So, I've recently gotten into the comic, Young Justice. :) I LOVE IT TO BITS! I'm going back for more comics later! XD And, above all, Impulse has been my favorite superhero for a while, and I can really only see him with Arrowette (sometimes Secret or Carol…sometimes. XD). So, here are some drabbles dedicated to them~! ;p

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Young Justice or the characters. Just the fic. ;D


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With a firm pout, Bart folded his arms across his chest. His goggles were lifted just above his forehead, which visibly shoved his reddish-brown hair back a bit. He may have been five-years-old, but he was also determined to get his way.

"Why not?" his best friend asked, a bit of heartbreak erupted from within he gullet.

"I'mnotagirl, Cissie!" he rushed through his sentence with a small exclamation. It took a moment for her mind to register what he had said, but she figured it out quick enough.

"But these aren't just for girls," she replied, tightly grasping the headdress of dandelions she had so thoughtfully created for him. She had made him a red one not too long ago, and a blue one before that! He gratefully accepted them and hung them in his room, where he would get a chance to see them each day. Cissie just didn't understand; what did he have against this one?

"Yes they are," he stated not as quickly. He wore a grimace until he noticed a small tear leak from Cissie's eye. She hastily wiped it away from her face and sniffled a bit.

"But you've always loved getting these from me." Cissie confirmed as she fought the growing from above her small chin. Bart frowned himself once he realized just how important and special these were to her. Suddenly, he felt like a jerk. With a remorseful sigh, he stepped forward and gingerly took the hand strung, dandelion headdress from her small, petite hands. He showed a small, gentle, cute smile as he placed it on atop his lofty hair.

"See?" Bart began cautiously. "It's very nice! Thanks, Cissie!"

Her frown erased, and a smile exploded onto her sweet complexion.

"Really?" she queried gently.

"Yeah!" he responded ecstatically. In a flash, he was hugging his friend. He allowed his chin to rest on her short, blonde, curly hair. She laughed softly and hugged him back. As he stepped back, a thought crossed Cissie's mind.

"Bart," she started, "why wouldn't you take it from me at first?"

He sheepishly averted his eyes and made his own golden ones face the ground. He swayed back and forth on his feet shakily…but slowly. That never happened. Unless, of course, Bart was thinking of something upsetting.

"Kontoldmethattheflowersyouma keformemakemelookgirly!" he dashed through his words, but Cissie got the gist of it after stating it in her own mind several times. "Kon told me that the flowers you make for me make me look girly!" she thought carefully over what he had said. She sadly smiled and shook her head. She knew Kon liked to pick on Bart when it came to his masculinity (with his closest friend being a girl, especially), but she never thought it actually got to him.

"It's ok, Bart," she stated in reply. He looked back up at her as he blinked his golden eyes.

"Really?" he queried. With a giggle, she stole his goggles, placed them on her own forehead, grabbed ahold of his hand, and they walked toward her house together.


A/N: I suck at ending, I know. XD Well, this is one of…what? How many? I don't know; we'll have to wait and see what study hall brings! LOL Hope you liked this one. :3