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Chapter XII: The Aftermath/Epilouge

Sam opened her eyes, her vision blurred, and blinded. She blinked and stirred, trying to get her vision to clear, which it did. As it cleared Sam could make out a white and blue room, sun shining into it. Sam looked around, she was in a hospital room, she turned to see her arm, already in a cast, and Danny, sitting in a chair, asleep. He must have been here since she arrived, Danny started to stir, opening his icy-blue eyes, which set on Sam as a smile crept across his face.


"Hey, look who's awake, how you feeling?"

"My arm's a bit sore, other than that, and a little headache, nothing much, we stopped Hacker right?"

"Yeah, you passed out from the pain, I got you here and the doctor's took care of the rest"

"So everything's back to normal right?'"

"Well normal for us, everybody's free from Hacker's control, all his extensions disappeared with him, he retreated to The Ghost Zone, City Hall needs to be rebuilt, but yeah we won"

"Danny, are you okay?" Sam said, sensing something wrong with him.

"Yeah I'm fine, nothing wrong, why"

"I don't know, but when you went after Hacker, before he escaped, I could just barley hear you two talk, I can't remember the words, but, the way you were reacting, I just can-" Sam started to say.

"Sam, it was nothing, he just said he was prepared for defeat and stuff, that's all, it's nothing" Danny said cutting her off.

In truth though, she was right, he was being bothered with what Hacker said. First Clockwork, who knew everything, but Danny could get passed that, I mean it was Clockwork, it might have been helpful. But then this new enemy, the way he fought, the way he took over, and what he said, he said the same things as Clockwork; their words kept playing back through his head. Suddenly the doctor knocked before coming in.

"Hello, Mr. Fenton, Ms. Manson, glad to see you're awake, your arm bothering you?"

"A little sore, but I think that's expected when your arm's broken"

"You're lucky, if that ghost kept twisting he would have completely snapped it in half, but don't worry, it's just a fracture, a few weeks in that cast, you'll be good as new, just take it easy, relax, and no fighting ghosts, also there are some people here to see you"

"Okay, send them in…" Sam said, the doctor left the room, she quickly turned to Danny, "I can do the first two but I'm still going to fight go-"

"Sam, its doctor's orders" Danny cut her off.

"Danny you of all people should know it'll take a lot more than a busted arm to stop me from helping you"

"I know but it's for your safety, I don't want to give your parents more of a reason to hate me, they find the tiniest thing and I don't want you to get hurt more"

"Danny you remember when you first started and you tried to stop me and Tucker from helping you, you just gave up, there's nothing you can do to stop me from helping you"

"You do know I'll still try"

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't" Sam said starting to lean in for a kiss.

"Hey can you two lovebirds cool it for a moment" said a familiar voice.

Danny and Sam turned to see Valerie, Dash, Tucker and Danny's family, standing near the door. Danny and Sam started blushing, something's never changed. But as Team Phantom started catching up on the past events, Danny couldn't help but wonder, what Hacker was doing at this moment, and wondering when he would have to face the monster again.

Meanwhile, deep in the far reaches of The Ghost Zone, a single swirling mass of green of all shades formed in a dark room. Seconds later, the damaged mass that was Hacker fell through it, crawling across the ground, legless. The Portal closed behind him as he continued to crawl.

"So Hacker, I take it from your condition that you failed your mission" said a voice from the shadows as a shadowy figure walked up to Hacker.

"Affirmative, I made a critical error, one that I did not intend to make; I underestimated The Halfa and his allies"

"I warned you Hacker, I warned you not to underestimate Daniel, or his friends, and they will always lead to your downfall"

"Do not worry; it is an error I shall not intend to make again, however while the plan ultimately failed, our true mission…was a success"

"Well that's what we originally planned; I would have been surprised if you actually did stop Daniel; and he has no idea what you were really doing"

"Negative, I accomplished what we set; Daniel may believe he has stopped or struck a fatal blow to my plans, but nothing could not be further from the truth, the operation cannot be stopped, Earth and it's inhabitants shall fall, The Halfa shall fall, and our master, shall have his revenge"

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Sick Day: Danny comes down with a bad case of the stomech flew and is bed ridden, meanwhile at Casper High, Ms. Bitters, the ghost of an old school teacher, takes over the school; now it's up to Tucker, Valerie, Jazz, Dani, Dash, Paulina and even Mr. Lancer to stop her, while Sam tries to help get Danny back on his feet quickly.

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