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Luke wandered through the crumbled remains of London. Clive's machine had flattened a rather large portion of the area, though shockwaves had caused the majority of the citizens to flee before they had fallen into the cave with the rubble.

He reshouldered his satchel, staring down at the ground as he walked. He hoped no one he knew got hurt. If something like that had happened in Misthallery... The boy in blue shuddered and kicked a rock by his left foot. He watched it tumble down the cobblestone street.

A parrot that was previously perched on his shoulder squawked and flew after the rock, landed on the ground and grabbed it with its beak, then fluttered back to his owner. Luke couldn't help but smile; Harpy was finally getting back to normal. The parrot had been acting strange since before they boarded the airship, and this was the first time that he had responded to anything other than the word 'cat'.

"Rawwr! Delivery squawk! Delivery squawk!" Harpy screeched, living up to his name at that point and time.

"Haha! Good boy, Harpy!" Luke's mood had lifted, since he had such a deep connection with the previous science experiment. The parrot was somewhat pudgy, and watching him try to fly was nothing short of a circus act like in Monted'or, pitiable but adorable.

The bird finally lifted himself off the ground and landed on Luke's wrist, who laughed as he took the rock from the bird's beak. All was recuperating in London.

Until that voice.

"Flukie-poo! Is that truly you?" The voice was tinged with puffy sweetness, so sugary that he wanted to gag.

Screw what the Professor says about abandoning ladies in want, he had to get the bloody hell out of there! Luke raised his hand to his shoulder just long enough for Harpy to hop onto it before he took off down the streets.

He had been pitted against the Specter of his own town, the Masked Gentleman, Ferris Wheels that unhinged themselves and chased after him, by the supposed vampire of Folsense, and by Clive's minions, but never before had his little legs carried him so fast.

But, at that moment, when he was bolting away from the source of that noise at the speed of light, he collided with his current obstacle.

He flew backwards, landing on his back. He grunted in pain as Harpy flew around his head, relentlessly chanting, "Flu-ooo-kie Pooo! Flu-ooo-kie Pooo!"

The boy in blue groaned once more and cracked his eyes open, muttering something rather ungentlemanly underneath his breath. The bird continued to chant the curse at the top of his lungs, and all at once, Luke sat up, was barreled by a wall of chub, and fell backward once more.

His head against the cobblestone once more, Luke sighed. "I missed you too, Bella..." A complete and udder lie nonetheless, but he still sounded as polite and respectable as the Professor.

"My goodness, I was so worried! I was worrying you got hurt trying to rescue everyone being the superhero your are but I know that there's no way that you could get hurt because true love always finds away–" Bella ranted the entire sentence in one breath, but Luke stopped her the moment he heard love.

"Now, Bella, that's not necessary! The Professor and I are okay," Luke said reassuringly. He involuntarily began to scoot away as Bella's eyes began to sparkle.

"Aw, my Fluke's blushing! How modest and polite!"

"Bella, my name is Luke. With an 'L'," he scolded. How she had managed to hear the word fluke, as in a whale's tail, when Luke was clearly said, he had no idea, nor did he really care to find out.

"Oh! I know that! It's just that boyfriends and girlfriends always have special nicknames for eachother! Why don't you come up with a name for me? Like Smoochie-Pie or Lovie-Dove!" A mental image that Luke dared not to see again flashed through his head.

"No, I like your name just fine!–" Luke's face was growing redder than Pauly's had ever grown, no matter how great a rage fit the young man was in.

"Aw, you're stuttering! Don't worry, you don't have to be nervous around me!" the girl's face was soon overcome with a blush. "After all, we are going to grow up get married and have lots and lots of kids–"

"Bella!" Luke was, at this point, crying out in agony as he began to pull himself to a standing position. "Bella, why don't we just be friends first!"

Bella was silent for a moment. Then a grin appeared on her face, soon spreading like an infectious disease into a smile so big that it could split her face in two. "Of course! Who's the birdie?"

Luke sighed inwardly. There was no way that he could ever like someone, since that was just weird, though... she did appreciate animals...

Story over.

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