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Chapter XI: Victory

Danny felt his throat being crushed by Hacker's grip. All Danny could do was look at Hacker, as he raised his free hand, which started to glow green as a long blade started to form. Hacker then threw Danny to the ground, pinning him. Danny, with Hacker's hand still gripping his throat, watched as Hacker raised the blade over his head, preparing for the killing blow, Danny closed his eyes, waiting for his life to end, upon hearing the sound of an explosion, and Hacker scream in pain, did Danny open his eyes to see what had happened.

Danny looked to see Sam, in her Fenton Peeler suit, running towards Hacker, firing ray after ray at Hacker, who had lost his grip on Danny. Danny seized the opportunity and fired a powerful Ghost Ray at Hacker, point blank, hitting him in the side, ripping off some of his armor. Hacker went flying backwards as Danny got up, Sam ran over to him.

"Danny are you okay?" she asked with concern in her voice.

"Yeah, thanks to you"

"Danny why is everybody still mindless zombies, we destroyed the antenna?"

"It's not the antenna, its Hacker, the antenna was just an amplifier, we want to save Amity Park, and I have to stop him"

"Don't you mean we"

"Sam, Hacker's too powerful I do…" Danny started to say before Sam cut him off.

"Danny, no matter what you say, I'm not leaving until Hacker's stopped, besides its two against one"

"Why don't we make it four?"

With that, Danny started to glow green, and shift as Danny duplicated himself, seconds later, two more Danny's were standing beside him. Sam was about to say something, but paused and pointed to the air. The three Danny's turned to see Hacker throw a car towards them. Danny grabbed Sam and turned her intangible, as the duplicates just phased through it as it crashed on top of them and rolled away, before coming to a stop a few meters from them.

"So Halfa, your mate has come to aid you, admirable, but futile, the only outcome would be her destruction as well as yours"

"That's what you think" yelled the three Danny's as they charged at Hacker.

One of the Danny's was heading right for Hacker. Hacker fired several Ghost Rays in the direction of that Danny. Danny at the last second jumped into the air, just managing to miss the blasts and their impact explosions, the Danny continued to head towards Hacker. Hacker raised his arm to fire again, only to have it grabbed by another Danny, which came out of nowhere, along with the other Danny. They both grabbed Hacker's arms and some of his metallic ones and tried to hold him down as Danny fired Ghost Rays at him.

Hacker managed to get one metallic arm free and lunged it towards Danny, however there was a buzzing sound in the air, Hacker looked up to see Sam jump in the air, a glowing purple saw attached to her arm, slicing through the arm. Sam landed on the ground and stepped back as Danny charged and delivered an upper cut kick to Hacker's face.

Hacker quickly recovered and turned around; once again forming an Ectoplasmic blade, one of Danny's duplicates ran toward shim and managed to deliver a blow to Hacker's chest. Hacker turned around and punched the duplicate in the face, before managing to swing an uppercut at the duplicate, slashing its chest. The duplicate fell back as another one lunged at Hacker; Hacker brought his blade down, almost impaling the duplicate, which just managed to dodge, it retreated as Danny charged at Hacker, who simply grabbed him and through him into the air. Sam fired a hailstorm of rays at Hacker, each one of them hitting him.

Valerie, Dash and Dani had to retreat; they had made their way to a building near the now destroyed antenna. Dash and Valerie were covering the front of the building, keeping an eye out for trouble, which always seemed to find them. Seconds later, the walls, doors and windows were being banged on. They looked to see the mind controlled citizens, trying to bust their way into the house, like a horde of zombies.

"What happened, why are they still like this?" a scared Dani asked.

"I don't know, Hacker must still be doing something, but don't worry, Danny will fix it" said Valerie.

"What about Sam, she's still out there?" asked Dash.

"If I know Sam, she probably went to help Danny, I just hope there both okay…" Valerie said, looking back at the entrance, which was starting to break, any minute they could break in, "…because if they aren't we won't be around to see our next birthday"

Danny and Sam were still battling Hacker; Hacker was growing tired of this, the fight had to end, Hacker brought his blade around and managed to swing, hitting a duplicate in the head, sending it flying back, he then hit the other one, which fell to the ground; Hacker stood atop him, lifted his foot and stomped on its head. The other two Danny's grabbed their head and screamed in pain having felt the death of the duplicate, as its energy returned to Danny. Both Danny's recovered and headed for Hacker.

Hacker swung his blade, hitting Danny in the side, just grazing him, he then turned and his hand glowed as he fired a Ghost Ray at the other duplicate, at point blank. Danny screamed in pain again as he felt the pain of his other duplicate's death, Hacker then turned around and shot at Danny, hitting him in the chest, sending him flying back, crashing to the ground, coughing up Ectoplasm. Danny looked up to see Hacker standing over him; Hacker raised his hand for the killing blow, only to be kicked in the face by Sam.

Hacker fell to the ground, but quickly recovered as Sam started to fight him. Hacker swung one if his metallic arms, just missing Sam's head as she delivered an uppercut to Hacker's face, followed by a kick to the chest. Sam stepped back for a moment, before delivering another blow to Hacker's chest and face. Hacker raised his arm and tried to hit Sam, who managed to duck under and deliver an uppercut to Hacker. Sam then noticed something, part of Hacker's armor was loose, from where Danny had hit him, and perhaps it was a week point.

Sam dashed for Hacker, dodging one of his metallic arms and sliding under him, firing a ray at his side, further exploiting the damaged armor. Sam could see glowing green wires and energy, this was a weak point. Sam raised her hand to fire another ray at Hacker, only to be grabbed by one of Hacker's metallic arms. Hacker pricked her up and threw her to the ground.

"You shall suffer for you pitiful attempt to delay my mission" said Hacker.

With that Hacker grabbed Sam's right arm, and lifted her into the air, towards Danny, who was starting to recover. Danny looked at them, not liking or wanting to think about the outcome. Hacker looked at Danny, then Sam, before his gripped tightened on her arm and he started to twist, seconds later a disturbing crack filled the air, and Sam screamed in pain. Hacker then forced the arm, bending it the wrong way, Sam could feel tears running down her cheeks, it was so painful.

Danny watched, unable to do anything as Hacker broke Sam's arm. Danny's eyes grew green, brighter and more intense than ever before. He felt rage and anger start to take over him; all he wanted to do was kill Hacker, which he had no problem with. He looked to see the area Sam was going for, a weak point, a breach in security. Hacker then threw Sam down on the ground, and raised his hand towards her head, preparing to execute her.

Danny charged towards Hacker, who just looked at Danny, before turning his hand to blast him instead. Danny went flying back, but recovered. Hacker moved his hand back to Sam, who couldn't move, immobilized by the pain. Danny could feel both fear and anger take over, Danny's fist glowed green as he created a small orb of Ectoplasm, he then charged towards Hacker.

Danny and Sam felt like time was slowing down, Danny was running towards Hacker, who raised one of his metallic arms to swat Danny away. However, Danny dodged the arm and raised his hand, delivering a blow to Hacker's face, stunning him, causing him to move his hand, blasting the ground beside Sam. Danny then grabbed hold of Hacker and jumped up onto his back, eyeing the open patch in his armor; Danny shoved the green orb into Hacker before jumping of next to Sam. Hacker stepped back, looking at the two, Danny then cover Sam, the next second, the patch on Hacker started to glow green, and Hacker, was engulfed in a blazing green flame, as he exploded.

Dani was holding onto Valerie; they had been pushed back to the corner of the building, as the brainwashed citizens broke into the building, marching towards them, intending to rip them apart. The three of them closed their eyes, and waited for their end to come, but it did not. The three of them looked back to see everybody frozen, their blazing red eyes and green patterns vanished; they all grabbed their heads as they fell to the ground unconscious. Valerie, Dash and Dani looked at each other and cheered, knowing that this meant; The Hacker had been defeated.

Danny, uncovering Sam, tuned back to the area where Hacker once stood, but only pieces of him remained, a couple of his tentacles were wriggling around, and green ectoplasm and pieces of his armor lay scattered about. Danny looked down at himself, he was covered in Ectoplasm; Hacker's blood must have sprayed on him when he blew; Danny turned back to Sam.

"Sam, how's the arm, can you move it at all?"

"No, it hurts so much; I can't move it at all"

Danny looked around, everybody was starting to come back to their senses, the day was saved, they we're free.

"Don't worry, everybody's back to normal, which means there should be an ambulance on its way soon, just rest here, okay"

"Danny" Sam said, stunned as she pointed to something behind Danny.

Danny turned around, eyes widening and jaw dropping as he realized what he was seeing, Hacker. Hacker had survived, he was missing his lower half though, he was just a torso, head and arms. Danny, still filled with anger, got up and marched towards Hacker, who was making his way up City Hall. Danny formed an Ectoplasmic blade as he approached Hacker. Hacker, turned around, his helmet now missing, he could see Hacker smiling, the next second, a green, translucent wall fell in front of Danny, blocking him off from Hacker.

"Give it up Hacker, you've lost, Amity Park is free, your defeated, and there's nowhere to run"

"That's where your wrong Halfa…I…in the unlikely case you did defeat me…or if my mission is compromise…cough…I always make sure I have…cough…an escape plan"

The next second a swirling green mass formed behind Hacker, Danny recognized it; for he had seen it so many times it was a Ghost Portal.

"My Mission has failed, I made a critical error, one that I intended never to make, I underestimated you and your…cough…allies, however that's an error I do not intent to make again…we will meet again Daniel…and next time, I will achieve victory"

"If you ever come here again, I will have no second thought, I will kill you"

"I know…but our fates have been sealed…our paths have crossed…we will meet again, our paths can't be changed; they are set, sealed, ever since your accident"

"What, what do you mean, what about the accident"

"All in good time, oh it's eating at you isn't it, the question, the question that your dying to know the answer to, but tell me Daniel…cough…do you really believe what happened to you was an accident…do you have any idea who…and what you really are, Daniel James Fenton"

Before Danny could do anything, Hacker entered the portal, which closed after words, and raising the Ghost shield. Danny just stood there, shocked, angered, confused and tired. Hacker, he used the same words Clockwork told him when he died. Danny kept listening them into his mind over and over again, the accident, but it was, wasn't it. Danny retracted his Ectoplasmic blade, and walked towards Sam, sitting with her, comforting her as the sound of sirens filled the air.

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