Hello and welcome back to the next installment in my Danny Phantom series. I am very pleased with the way things are going, I keep getting positive feedback on my stories, I'm glad you like them, I'm still working on this story but I have the first couple chapters finished, however as a special treat, I will post the first chapter, why, well I'm feeling incredibly nice for some reason today and I want to see your reaction to the slight introduction to the villian, as I stated before, I want to use some of the lesser used villains in the show and add some new ones, I thought of this villian and I think you'll like him, however I want feedback on him because if he isn't recived well I will have time to slightly change the character. Also begining now whenever I post a new story I will state these things

1. My stories follow a continuity and have story arcs, although I heavily imply you to read them in order, it's not required, however if you don't then don't ridicule me if some things don't make sense to you, it's not required but it's heavily requested to

series happens after Phantom Planet, I consider these stories to be Danny's adventures after that, it's also slightly a reboot, therefore it will be more darker and realistic, it will also focus on stroy and character development as long as fighting scenes, if there's one thing I know, when it comes to writing and movies, there are three things that make it great, story, charcater development and execution, I will do my best to make these some of the greatest Danny Phantom fanfics you have read

3. If I get a fact wrong or overlook something, let me know, I'm not an expert on Danny Phanotm, I'm a fan of the show and have seen all the episodes, I also do reserch on things related to the story I'm working on, so if I get a real life fact, or a fact from the show wrong, please le tme know so I can fix it

4. I welcome reviews the more the better, I will also take suggestions and questions, just PM me and I'll answer back, however they have to be relevent and importnat, and no I won't be giving anyone any inside looks or spoilers for my future stories

5. Enjoy the story and please review the chapter at the end

So without furthur delay...the third installment in My Danny Phantom series...

Danny Phantom: Sound and Fury

Chapter I: It's Time

A lone ghost was moving about its lair, it floated in front of a large computer screen, riddled with information and data. The ghost however was not really floating; it was being supported by wires and cables that were extruding from its body, acting like appendages, metallic tentacles. They kept plugging into sockets and typing data on the computers, the ghost, just standing still, red glowing eyes glued to the screen, not even blinking.

The Ghost was digging up every and any information on the Halfa, Danny Phantom as he could, and he wasn't picky, sightings, encounters, battles, videos, reports, anything he could find in the Ghost Zone or from the World Wide Web he was hacking into, the ghost typed on some keys and a file appeared on the screen. It was a profile, or data slide, of his target.

Name: Daniel James Fenton/Danny Phantom

Age: 16 yr.

Species: Halfa, former Human

Height: 5ft 8in (Human), 6ft (Ghost)

Hair Color: Black (Human), White (Ghost)

Eye Color: Blue (Human and when using Ice Powers), Green (Ghost), Red (Evil or mind controlled)

Ectoplasmic Entity Scale: 7 (Growing)

Known Powers:

The ghost scanned through the whole file, he had done it many times today alone, but he needed to know everything about his target, he needed to succeed. He had been studying the Halfa ever since he had defeated Pariah Dark, the King of the Ghosts. He had used all his unique, talents and powers to dig up all he could, even things others did not.

He had studied every battle, every moment, every incident, every punch and anything The Halfa had done in the past two and a half years since his…"accident". He had studied his first ever battle with The Lunch Lady, the ghost admitted the Halfa was weak, but he was new and what he found interesting, was how fast he'd adapted to his powers, and how his power had increased in the time.

He studied it all, from the Lunch Lady to Skulker's first attempt to catch him, from his first encounter with the late Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius to his first encounter with Walker. From Spectra to Ember, to Johnny 13 to the Fright Knight, from the lesser known incident where Desire erased the "accident" from happening to the reawakening of The Ghost King, he had fought so many battles, and recently died, but was brought back, the question was why?

Why would this Halfa, this child be so important that he isn't supposed to die yet, he also recently trapped The Ghost Zone's "greatest" Hunter, Skulker in his own trap, until the day Phantom himself dies, or an alternative event happens that would allow Skulker to free himself? The Ghost looked at the screens, watching clips of Danny's many fights, nothing much; he fights like what he is, a young man, nothing to hold back, it was admirable, but foolish. He also seems to take a liking to provoking his foes before and during the battle, a risky strategy.

Then there were his allies, the Halfa, although powerful, would definitely have been exterminated long ago if it weren't for them. The Ghost typed some more and multiple files popped on the screen, each containing extremely detailed data on the person. There was the Halfa's best friend, Tucker Foley, the current Mayor of Amity Park, love for technology and is skilled at fixing and working with them, the ghost labeled him as a Medium on threat level, once he tech was gone, so was he, however his gift and knowledge of machines could give The Halfa an advantage when it was time to face him, to ensure victory, the techno-geek would have to go.

The next file was on a young female, red hair, blue eyes; named Jasmine Marie Fenton, the Halfa's sister. Currently awaiting word on her acceptance to collage, thesis entitled, Ghost Envy. She was intelligent, for a human, seemed to over think things and come up with many possibilities, obviously the strategist in the group, also being a source of encouragement for the Halfa, for victory to be ensured, she would have to be taken care off, the ghost labeled her as a Medium.

The next file was on a big overweight male in an orange jumpsuit, named Jack Fenton, the Halfa's father. He is the co-owner of Fenton Works, creator of ghost hunting gadgets that, while flawed at some points, can still be lethal. His strength and force could pose a danger, he is also a source of encouragement for the Halfa, however he's not that bright, and can easily be distracted by something Ghost, fudge or Ham related, but when his families endangered, he's almost an unstoppable force. Obviously a danger, but not a big one, just for the fact he can operate weapons due to the fact he created them, threat level, Medium.

The next file was of a female in a blue jumpsuit, named Madeline, "Maddie" Fenton, and the Halfa's mother. The other co-owner of Fenton Works and other creator of ghost hunting gadgets that, work. She's extremely talented, smart, acrobatic, skilled and an expert combat fighter. When her family is in danger, she becomes a lethal, one woman army, almost nothing to stop her, being a source of encouragement to the Halfa as well. The Ghost labeled her as High, usually not showing up right off the bat, she has to be one of the first ones to be removed, if victory is to be ensured.

The next file was on a young female, in a high-tech battle suit, named Valerie Gray. The ghost found her file to be interesting, her life ruined, from riches to rags during the time the Halfa was trying to stop the Ghost Mutt, Cujo from rampaging through Amity Park. She was given ghost hunting equipment from Vlad, later upgraded by Technus, much to his regret. Extremely skilled and deadly, threat level labeled High, the Red Huntress has to be exterminated in order to achieve victory.

The next file was recently new; it held information on what appeared to be a younger and female version of The Halfa, in fact it was. Named Danielle "Dani" Fenton/Dani Phantom, is a near perfect clone of Danny's DNA, only female, the ghost was fascinated as he dug into the later details, however if she is exactly like Phantom, then she would possess all his powers, the ghost labeled her as Extreme. To defeat her right away would be reckless and a mistake.

The last file that came up was a young female, dressed in black and purple. Her name was Samantha Manson, the Halfa's girlfriend, the one he cares about most. She has some fighting skills and is extremely gifted and intelligent; when it comes to stuff she has an interest to, rich parents. But what the ghost found interesting about her was she was the cause. She had convinced the, at the time, human to enter the Fenton Portal, which caused him to gain his powers. She obviously cares for her friends, the Halfa in particular, and the Halfa would do anything to protect her, however that also meaning she's the one the Halfa trust's the most, therefore a source of encouragement; the ghost typed, labeling her as a High.

The Ghost having finally decided he had had enough information unplugged his metallic tentacles from the computer, retracting them into his body. The Ghost hovered over to a dark section in the lair, sending out one of his appendages, activating a power source. A swirling mass of green and white energy started to form inside a small tunnel, lined with metallic and ghostly materials, the swirling massed stabilized to form a Ghost Portal. The Ghost turned back to the computer screen, still playing the videos and an image of the Halfa. It was time to pay Amity Park a visit.

The Ghost smiled, he would succeed where others did not, he would succeed because he did the one thing that the others don't, know you're enemy. The ghost had studied the Halfa inside and out, he knows every choice he has ever made and can calculate what choice he will make in a battle, he knows what he's most likely to do, or where to go, he knows his allies and how the strengthen the Halfa, the one ghost that came close to defeating the Halfa was Undergrowth, he had taken over the town and turned all its inhabitants, except the Halfa into mindless drones.

He was of course defeated, but that was for the fact that unlike himself, Undergrowth did not observe and study his enemy, otherwise he should have realized he was gaining Ice Powers, which led to his downfall. One thing all his foes have done, was underestimate him, they underestimate his strength, his power, his endurance and his heart. For victory to be ensured, the Halfa must witness the defeat of his allies, the conquest of his town, and the realization that he is powerless. However this can only be achieved by first breaking his spirit, cutting off all chances of escape, but not trap him, one of the things he learned while studying the Halfa was never put him in a trap. The Ghost looked at the image of the Halfa, then at the portal, and grinned…it was time

Well what do you think of our new villian so far, please give me feedback and your opinion on him, I will do my best to get the rest of my story out as soon as possible, I'm looking for a release date between November 26th and December 4th, hope you enjoyed this and are looking forward to the rest, which I'll go back to working on after I post this.

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