AN: Yeah… Starting another AU here. Sorry.

Blue Lies

Gabriel waited impatiently for his younger brother. His leg bounced as he looked around the small café. The really tall, really cute waiter stopped by again to see how he was doing. Cute, great smile, brown hair that refused to stay out of his eyes…

Gabriel ducked his head. 'I'm fine, thanks. Just waiting,' he replied. He looked up in time to get a good view of the waiter's ass. 'Just you wait, Sammy. One of these days…,' he muttered to himself.

His attention was brought back to the table when a briefcase was unceremoniously dumped on it. Gabriel looked up to find his brother wearing his normal, cheap business suit and tan overcoat. He would never understand Castiel's fascination with the outfit.

'Sorry, I'm late,' Castiel apologized as he sat down. 'There was—'

'No.' Gabriel held his hand up as he gave his younger brother a stern gaze. 'You lost track of time, or you forgot.'

Castiel huffed and looked away as he crossed his arms. 'I wrote it down,' he eventually said.

'Look, if it's too much trouble, I can always go up to your place,' Gabriel offered.

Castiel shook his head. 'No, I like it down here,' he replied. 'I get to pretend I'm in college.'

Gabriel laughed. 'You wouldn't last one day.'

Castiel smiled in return. 'I'm surprised you lasted this long.'

'Michael's not the only one that can finish something,' Gabriel hotly replied.

'Oh, your date's here,' said a voice from their side. There was a slight hint of disappointment.

Gabriel looked up, not really expecting to see his crush standing above him. 'Date? Him?! Oh, God, no!' Gabriel rushed to say. He took a breath before continuing more calmly. 'No, Cas is my brother. He's just visiting.'

'I'm here to decide whether or not I wish to attend this institution,' Castiel added.

Gabriel frowned and kicked at Castiel's ankle, but to no reaction.

'Oh?' Sam smiled warmly at Castiel as he set a couple glasses of water on the table. 'That's great! What are you interested in studying?'

'Y—' Castiel winced as a foot connected with his shin. 'History.'

'I'm in law myself, so I can't say much for the history department…,' Sam replied with a thoughtful look. 'But I'm sure Gabriel will help you find the right people to talk to. Anyway, what can I get you two? Usual for you?' Sam asked, smiling at Gabriel.

Gabriel blushed lightly and nodded. 'T-thanks.'

'And you?'

'Some sort of cheeseburger,' he replied. 'Surprise me.'

Once Sam was out of earshot, Gabriel leaned over the table and grabbed Castiel by the lapels of his coat. 'No! Off. Limits,' he warned in a hushed tone.

Castiel rolled his eyes. 'I'll stay away.'

'Please, Cas!'

'I said I'd leave him alone,' Castiel snapped, completely insulted.

Gabriel released his hold and leaned back in his seat. 'Thank you.'

'Why are you so flustered around him, anyway?' Castiel eventually asked. 'You're not normally like that.'

Gabriel bit his lip. 'It's complicated.'

Castiel gave his brother a blank stare. 'Complicated… My Halloween costume is complicated. What, is he straight?'

'The Winchesters are openly bi—'

Castiel perked up. 'There's another one?'

'No! No, no, no, no! "Off limits" includes family!'

Castiel huffed and slouched in irritation. 'I was only asking… So, how's it complicated?'

Gabriel warily eyed his brother for a moment. 'Well, he just got out of this long-term relationship, and I don't wanna be the…rebound guy. I'm trying to take my time, but he keeps being so…so nice.'

'Well, it sounds like you have a chance. So, what are you waiting for?'

'Er…his long-term relationship was cut short because she died…'


'Yeah. Oh.'

Castiel shifted uncomfortably. 'So, you're just waiting for him to make the first move?'

Gabriel nodded miserably. 'I don't wanna screw this one up. I really like him. He's different than the others.'

Castiel snorted and shook his head. 'Whatever.'

'Hey, don't—' Gabriel shut his mouth when he caught sight of Sam returning with their orders. He gave his younger brother a hard glare.

'All right. Monte Cristo for you, and an avocado bacon cheeseburger for you,' Sam said as he set the plates on the table. He gave Gabriel one last look before heading off to another table.

Castiel stared at Gabriel's plate. 'Is it supposed to come with that much powdered sugar?'

Gabriel ignored Castiel in favor of devouring his meal.

'I suppose I'm paying for this?' Castiel remarked.

'You said you're showing in some gallery. Of course you're paying,' Gabriel replied matter-of-factly.

'Just because I'm showing, doesn't mean I sold anything.'

'I called the gallery.'

Castiel focused on his burger.

'And then they directed me to the gallery you are showing at. And they informed me that all of your paintings sold.' Gabriel watched his brother shift under his scrutinizing gaze. He sighed and leaned his head on his hand. 'Cas, this is a good thing. You don't need to lie about it.'

'I…I don't…' Castiel growled in frustration. 'Sorry.'

Gabriel shook his head dismissively. 'It's fine. Just… Eat your food. Are you staying the night or heading back up?'

Castiel shrugged.

'Well, I've got classes, so if you decide to stick around, you have my spare key.'

Castiel nodded before looking up at Gabriel. 'Sorry.'

Gabriel gave him a small smile. 'It's fine. I just… I wish you'd be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you. Hell, Mikey's proud of you!' He sagged as he gave up.

The rest of their meal was spent in silence. Sam came up to their table a few more times, and Castiel noticed how the tall waiter tended to stick close to and mostly address Gabriel. Castiel paid, and under his signature, he wrote a small note: 'Talk to him.'

Castiel grabbed his briefcase and stood. 'I guess I'll just head home. Should probably head back before I hit traffic.'

Gabriel got up and gave Castiel a hug. 'I wish you'd visit more often,' he said. 'Or longer. It's lonely down here! And it's not like you have a real job or anything, so don't use that excuse.'

Castiel sighed. 'I suppose I could stay… Maybe next month for a week? Would that be okay?'

Gabriel grinned up at his brother. 'That'd be great! If you don't show up, I'll drag you here!'

Castiel smiled as he shook his head. 'As long as nothing comes up,' he said, 'I'll be here.'

'Good. Drive safe!' Gabriel called out as Castiel exited the café. He would have to come up with things to do. He jumped when a hand fell on his shoulder. He spun around and faced a nametag. He looked up at Sam's face. 'Um.'

Sam bit his lip and shifted his weight. 'So…I was wondering… What are you doing later?'

Gabriel stared at Sam in shock. 'I…uh…um… I don't remember.'

Sam's lips quirked into a smile. 'Would you like to go do something? With me?'

'Yes!' Gabriel shrunk back as his shout earned him a few stares. 'I'm mean, yes. Yes, that'd be nice.'

Castiel watched the exchange from outside the café window. Satisfied, he turned to leave and walked right into a large object. He tripped over his own feet and landed forcefully on his side, scratching up hands. He pulled himself into a sitting position and stared at the blood beginning to seep from the scratches. He would have to wear gloves for a while. As he was wishing he had a camera to capture the image of gravel stuck in blood, a hand shook his shoulder. He looked up to see concerned, green eyes.

'Hey, are you okay?'

Castiel stared. His hands forgotten, his mind shifted to how much he wanted to paint the figure in front of him. Green eyes, light freckles, dirty blond hair, a bit of scruff, nice build, tall, a small smudge of dirt just to the right of the nose… He'd be a perfect model.

'Uh…do you need me to call someone?'

Castiel shook his head as he registered that Pretty Green Eyes was talking to him. 'Oh, no,' he replied. He allowed the tall stranger to help him up. 'I-I'm good. Thank you.'

'Shit. Look at your hands.'

'Yes, I saw. I'm all right,' he said. He blinked. He just missed the perfect opportunity. No problem, he could easily regain it. 'Though my wrist does hurt.' His heart sped up as the stranger took his wrist and examined it. Instead of answering whether or not pressure in certain areas hurt, he gave his name. 'I'm Castiel.'

'Uh, Dean.'

'Hello, Dean.'

'Er…right. So, does it hurt when I press here?' Dean asked.

Castiel shook his head. 'No.'

'How about here?' Dean asked. He looked up from the wrist he held. Castiel's blue eyes were practically boring holes into his head. 'Um…'

'Do you go to school here?' Castiel asked.

'Not really…'

Castiel tilted his head in confusion as he tried to figure out what Dean meant.

Dean's mouth quirked up. 'I'm sorta the school's mechanic and fix-it guru,' he clarified. 'I take the occasional class.'

Castiel nodded in understanding. A mechanic. That explained the rough texture of Dean's hands. Hands that hadn't left his wrist yet. A smile started to worm its way onto his face.

'I don't think I've seen you around here before,' Dean said. 'Are you new?'

'Yes, I'm here to tour the campus,' Castiel replied. 'I'll be majoring in history.'

'Oh, that's…fun.' Dean looked over Castiel's shoulder and into the café. He caught sight of his brother, and remembered his whole reason for being there. 'Hey, I gotta go. Maybe I'll see you around?'

'Yes, of course!' Castiel smiled up at Dean.

Dean smiled back. He looked down to find he was still holding the other's wrist. 'Er…be sure to get that cleaned up,' he said as he let go. 'Don't wanna be getting an infection or anything…'

'I'll do that right now. Good bye, Dean.'

Dean nodded. He quickly headed to the café's entrance, giving Castiel one last look before heading inside.

Castiel's wrist felt naked without Dean holding it. He touched where Dean had been holding it, and winced as his finger ran over a scratch. So, Dean worked on the campus. He decided to move his visiting week forward. Gabriel would understand.