Nassor woke up and was feeling the 2nd day of school grogginess. He was slowly rubbing his eyes and stretching. He was looking around his room trying to make sense of his surroundings. Then say the empty hamster cage. Trying to ignore it then stared down at his morning wood. "Well good morning time to deal with the world."

He got dressed and did the same morning routine as everybody else on the planet. The bus came a little later then yesterday. Getting on the bus he saw her sitting in the front seat by herself. "Excuse me. Is anybody sitting here?" He asked.

"No you can sit here Nassor." She smiled. He sat down.

"How did you know my name?"

"We have sat next to each other since 5th grade."

"Oh yeah…"The two stared at each other awkwardly. Looking closer into her eyes they were fresh with tears.

"Are you alright?"

She quickly wiped her eyes. "Yes I am fine. It's just allergies you know."

"How? Nothing is blooming this time of year." Then he saw her arm. It was covered in bruises.

"What happen to your arm?"

"N-n-nothing. I just tripped. "Her voice was starting to get a little bit firmer.

"Ok sorry. I didn't mean to make you angry." The bus soon came to a halt.

"Oh Anastasia, do you have 3rd lunch?"

"No I have 1st."

"Oh well maybe I will run into you today." She nodded then disappeared.

In first period they spent time passing each other notes. The feeling Nassor felt before was growing stronger. He looked down in between his legs. The feeling was definitely showing. His face turned red and crossed his legs.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes I am fine." He looked away to try and avoid this embarrassing moment.

"Do you have a ...Boner?" His voice stuttered and his hands trembled.

"No. I do not have an erection." He yelled. The class went silent. Everybody stared at him for a bit then went back to what they were originally doing.

Anastasia giggled. "It's ok. I live with my father. I am used to guy issues. "Then she went from being happy to looking down at her desk and just staring at it.

"You sure you are alright?" Nassor said. He was now feeling deeply concerned for his school boy crush. He did make a promise to her yesterday that he wouldn't let anything hurt her.

"Yes I am fine. Again like I told you on the bus. I am fine."

The bell rang and she ran off. Nassor slowly banged his head against the desk. "I am such an imbecile." Slowly getting up and dragging his body to 2nd period.

School ended and Nassor was back at his house. He was staring off at his homework and not able to focus. He just wasn't able to get her off her mind. He felt concern for her. He still didn't know much about her and yet he felt this deep love and concern as if he knew her for his whole life.

He slowly looked up at his bedroom ceiling." I really want to talk to her…What am I saying? Nassor get a hold of yourself. You need to focus on your original plan you had for high school. She is not part of the plan maybe once I start college but not in high school."

There was a knock on his bedroom door. "Nassor. Dinner is ready. Are you hungry?"

His mother asked.

"No I am fine Mom. I need to work on this Algebra homework then I might come downstairs."

"Ok whatever my boy needs."

He stared back at the page of numbers and letters. They all kept on forming into her image and small hearts surrounding it.

"I need to get some rest. Maybe that will clear my thoughts of her."

After getting ready and laying his lanky body in bed. He was able to sleep in peace and dreamt. He went off to his future like he did every night. The dream felt the same but different. His wife changed most of the time it was some hot shot celebrity that had too much plastic surgery but it was Anastasia this time and she was holding hands with their child. She was the most beautiful child anybody would had laid eyes on. She had dark hair, pale tan skin and her mother's soft blue eyes. Nassor couldn't help but smile this dream felt more real than the others. He determined something tomorrow he was going to try and get to know her.