum from a long distance away, my ears were very sensitive due to me being part demon, and sounds didn't easily go unnoticed by me. Being down in this Core training for what was around a few months, sounds were unnatural. This was weird. My heart began to speed up rapidly along with my long strides as I broke into a sprint.

I felt a burning sensation on my leg and winced. That was extremely weird; I shouldn't feel something burning unless it was…

Loud blaring sounds of alarms blasted into my ears. I fell to the ground covering them as it felt my ears would pop and my head would split open. The sounds continued and I began to regain my strength and made a run for the exit, I could see the light of the elevator to the outside of the core. I ran faster than I knew I could, I could hear robots. Nasod that apparently were being built here. They began shooting on sight and bullets pierced through my arm in my shoulders. Several grazed my face and legs but I kept moving.

My strength leaving me, I began to slow down, I kept moving and tried my best not to use my powers, for it would only drain me more. I would not stop, I would continue moving, I was NOT returning to the Phoenix demon's EVER again! If I were to return, it would be to destroy them. They needed to pay.

I walked through to the elevator as the light enveloped as if I was walking through the gates to the afterlife. I covered my eyes on instinct. The Elevator rushed up with rapid speed and stopped abruptly making me lose my balance. Already wounded and bleeding, I wavered getting back up; I saw an opening, to the outside, to the ocean.

I stumbled and staggered to the opening and stood in it. Looking back to see Nasod coming my way, I scowled. I felt anger and rage bubble in my stomach and rise to my throat, letting out a feral growl. I jumped and allowed my wings to come out, in a fiery blaze. My hair whipped in the air as Fire blazed from it, changing it original Orange to a bright glowing fire orange like color. I flew over the ocean, feeling my strength leaving me, my vision becoming blurry, and black around the edges, I wavered in the air before completely falling into the ocean, eventually drowning.

Nothing but Darkness….

"Eh? Is this somebody in the river..?" My ears tweaked slightly, I was mortally wounded and I could not move, I could barely feel anything, and it felt as if my eyes would not open. Where am I? I thought I had fallen into the ocean and died.

"By the gods it is! It's…a girl? Poor thing." I felt soft and caring arms lift me from the warm water, extremely sore, I winced and apparently it did not go unnoticed by this woman holding me. My eyes finally giving me the ability to open them allowed me to. I was welcomed with sweet, caring warm green eyes. My alert system relaxed, the look letting me know this person was not going to cause me any harm.

"Sweetheart is you alright? You're very pale..." She spoke worriedly, my eyes widened slightly. Pale? Demons, Half-Demons, They were supposed to be tanned, not pale. Something must be very wrong. Something isn't right. I forced my self to look into the nice ladies eyes and shook my head.

"You can move slightly, that's a start. Can you talk?" She said softly. I didn't even know if I could talk, I opened my mouth slightly and my lip quivered. I must've been out for awhile if I had trouble speaking. Another thing not good.

"Yes, I can talk..." I surprised myself, my voice sounded, ghostly slightly, so serious and monotone, and dark. Was that how I sounded? I never spoke much dealing with the demons. All I simply needed to do was nod to orders and that's all. My voice still surprised me though. When had it become so mature sounding?

"Good, do you believe you can stand?" She said softly, she was being wary of me, she didn't know if I would freak out thinking I was from another world or something. I couldn't blame her. From stories I heard, humans, when they are gravely injured usually they forget everything and become paranoid to everyone, at least she was very considerate.

"Yes, I believe I can stand." She set me down slowly on my feet. I wobbled but balanced myself out. My legs felt incredibly weak, but I would have to bear with it, injuries would eventually heal if cared for properly. I hadn't caught of disease. I was just out of commission, for god knows how long.

"Alright, can you remember your name?" She asked leaning forward and putting her hands on her knees. She spoke softly and sweetly, she looked very young. What I noticed when I stood up and she became close to me was that she had Elf ears. She was an Elf? In the Human world? Something bad must've happened; Elves are mostly terrified to open the gates to their world for even a second, believing human would corrupt them.

"My name is Miharu, thank you for helping me out of," I paused to look to see, sandy ground and red like canyons. The current in the River was extremely calm and almost unmoving. There were boardwalks along the coast of the river most likely for tours and relaxation purposes. I smiled; it looked like a very peaceful place.

"The river…" I continued quietly. I turned back to her and she shot me a soft smile. She was so sincere with her concern for me. What a nice elf. I wondered if she was the only one around here. I searched around and found no one. Was she here alone?

"No problem, Miharu. You look pretty injured, come on, I'll take you back to my group of friends, they should be able to heal you." I nodded curtly and followed her as she walked casually to the apparent direction of where her friends were. So she wasn't here alone. What if her friends were humans and freaked out when they saw me? I wouldn't want to know, but hopefully her friends are as nice as this Elf.

"Miss, may I ask you what your name is?" I said quietly barely above a whisper. She turned to me and shone a bright smile that gave the sun a run for its money. She was nothing but pure from the core of her heart, it was like she had no darkness within her. Such things were almost never heard of.

"My name is Rena, nice to meet you Miharu." I smiled softly and she turned to keep walking. Her name was Rena I see, that's a pretty name. I followed looking forward desperately to catch a sight of her friends but to no avail I couldn't see anything. Instead I turned to focus on Rena's back. She had long yellowish greenish hair. It swayed with her steps. She was extremely curvy. Large bust and large waist but a fit tight stomach, which muscular but feminine legs. Talk about Miss Universe.

"Aisha! I found someone amongst Bethma Lake! She's injured can you help her out!" I heard Rena shout loudly, I had to cover my ears, maybe to not her or humans but that was EXTREMELY loud to me. Damn these Demon ears of mine, it's a weakness instead of a strength in my opinion.

"Alright! Bring her over Rena!" I heard the young voice of a girl; she had young kids with her? Or maybe they are warriors such am I. That must be the case, though for Rena's extremely girly image I could tell she was a fierce fighter. Strong people would have to be able to fight with her. Just because she was a kid didn't make a difference.

Rena grabbed my arm gently; she walked me over to a group of people who all was in a Area, either making food or medicinal herbs, relaxing in the warm sun on the sand or just asleep. I saw a Purple haired girl who seemed to wear mage clothing; some of the designs on her dress were skulls. That only meant one thing; she is a dark mage, quite interesting. Next I saw a pure blood-red head boy with a Two handed great sword held in only one of his hands, He must have incredible strength to hold it with such ease. He turned around taking notice of me and put it on his shoulder without strain. His immense strength worried me already. He glared at me as if to study if I was a good or bad being, then he raised an eyebrow. Crap my ears..

"Are you a demon? Are you one of the enemies working with the demon army?" He shouted in a almost adult sounding voice it made me want to flinch, but I bore an emotionless expression. I was taught around those Phoenix demons if I showed any emotion I would be punished physically and brutally, not something I would dare to try out.

"No." Was my simple answer, he growled slightly. Apparently me being so simple and curt didn't appeal to him. He seemed like he was short-tempered and extremely impatient. Not good on my part, I was injured and apparently I pissed off a extremely strong boy.

"Els chill, she doesn't seem vicious, plus she's a half-demon, I doubt the demons even care about her." Came a extremely deep baritone voice that made my knees vibrate slightly, it was a extremely arousing voice. Who was it?

I turned to my side to see a man with Black hair, which was very spiky and a patch of white in it. He had bandages laid all across his chest as if he had some grave injury, what I saw next was really astonishing. He had a black and slightly orange arm. It was a Nasod arm… What had the Nasod done to him? He wore no shirt, most likely because of the arm, it looked as if he had a sleeve of a black and orange jacket on his left arm, which was still a human arm, he held a sharp crow like blade in firmly, his golden piercing eyes fierce and daring a enemy to attack.

"You are right…I am a Half-demon, Half-Phoenix demon to be precise, I must've drifted to the lake after crash landing into the ocean…" I spoke thoughtfully, I glared to the ground, it seemed as if it was a screen to what happened during my escape, I felt a warm hand on my arm, I looked up to See Rena's eyes. Warming and comforting me I smiled slightly, she slowly sat me down onto a log.

"Can you tell us what happened to you Miharu?" She spoke softly, everyone's eyes rose.

"So your name is Miharu? You're quite an interesting person." The Red-head who the 'scary' looking guy called Els said.

"Yes, that is my name. You guys can tell me yours later. But let me tell you what happened," I took a long breathe, thinking about Altera made me a tad emotional already as it was a traumatizing long time event.

"I was born on top of Altera Mountain. With the Phoenix demons, my mother was a human and my father was of course a Phoenix demon, this went against the laws of demons, to have a love between a human and a demon, so as punishment they both were murdered, and I was forced to be a slave to the demons since birth and to as long as I lived," I paused and made fists onto my legs, I gritted my teeth as I thought of this, Rena put a gentle hand on my back and I calmed down slightly. "As I grew older, I learned of this, I became enraged, I was filled with so much hate for those demons, I then decided, I would train in the base of the mountain, Altera core. The Phoenix demons could not reach there so I was safe. I trained Relentlessly for several months, until I felt ready I had the strength to escape, then I would continue training outside, I don't know how long I've been floating, but I went into Altera core on my way to escape, I must've tripped a security laser, Sirens blared, several Nasod guards swarmed me and I made a run for it, I got shot and grazed several times, this is where my injuries came from, Once I got onto the exiting elevator, I made a jump for the outside and flew, but because of my weakened state from the gunshots I barely got far, I became fatigued and fell into the ocean, I expected to be dead, after floating in the water for god knows how long, I woke up to see Rena's eyes. That's all there is to it…" I ended with a soft voice and everyone stared at me wide-eyed. Aisha, the purple haired mage, she came over and put both of her hands on me and began mumbling a incantation that slowly healed my wounds, I smiled, she seemed nice too.

"Wow that's some story, sorry for the rough introduction Miharu, just gotta be cautious nowadays ya know?" Els spoke ending with a broad smile, I smiled and nodded curtly. I looked around and everyone smiled at me.

"So for Introductions! Miharu already knows my name, So why don't you start off Aisha!" Rena sang brightly, such an optimistic lady. Aisha visibly sweat dropped and smiled nervously, after she finished healing me she waved at me shyly.

"My name is Aisha; I'm a dark mage if you haven't noticed. I've been in this group of ours for a few months now; We're traveling to find Ruben's stolen El." She spoke the last sentence softly and almost in a saddened way. I opened my mouth and eyes widened. So something was terribly wrong. No wonder that Elf Rena was here.

"Nice to meet you Aisha, I had a feeling something severely wrong had happened, I noticed Rena is an Elf, Elves usually don't come out of their realm into the human world unless something extremely wrong has happened. Correct?" I turned to Rena waiting for her approval, she seemed saddened and I worried I may have hurt her feelings, she nodded slowly and everyone seemed saddened.

"It's true, I do expect a demon, or even a Half-demon to know, Elves are very VERY strict about the opening to the human world, they're very simple-minded like how most species are, they believe they are superior, but in general we're all the same, We think the same, I don't see what makes Elves superior except for the fact we live for hundreds to thousands of years. We can be called the Bonds beyond times in some cases." Rena spoke with an eerie softness is made me shiver and I could feel the same reaction from everyone else.

"But enough of me, that isn't important, after my short time here already I want to stay with the Humans here, all of you are very important to me, like a small family, no way I would go back to those Elves, now thinking about it, I'm staying after I return the El, but I'll have to abandon my sacred Archery skills." She seemed saddened, Elves were master archers. Grand Archers. Would wouldn't be upset about abandoning such great power?

"Don't worry Rena, you're a Master in Close quarters combat from what I've seen in battle, you don't need stupid archery, it seems cowardly to attack from a distance in my opinion anyways, so don't sweat it. " The Red-head spoke with a bright and uplifting voice; Rena smiled sweetly and seemed to be happy again. I was glad.

"Thank you Elsword, you always know what to say, what a ladies man you are." She said with a slight flirty tone and I could've giggled, so called Elsword blushed hard and his face was almost the same color as his hair, he let out a stammer of incoherent words and Aisha and Rena, me slightly let out giggle and laughs at Elsword's Reaction.

"O-oh right, My name is Elsword, you can call me Els if you want though, I'm a young knight, but Aisha here is training in magic," He held his hand out and a small warm flame slowly ignited in his palm and he smiled. He must've really enjoyed the use of magic. "I'm only a Amateur at it but I'm still in training." He smiled broadly and I smiled back. I turned to the Black and white haired man and he raised an eyebrow and sighed irritably, Rena and Aisha laughed silently. This must be usual behavior from this guy.

"My name is Raven, I'm from the Capital of Velder but was kicked out for a Crew of mercenaries I was running," His eyes seem to sadden, a foggy cloud of shadow seemed to block his bright golden eyes, "I lost someone important, I was on the brink of death, but those nasods found me and replaced my cut off arm from the battle with my comrades with this Nasod one, I suggest you keep a bit of distance from me though, it tends to get slight control of me sometimes because of my constant anger for what those so called knights did back in Velder, just saying." I nodded and looked on my arm, Flame markings that I had since birth decorated it on my tanned skin, so he was an outcast as well, he had anger just like me, and maybe we're similar.

"Raven," I spoke his name sharply and he raised an eyebrow at me. I leaned over slightly to get a good view of him, my hair falling over my shoulders; my band that kept my hair together must've fallen off in the crash. "We're very similar, and you have friends here, you aren't alone, if it isn't much of me to ask, can I help you guys out? It's the least I can do for saving me from my death.

Elsword walked up to me and came down on one knee, he examined my eyes and took notice of the fire orange and flame like core in them, he seemed intrigued, I became slightly nervous from him being so close. "Apparently from what you've said, you can fight, alright you can Miharu, but don't be to slow, we have to hurry and gets El back before the villagers start dying faster." I nodded firmly and he smiled, I smiled back, I found acceptance already in my freedom from those Phoenix demons, maybe being out here wouldn't be so bad after all.

"So anything you can show us?" Aisha asked curiously with a cute tilt of her head, she was a cute mage, she looked very intelligent whoever had her would be a lucky man indeed. I nodded and stood up. I stood still gaining power for a move I could show them. I aimed at a boardwalk on the lake, I would hate to destroy it but I needed to show them I was worthy of being here, so here it goes.

"FLAME INFINITY!" I shouted as a giant blast and pillar shot from my palms and lasted for a good 5 seconds as it immediately burned the board walk to ashes, blowing me back slightly from the force and making my hair flutter ferociously in the wind caused by the blast, I panted, that HAD to be one of my strongest moves if not THE strongest. It always tired me down slightly. Everyone looked at me, their jaws slacking, I blinked dumbly and confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked, worried if I had by any chance scared them. I didn't want that! Oh no have I already messed up my chance to actually be with a good group of people?

"Such immense power, it almost makes me envy you." Aisha looked at me with a smirk and a glint in her eye as if to challenge me, I reflected her smirk and sent it back, "Why I admire your compliment, Aisha, you're a mage right? You have some books that I can study from?" She nodded and gestured me to follow her to a tent she had set up for herself.

I looked inside, which looked much bigger inside than out. She had lots of magic books with spells and history of magic on a pile, my eyes widened, she was a serious mage, and she obviously studied a lot. She looked back at me and smiled, taking notice of my surprise from all of the books.

"I know it's a lot. Take your time, you're free to read them whenever you like, Elsword sometimes comes in and reads as well for studying so some may be missing at the time, be careful please. I nodded and she left the tent, I looked through her books slowly not to acciendently miss something that may be of interest to me. Then something caught my eye, The history of Fire magic, I immediately picked it up and flipped the pages, I scanned rapidly through the book already finding several types of fire magic that had be banned from usage because it was to powerful or dangerous, Lost magic, all times, Ice Fire? What type was that? Not something I was interesting in but it would make you think for sure, I by passed it. Next, I saw something called Shadow Fire, this caught my eye.

Shadow Fire is a fire that doesn't kill from burning, but from absorbing the victim's soul and empowering the caster of the Fire themselves. It is a very strong type a Fire magic and is on the list of becoming Lost magic from is dangerous power, Shadow Fire has its affects on the Caster, if to many souls are taken in, the caster will become corrupted, lose control of themselves and eventually die from the overload of souls, Shadow fire is a Purple bluish color. Stay away from this fire, it may not burn as much as Regular fire but it is very lethal. Mages, and demons who use this magic are feared greatly, Masters of it are hidden away, often hunted to earn a legendary title. Recommended to NOT use, for this is soon to become a Lost Magic, abandoned and removed from history.

I inwardly grinned wide enough to match Cheshire Cat, I needed this, I didn't give a damn if it was going to become a Lost Magic, I needed to study on this NOW, I need power, I need ultimate power, Yes, I need to make those damn Phoenix demons pay, I'll make them kneel before me and beg for mercy. I would completely obliterate their home and take over. Such creatures of cruelty did not deserve the gift of life for being so simple minded. They needed to pay,

And Shadow Fire was the key to making it happen….

Miharu: Yep Yep! A Story about my Elsword OC! Me! I'm a Phoenix Half-demon. I have other classes but this is the very first class released, so like Lord Knight, Void Princess, Grand Archer and such. Those were the first, Except I'm obviously not having Elboy a Lord Knight or Rena a Grand Archer (I really do not like Grand Archer.)

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Rena: Base~Combat Ranger~Wind Sneaker

Elsword: Base~Magic Knight~Rune Slayer

Aisha: Base~Dark Mage~Void Princess

Raven: Base~Overtaker~Reckless Fist

Miharu: Base~ Yami no Kasai Wielder (Or Shadow Fire Wielder)~ Yami Kasai Goddess

Miharu: My class is completely made up, I have this information on my Deviantart, I don't have the Yami Kasai Goddess Class uploaded yet though, Just the Base and 1st Class. Q.Q I'm so lazy. If you haven't caught on The first class is Miharu's, well me, eheheh..Third-person talking Awkward -rolls eyes- Anyways, This is my Dark class, sort of How Aisha's Dark class is Void Princess, Raven's is Reckless Fist, Elsword's is Infinity Sword (obviously) Eve is Code: Nemesis. I don't know about Rena or Chung, I've always seen Night Watcher as the Dark class and Deadly Chaser as Chung's Dark class, Cause like Night Watcher Rena is always So Serious, and Deadly Chaser is an assassin and looks all badass and serious all the time, and kinda mean from his usual soft like look. So yeah, I've always thought of the classes as a Dark,Neutral, and Good class paths. You get me no? Like this,

Elsword: Lord Knight~ Good

Rune Slayer~ Neutral

Infinity Sword~ Dark

Aisha: Void princess~ Dark (obviously..)

Elemental Master~ Neutral (she seems a tad serious here.)

Dimenstion Witch ~ Good (Since she's always happy it seems.)

Rena: Grand Archer ~ Good (Cause she stays true to her Elven heritage.)

Wind Sneaker ~ Neutral

Night Watcher ~ Dark (Cause she's so serious and I think Night watcher is like an Assassin. lol.)

Raven: Blademaster~ Good (Obviously~! He resists his evil arm and his white like armor/outfit sorta gives it off. THAT COAT IS BADASS x3)

Reckless Fist~ Dark (Obviously again, He uses the arm because of his rage and greed for power, this class is so sexy though...OMG xD)

Veteran Commander ~ Neutral (I've always seen this as Neutral, he seems like a Mercenary to me cause he still stays true to his comrades.)

Eve: Code: Nemesis ~ Dark (She awakens a forbidden code for the Nasods, the Q_Proto code so I've seen this as dark.)

Code: Empress ~ Neutral (Though it seems good, Eve stays true to her Nasod nature, its unchanging, so neutral.)

Code: Battle Seraph ~ Good (Code Battle Seraph is a heavenly like class but sad, she sacrifices her happiness for the Nasod race. So good.)

Chung: Iron Paladin ~ Good (Such a girly class, becoming like a heroic like tank and charging in.)

Deadly Chaser ~ Dark (Like I said earlier, This a Assassin class, Assassins are shady and dark, he looks alot more gruff to, so dark.)

Tactical Trooper ~ Neutral (This is sort of a unchanging class, He goes after his father's research and follows his legacy.)

Miharu: Yami Kasai Goddess ~ Dark (Shadow Fire is Dark magic and Miharu is vengeful, like Reckless Fist, She is dark.)

Weapon Huntress ~ Neutral (She rejects Her magic and uses Weapons and her skill for fighting. She forgets about her past..)

Celestial: Fire Goddess ~ Good ( I won't explain to much, special class, but Miharu advances in her Phoenix nature using her true power.)

Miharu: SO like that, and with this, I take my leave! Jana~! Don't forget to Review!