Miharu: I'm back...With another relatively short chapter...UUUUGGGGGH WHY CAN'T I WRITE LONG CHAPTERS ANYMORE!

Raven: You said you were really upset...

Miharu: Oh you remembered...yeah uhm...

Rena: So what happened?

Raven: Miharu's father came up to her when she came back from Highschool today and said I want you to join the volleyball team. Miharu is sort of a anti-social, hates competiton and tries to avoid team work things as much as possible.

Rena: But Volleyball is fun!

Miharu: I know it is...But, I for one, Don't want to be forced onto a team I don't want to play for. I hate working with people at school, especially on like team things such as group assignments. That REALLY bugs me, things online like writing projects here or on games such like that, I jump at to do. IRL Hell no.

Raven: and the Reason why her father said it is so she doesn't gain weight.

Aisha: But your not fat o.o

Miharu: Exactly! But I have a low metabolism so I CAN get fat very easily if I don't watch what I eat...But I have gym 5 days a week for an HOUR isn't that enough?!

Aisha: I would think so.

Miharu: Thank you! So to get out of doing it, I promised my dad throughout my ENTIRE Highschool life I'll weightlift so I don't have to join any sports team.

Eve: Wow you really don't wanna be on a team.

Miharu: I seriously fucking don't. NONE OF MY FRIENDS AREN'T ON ANY AND THEY'RE JUST LIKE ME!

Rena: Poor thing.

Miharu: I was really crying to get out of it, and he thought I was doing it because I wanted him to feel sorry for me. AIN'T THAT A BITCH! I was crying because I was so fucking angry that your forcing me to do something I don't want to do! IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT YOU GET ANGRY EVERYTIME I SPEAK A OPINION YOU ASSHOLE!

Chung: Whoa whoa Miharu Chill! Your talking to us not your dad...

Miharu: Your right Chung...Sorry, I just...needed to blow off some steam.

Everyone Else: It's alright Miharu.

Miharu: Thanks, anyways enjoy the chapter.

Endless Possibilities; Limit Breaker...

"Miharu no offense but I'm not running from you, and I know damn well this isn't you. SO SNAP OUT OF IT!" Raven yelled in a almost dramatic tone and dashed quicker than the speed of light behind me. He hit me on the back of my neck and my vision faded to black…Nothing…

Where is this place…? I floated in an endless void, in silence, Alone. At least so I thought. I KNEW someone else was here, their presence was irking me. I sniffed the air hoping to catch a sent but to no avail there was none. But there surely was someone here with me, it was almost taunting, like someone observing me through a sound proof glass laughing while they watched me in my confusion, it was making my blood boil. I grinded on my teeth at the irritation.

"Mi-Ha-Ru~" The taunting voice drawled out, I immediately knew who it was, and it was really pissing me off how much this chick bugged me, it was really bugging me for the fact of the matter I could not figure out why I was wanted by ANYONE. The Phoenix demons probably could care less that I ran away.

"You…" I spoke with bitter hate and a Icy voice that challenged a Blizzard's cold frigid temperatures, I bared my sharp canines out in a feral beast like way at the Fox-demon. I wanted to rip her throat out and eat her vocal chords for a dinner side dish.

"My my, you have very vivid and hostile thoughts Miharu, how destructive." It was as if she was trying to figure out my personality. What the hell does she need to know about me that's so damn interesting? I'm a Phoenix Half-Demon what is there to it? Also, what the hell happened to Raven after he knocked me out, I wanted to bonk him on the head for doing that, but I guess I should thank him?

"Shut the hell up! What do you want! I know you saw Raven and Me kiss and that's when you did that to me! Also, what happened to Raven?" I shouted with nothing but bitter hostility and warning spikes in my tone threatening that I would kill on sight if she ever popped into view. I had such a destructive personality that I never knew about.

"Oh? You sure are more concerned about Raven than anyone else Miharu. What's there between you and him?" I flinched slightly in confusion and the forwardness of the question. What did she mean? Did she think that me and Raven…Of course we aren't like that.

"What the hell are you implying?" I spat out viciously and I began to growl slightly and leaned back as if I was about to lash out at the shadows for just uncontrollable rage. My hand started twitching and my eyes rimmed with a red rage. I felt claws extend out from my hands sharply and my fangs sheath out more as I became more angry.

"My your angry, Did I hit a nerve Mi-Ha-Ru~? Also, what in gods name do you think I'm implying you dense Half-Demon." I scoffed and rolled my eyes. I wasn't going to let a simple insult enrage me even slightly more than I was. I crossed my arms over my chest and scowled.

"Don't forget you're a Half-Demon too. Also, no you didn't hit a nerve if that's what your getting at. It's not that I care about Raven more." I felt a pang of something in my heart at those words, why was that? I kept thinking about it and the sharp pains came with every heartbeat. Why did I react this way, Raven is just like the others, just a friend, right? Why did I feel hurt for saying that then? Is he something more to me? What was that pain then?


No! That was a lie, I didn't feel guilty for saying something like that! Raven is just a friend! Nothing more nothing less! Raven just had a hard past and I feel sympathy for him! Yeah that's right! That's why I worry about him more!

Then why do I still feel the sharp daggers piercing my heart...

"My, Miharu your really have a intense internal battle with yourself. Have you realized your crying?" I made a sound of confusion and slowly brought my hand up to my face gently to feel hot tears streaming down my face. My eyes burned with the constant flowing. I growled slightly again, why was I crying? I was right wasn't I!

"Your not…You care about Raven more than a friend Miharu. And your heart knows it, your mind is denying it though." I took a second to soak in her words and my expression changed into something of realization and I began to cry even more, why I cared about Raven so much more already. It was to soon to be love, did I just like him more?

"Though, I've already taken a extreme liking to him, A sight for sore eyes that's for sure," she laughed almost manically and I wanted to cover my ears because the sound was making me shiver in fear slightly, "But you're in the way, I need to eliminate that. Sayonara, Miharu." Was her last words before I felt a overwhelming pain in my heart. It felt like all my negative emotions were trying to crush my heart! It felt painful as ever and I wanted it to stop!

"NO! I WON'T FALL VICTIM TO YOU! I WON'T LET RAVEN EITHER!" A shimmering white light shone from my heart and I made a gasp of shock, what was this light? Why was it shining, and why was the pain gone, I felt better and more positive, My heartbeat became more rapid and I felt a Set of words forming in my throat that was beginning to come out unwillingly.

"Watashi no kokoro: An rokku!" I shouted and a overwhelming celestial light shone from my body and I felt my body morph into a light more innocent version of me, nothing but pure emotion and happiness and selfless attitude. I wrapped my hands in my hair twisting and untwisting the braids until they were loose and my hair flowed gracefully down to my lower back. Ribbons formed on the side of my head and created long ponytails with long bangs and my hair still flowing down my back. Angel like wings sprouted from my back unlike the Phoenix wings I had previously. A sleeveless white dress that fit loosely formed and went down to my knees and white heels formed on my feet. A Halo engraved itself on my chest but I failed to feel pain from it. Yet another set of words formed from my throat and unleashed.

"Kyarakuta Henkan: Tenshi no kokoro!" Angelic Heart…? I lifted my hands to my face and I was emitting a holy light, how was this possible? I'm a Half-demon. How could I have such a holy like power, what was this? This wasn't any Shadow magic power or anything. It just happened when I had the strong desire to help…

Was that it? To help Raven? To make sure he never fell victim to that Fox Demon's hands? Was my desire of selfless act so pure that it unlocked…this transformation? How could I do this so easily…?

'You have a strong desire to help people dear to you Miharu, this is your mother speaking from the holy power within you now, I was the human in your birth. Your innocent desire, though you have walked a dark path, you still contain a human heart that can give you such Celestial powers, I myself am shocked. This is a secret power that will shimmer the darkness away and lead you back to reality. This power will not be accessible once you are out of this void, because of the Shadow fire you now use. It's sad to say you can't go back. This power here, it's very strong, if you would have reached it…You would be titled…

Limit Breaker…

'This is a strong and legendary title that almost no one in any worlds has been able to use. You would've been able to do it if your Revenge desire was not so strong. I do not hate you Miharu, my daughter, but I am disappointed. Limit Breakers can use their emotions to power special magic, in your case fire, into any shape, form, or even power usage and lethal damage. But can only be unlocked through true emotion…This is all I have to say, maybe one day, once your desire for Revenge has faded, maybe you can walk this good path.'

The voice faded away and I was left stunned, that voice, that guidance and power within me, was from my mother? My mother who had died and moved onto the other world had contacted and gave me advice? Now that I thought about it. Would Revenge make anything better? My parents would still be dead, I would still feel hatred for what they did to me, and the only thing that would change is that the Phoenix demons would be dead.

Have I made a terrible mistake?

"Hikari no Kagayaki!" I shouted and the light that shone with radiance of a Diamond, a shining star made the shadows of the void retreat in fear and I closed my eyes feeling the warm embrace of the light, it was so warm, it wasn't cold like the dark path I walked, the Revenge I sought. It was warm, comforting, and welcoming.

I awoke up from the ground and looked around the area, it was still dark, my eyes stopped once I saw the golden fierce eyes of Raven looking down on me with a concern look and a scowl imprinted on his face, the look worried me, I couldn't decipher whether he was upset or worried about me. Either way it showed that I at least meant something to him if he spent his time putting emotions about me into his mind.

I saw up slowly and held my head, the angelic like outfit had disappeared and my new outfit I had just gained after I got my scythe had returned, my Scythe had returned to normal and it laid on the ground right beside me. I looked at my hands and became thoughtful for a moment.

"Limit Breaker huh…" I mumbled, Raven made a sign of confusion and I looked up at him and smiled. I felt a lot better, after I could sort through my thoughts and figure out what I truly desired, and what was right. Maybe I could leave this dark path and follow one that lead to Endless Possibilities. One where I wasn't Limited to a single shallow emotion or feeling. One that I could be anything possible and I was powerful regardless, something where I was Limited.

A Limit Breaker…

I lifted myself up from the ground and helped Raven up. He looked at me with a concerned look. His eyes clearing saying 'That I shouldn't be up and moving already.' But I was fine, though my neck hurt like hell after that blow Raven gave me to the back of it. I rubbed it tenderly and he seemed a bit nervous and upset that he had hurt me. But if he hadn't of done that I may have hurt him, and it wouldn't of been something as small as this.

"Cheryl…That Half Fox-Demon's name…her name is Cheryl…" Raven seemed grim, so that meant that she had came down from the mountain and confronted Raven, about what was curiously picking at my mind and it was really bugging the hell out of me.

"Thanks…and Thanks for uh, knocking me out." He laughed nervously and rubbed the back of my neck gently careful not to hurt it more than he had already done, I smiled at his kindness, he seemed a lot more wild and dangerous in his appearance though and it worried me quite a lot. I didn't know if it was me and my anxiety or if it was an actual reality.

"Uh, No problem." Raven and I look away from each other and turn around. Staring up at the night starry sky deep in thought about what my mother's apparition said to me about me choosing the wrong path and that nothing was coming of it, now that I thought truly hard on it. She was 100% right. Hell even in death and she never knew her child, she still knows the right things to say. Mothers are something else.

"Hey Miharu, we need to talk." Raven spoke out of no where and my ears tweaked, I was interested, but what was it that we needed to talk about, the look on Raven's face though surely had me thinking it was something serious and he wanted to get it out, like now.

"About…that whole situation, apparently this Cheryl likes me… but, in all honesty…" Raven looked at me with a knowing look on his face. I became slightly more confused, he held his head down in what seemed like disappointment, but he soon flashed a devilish like smirk that showed his canines and in the next second Raven had me by both arms with his Nasod arm and was staring me down with a beast like look in his eyes that had me shivering. It was surely scary I tell you that much, but definitely something else. DEFINITELY SOMETHING ELSE!

"I like you…" his voice was husky and full of lust and I felt my face beaming up with heat and flaring red with embarrassment. I was blushing like an idiot and the glow was literally coming off my face from the redness and Raven's smirk widened slightly at my reaction. God I wish he would stop looking at me like that!

"R-raven…we, just met…h-how come you're…" My sentence was cut short and his lips tenderly caressed mines and my heart was racing a million miles per beat. Raven was kissing me, again, and I liked it again. And I began kissing back again!

I pulled away seconds after and stared at him wide eyed. He smiled softly now with a caring sense and it warmed my heart. He genuinely liked me, it was so fast. Something about Raven made me slightly curious, but I had no idea it would have led to something like THIS!

"I've been drawn to you since we met, you've always interested me, don't get all shy now, I absolutely love that Destructive attitude of yours." I rolled my eyes and looked away with a smug grin. He was so damn cocky and I couldn't help but like that part of him the most. It was so amusing to be around him when he was like this, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't get like this around just anyone, I should consider myself lucky I guess.

"Will do, Mr. Reckless." I spoke with a taunting tone and stuck out my tongue childishly. He rolled his eyes and chuckled with amusement. He let me go and looked at his Nasod arm with interest. Then a spark showed in his eye like a light bulb appeared on top of his head notifying he had found some sort of Idea.

"Reckless…" He threw a few punches around with his Nasod arm. I laughed slightly as he punched the air but seemed so concentrated as if he was hitting an actual target. If he was this would be a never ending fight between him and it.

"Reckless Fist…I like that…" He said it in a feral like way that made me think if Raven was maybe a Half-Demon his self. It sure as hell didn't sound like a human said it. He clenched and unclenched His Nasod hand as he smirked down at it. His new claimed title apparently he liked a lot. It did have a nice ring to it.

Rather sexy one…

DAMN INTERNAL THOUGHTS! GO BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF MY MIND! I shouted within my mind at those dirty thoughts, either Raven's lust had seeped into me when he had kissed me not to long ago or I was just plain perverted for thinking something like that. Either way it was wrong to think like that.

"We need to be more careful though, Cheryl is most likely going to come after you. I know that, you and me, I'm considered an obstacle in her way." I did little air quote motions with a lazy look in my eye and it made Raven blink twice before doubling over with laughter. I smiled and began laughing with him a little while later.

Afterwards, we laid on the ground staring at the sky. Are hands subconsciously linked and we intertwined fingers as we smiled at the starry night sky. All negative thoughts leaving us for the time being and savoring the peaceful and tranquil moment of this life. This was our little moment of peace and we needed.

But for now, every moment Raven, with you, is my Moment for life – Miharu

Miharu, you may not realize it yet, you may be denying your feelings, I know its there, Cheryl, though she's a trickster she wasn't lying about this, I care about you, I don't know how it happened or when it happened, it just did, and hell I don't have any regrets. I'm losing my grip on reality, I know I am, I can feel it tearing at my heart. But please, stay with me and help me stay and hold on, I fear you can only do it. This moment of peace, with you, it's helping me. This moment, my moment, OUR moment. I would relive it and reside within this peace. Miharu, Thank you for Everything…

I think I Like You – Raven

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Elsword: Rena was that supposed to be sexual?

Rena: NO!

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Chung: *whistles like a innocent person*

Miharu: Well then...things got exciting very quickly...

Aisha: You have quite a few Japanese words in here Miharu...

Miharu: Oh Right, just to clarify~! 'Watashi no kokoro: An rokku!' is a Japanese phrase that means. My Heart: Unlock! It's a reference from Shugo Chara actually xD You Shugo Chara fans would catch it immediately just by the text. w True Shugo Chara friends would know what it was without a English translation.

Aisha: You watched Shugo Chara to many times.

Miharu: I know right? Anyways next one! 'Kyarakuta Henkan: Tenshi no kokoro!' This one is a little harder to know just from hearing. You actually know that Hentai in Japanese means Pervert or it can mean Transformation? Weird huh? So anyways. That Phrase means 'Character Transformation: Angelic Heart!' Another Shugo Chara reference xD. I chose the alternatively word Henkan instead of Hentai because people on here who know some Japanese including me, mostly only know that Hentai means pervert. So that would be confusing. It'll be pronounced differently based on what meaning you use though. For instance you say the pervert meaning its like. Hen-Tai! and when you say the transformation it more like. Hen-ta-i! I'm pretty sure the I sounds like a E but it isn't lol xD WOW JAPANESE GRAMMAR EXPERT WE HAVE A BADASS OVER HERE -brick'd- X.x Anyways thats the second one.

Aisha: You know a lot from just watching anime o.o You haven't even started studying.

Miharu: Oh just you wait...Okay last one. 'Hikari no Kagayaki!' This one is a move for the Limit Breaker class. I actually replaced the Celestial: Fire Goddess, because it sounded redudant to Miharu's Dark class Yami no Kasai: Goddess. Plus I wanted something slightly different and more unique. ANYWAYS! Hikari no Kagayaki means 'Light's Radiance'. It's a move where the purity from Miharu's heart radiates and dispels any threat or Evil to her or anyone she cares about deeply. It's only activated when she believes deeply in her desire to help someone. Thus, it's named Light's Radiance.

Eve: Wow, that's very complex...Interesting indeed.

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