Morty slammed the door behind him and growled as he sat on his bed, clenching his fists to resist punching something. That person, Quartz…He was obviously someone precious to Lyra. From the way Quartz acted, he also found Lyra special. Was he her boyfriend?

"No…the actions were more…brotherly; protective in a family manner." Morty murmured as he leaned back against the wall gingerly. His eye twitched as he remembered the fight between him and Crystal. He knew that he would have lost if it weren't for Sapphire getting in the way. It was strange too. From a first glance, Quartz had a petite and slender figure, not to mention that his face was feminine. Almost like a –

Morty's eyes widened in realization before they narrowed again, his lips twitching into a smirk.

"Now I get it. Oh, this is interesting…"

Crystal hissed in pain as the warm water from the shower faucet slid down her body and touched her injuries. They were healing normally, but she still felt pain every time someone or something touched her wounds. It was currently early in the morning and today was Crystal and Lyra's first day of work since their original first day was canceled due to the day off. Someone knocked on the other side of the door and Crystal poked her head out of the shower.

"Yes?" Crystal said quietly.

"Sis?" Lyra's sleepy voice answered from the other side of the door. "Are you almost done?"

"Yeah, sorry. Let me just get dressed and all that." A hum of approval sounded from Lyra before she trudged away from the door, presumably to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Crystal turned the faucet off and proceeded to get dressed.

As she dried her hair with her towel, she thought about her and Gold's conversation the other day. Perhaps Crystal had seen him the wrong way. Sure, he was a perverted and shameless flirt, but that didn't mean he couldn't be caring. She pouted slightly.

"I guess he isn't that bad." She muttered.

"Are you guys ready?" Sapphire yelled as she walked out of the house and stopped just three feet of the building, waiting for the others. She was always the first to be ready since she never found the reason to take forever just to get ready for a few hours of her life. When no one answered, she scoffed slightly and went ahead, walking towards the school. This was basically a daily routine now.

"It doesn't matter anyways…" Sapphire's gaze softened as she remembered what today was. After going to her first class, she would leave to get "dismissed". She would just skip, but Blue told her to at least attend one school so her record wouldn't get as damaged. Sapphire found herself already at the school since her feet practically knew by itself where to go and trekked inside to proceed to the gym. Since it was early, no one was at the gym except the teacher. Luckily, like the old gym teacher did, Mr. Wake let her use the gym; in fact, he encouraged it.

"Hey, Iolite!" Mr. Wake hollered as she entered. She grinned in response as she set down her bag and stretched.

"Good mornin', Mr. Wake." Sapphire answered. Mr. Wake laughed as if he heard the funniest joke in his life before standing.

"I thought I told you that you could just call me Crasher Wake!" Sapphire chuckled before taking a deep breath. She got into a ready position and counted to three before she dashed at fast as she could around the gym. Crasher Wake smiled as he went into his office, leaving Sapphire to do her exercises.

She was on her fortieth lap and still had energy to go on. However, time prevented her from going on as the bell rang which signaled the five minute break before first class started. She screeched to a stop and picked up her bag, waving to Crasher Wake as she exited the gym.

Little did she know, someone had been watching her the whole time. She stopped in her tracks as she spotted coming up towards her. However, looking closer, she saw that it was Wally. She grinned as she waved to him.

"Wally! Good morning!" She called out. Wally ran up to her and sent her a small wave as he did.

"The same goes to you, Iolite. How are you?"

"Good, good." Sapphire wiped some sweat off of her brow. "Just exercising as usual."

"Yeah, um…Not to sound creepy, but I watched you. It was really cool! You had so much strength that didn't even falter!" Wally complimented. Sapphire flushed with embarrassment as she laughed nervously.

"Nah, it's nothing really. I just…have to get stronger…" Sapphire trailed off at the last words.

"Stronger? But you're already strong as you are." Wally cocked his head slightly. Sapphire gazed at Wally with a sad smile, making him shocked.

"No…I'm actually really weak, Wally. You have no idea how vulnerable I am…" Sapphire swallowed a lump in her throat as tears ran down her cheeks. She cursed under her breath as she wiped them away, as the two stood in the middle of the hallway, ignoring the students walking past.

"S-Sorry, Wally. I didn't mean for you to see me like this, y'know?" Sapphire forcibly chuckled. Wally didn't answer and Sapphire thought he had left before he put hand on her shoulder, making her look at him in surprise. A look of sympathy greeted her and she tensed.

"It's okay, Iolite. No need for apologies. In fact, any time you have problems, come to me, okay?" Sapphire's eyes widened at the kind words before blinking back more tears. Instead she clenched her eyes shut and smiled, nodding.

"O-Okay! Thanks…" She whispered. Wally was certainly kind…Unlike the other boys in this school, Wally had a comforting aura. Maybe, just maybe…He was the one she was looking for?

"You certainly look happy." Sapphire looked to her right and saw Blue give her an amused look. Sapphire scoffed, but the smile still stayed on her lips. There was a surprise assembly about some school combining with theirs due to the other school closing down. Apparently, it was a school that had both boys and girls which many of the boys were ecstatic about, mostly for the latter.

"Maybe I am. Is there a problem?" Sapphire asked in a low and playful tone. Blue giggled at this.

"You're telling us the details later." Sapphire waved her off and proceeded to replay the memory that had just occurred. Every time she thought about it, her heart fluttered and her cheeks would go warm. No matter how hard she tried to think about other things, Wally's memory simply crawled back.

Ruby, who sat on the other side of Sapphire, cocked a brow up as he stared at her content expression. It was weird to see this side of her since she was considered the "wild child", according to Gold. She had been like this ever since she entered first class before they left for this meeting. She almost seemed…affectionate. Who made her look like that? Something crawled in his stomach and he forced it away by shaking his head slightly.

"So, may I please present, the principal of the school who will be combining with us, Ms. Cynthia of Cynthia High!"

All of the girls' eyes widened as they stared at the stage to see their old principal walk onto the stage. She smiled, which made many of the boys swoon and whistle. Blue exchanged knowing glances to all of the girls, who nodded at her before they all snuck out of the auditorium from the hectic crowd. The boys of the host club saw this and remembered the story that Blue had told them.

"Should we follow them?" Red questioned. Green stood without answering and ran after them.

"I'm not letting them do something without me knowing again." Green muttered. Red heard and smiled in agreement before following, making the other boys do so as well.

"What do we do now?! If people find out we're here, they could turn us in!" White whispered. The girls were gathered around at where they and the boys usually ate lunch.

"We can't move schools again, since it would cause suspicion on us. We would have to change our identities again and people would get more observant." Platinum added, folding her hands on her lap.

"Crap, what do we do now?" Crystal sighed. Yellow then realized something.

"Oh my goodness, how could we have forgotten?" Yellow whispered, making the girls look towards her.

"If Cynthia High is combining with our school, then the others will be here as well!" The other girls gasped in comprehension.

"Misty, Whitney, Candice, Bianca…" Sapphire breathed.

"They're all going to be here!" Blue exclaimed quietly, a grin breaking out on her face.

"What will you do now?" Everyone turned to see that the boys were coming up. Blue put on a thoughtful expression before standing up slowly, a smirk on her lips.

"We're staying here, of course. However, we're going to need you boys to help us."

"Shopping, huh?" Gold commented as the group entered the mall.

"We need new disguises; nothing too showy, but something that will hide us enough." Blue responded. All of the girls were still disguised as boys. They had all left school early, convincing Ruby's father that there was an emergency with the host club and since it brought his school much popularity, he let them go. Everyone was present except for Crystal and Lyra who were at work.

"Well then, shall we go into Burgh's shop first?" Diamond suggested. Black and White snapped their head towards the store Diamond pointed at, their eyes wide.

"Burgh has a clothes shop too?" The two said simultaneously. As if on cue, Burgh exited his shop and spotted the two, gasping dramatically and causing unnecessary attention towards them.

"Oh my jizzles! What on earth are you two little fluffy kins doing here?" Burgh gasped. Black and White went pale as Burgh showed them his true colors. Some of the others started laughing while the others were the same as the two brunettes; shocked.

"…Why don't we, um, go inside?" Ruby recommended.

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