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Age Range: 7

Other Pairs?: No

Summary: When you first receive your talents, practice makes a perfect conversation.

DISLCAIMER: I don't own ANY characters. They all belong to DC. :)

-\[=]/- Talents –\[=]/-

As he watched her gently pull her arm back, Bart blinked. His mouth was agape, but he sat silently and motionless. He usually never was in such a position, but when he was watching Cissie practice, he stayed in said state. They were each seven-years-old and displayed special, wonderful talents. Bart could run quickly whilst Cissie was an archer; a fantastic archer, actually. She never, ever missed her target.

"You know," Cissie cut the silence in half as she spoke and relinquished her hold on the arrow, "I don't mind if you talk, Bart."

"I know," he replied, "I just thought you worked better when everything was quiet."

"Meh, sometimes," she shrugged as she placed another arrow in her bow, "but talking to you is fun." She glanced down at his large feet and giggled. "You're beginning to run awfully fast, Bart."

He beamed and said: "Heythanks!" She smiled back before she shot her next arrow. As is sliced through the air, it stuck a perfect landing in the center of the target.

"Bull's eye!" Bart shouted. "Hey, have you ever thought of joining a team or something?"

"Like a school team?" she inquired. He quickly and hastily nodded his head, causing his red-brown hair to flop around. "Yeah; I'll be in the Young Archers Club soon. How about you? You're pretty quick on your feet."

He shyly smiled as a very pale pink rose to his cheeks and became only slightly visible. He didn't receive compliments very often, so whenever one was given to him, embarrassment would flood over his system.

"Well, I was sort of thinking of joining a track team or something," he began, which Cissie unhurriedly nodded in acknowledgement toward, "but Grampa Allen says my gift is too special. He meant it like…if I raced, and I would be really fast, the other boys would take it as me showing off, and would end up hating me. So he won't let me join one."

"Aw, I'm sorry, Bart," Cissie frowned.

"No, It'sok!" he replied speedily with a grin. "Max Mercury will be taking me under his wing! I'll race with him, Grampa, my cousin Wally, Jessie Quick, Johnny Quick…lots of people, Cissie! It'll be just like track!"

She beamed as she walked toward him. She gently ruffled his long, red-brown hair. He laughed and, soon, began to bark just as a dog would. This made Cissie join in on the laughter, too. Suddenly, after a moment or two of joking around, Bart became a bit serious. This obviously shocked Cissie; he was never serious!

"Cissie?" he inquired.

"Yes, Bart?" she replied in a query.

"Will we always be best friends?"

The question shocked and surprised her, but still, she held a steady face with a warm-hearted and soft smile. She giggled a bit and trapped Bart in a hug.

"Of course, Bart."

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