AN: This is it. The end. Thank you so much for reading this and sticking with me! I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And to those that may be wondering: 'Blue Lies' refers to 'honest lies.' If you wear the color blue, it makes you appear more honest and believable. It's a coincidence that Cas's eyes are blue, but I'll go with it and pretend it was on purpose!

Blue Lies

Dean rushed to Gabriel's apartment. He banged loudly on the door. He had tried calling Castiel, but with no luck.

When Sam answered the door, Dean pushed his way through. 'Dean?! What are you doing here?'

'Did Cas stop by?' Dean asked, looking around frantically. All of Castiel's possessions were still scattered across Gabriel's apartment.

'What? No,' Sam replied.

'What's goin' on?' Gabriel asked, yawning as he entered the main room. He sagged at the sight of Dean. 'What now?'

'Where is he?' Dean demanded as he rounded on Gabriel.

'What? Who?'


'I thought he was with you…,' Gabriel replied, confused.

'He ran off!'

'Dean, maybe you should sit down,' Sam suggested.

Dean waved his brother off. 'I'm fine! I just need to find Cas.'

Gabriel backed away. 'Er…ran off? Why?'

'I don't know! He just…' Dean replayed what had happened in head. 'I…I told him I love him, and then…he just… He just freaked out.'

Gabriel looked at the floor before speaking quietly. 'Cas… He's never been in a relationship where it actually meant anything. You're the first one he's actually spoken to me about.' He met Dean's eyes and felt his stomach drop at the absolute misery he saw. 'I…I can give you his address… But, if he's avoiding you, he won't be found.'

'Yes, anything! He's not answering my calls or texts, and his voicemail's not working!' He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. 'He's blocked my number, hasn't he?'

Gabriel nodded. 'It's one of the first things he does...'

'I need to talk to him. He needs to know… He thinks I don't know about the lies. He thinks I hate him for it!'

Gabriel went over to the table next to the front door and wrote onto the notepad sitting there. He pulled the page off and handed it Dean. 'I'd say give him a couple days to calm down. Please. When he gets worked up, he's a terror to be around,' he explained.

Dean gratefully took the paper. 'Thank you.'


Dean had managed to wait until Wednesday before heading up to the larger city. He knew he was bugging Gabriel with his questions. He kept asking if Gabriel had spoken to Castiel yet, and Gabriel ended up screaming at him to go see Castiel.

He pulled up to the old apartment building. As he got out of the car, he noticed that the building had controlled access. He groaned inwardly. Castiel wouldn't let him in. He almost turned back, but figured he could at least try.

He found the right button, marked with a sticker claiming it to be the 'CC Residence' in a very elegant script. He pressed it, and felt like throwing up as he waited for an answer.

'My dear Castiel, if you forgot your keys again, you can climb up the fire escape like everyone else,' an accented voice replied.

'Er, sorry. This is, uh…Dean.'

There was a loud buzz as the door unlocked. Dean quickly entered the building and made his way up a narrow stairwell. As he reached the top of the stairs, he found Castiel's roommate standing in the doorway to the apartment. The young man was dressed in a business suit. Dean wondered just what he did for a living.

'Dean Winchester,' Crowley said as he looked over Dean. 'You won't find him here.'

'Will you tell me where he is?' Dean asked.

'Why should I?' Crowley retorted as he cocked his head to the side.

'Look, I know about him being a compulsive liar. I've known since about the first week!' Dean straightened and felt offended as Crowley burst out laughing.

'Oh, that is just priceless!' Crowley wiped at a tear as he waved at Dean. 'Stay there.' He returned with a crisp envelope and handed it to Dean. 'I was supposed to give you this if you showed up.'

Dean took the envelope and pulled out the neatly folded letter.


I don't blame you for what happened. You are a wonderful person and deserve better than anything I could offer you. You cannot fix me. Believe me, many have tried, and none of them were successful. You will be much happier if you just move and forget about me.

Please stop trying to contact me.


Dean flipped the paper over, half expecting there to be more. The short letter was so concise and cold. So practical. He looked up as a crumpled piece of paper entered his vision.

'Here's the first draft,' Crowley said.

Dean took the paper and uncrumpled it. It was scribbled through and littered with what Dean guessed were tear stains.

Dear Dean,

I love youI need youI lxxxIwant I don't blame you for hating methinking I'm fucked uphaxx what happened. I'm so fucked upYou're so perfectI love your eyesI wish You are amazing a wonderful person and I love you so much deserve better than methis anything I could offer you. I want it to work outI want toI can'tI want you to fixYou can't You cannot fix me. Believe me, I've tried to stop. I tried to tell you the truth, but all the wrong words come out. many have tried, and it never worked none of them really cared were you successful. I loxxxyou You are will be better off without me much happier if you just forget about me Please don't forget me move on and forget about me. Even if you hate me, just know that I lxxxxyxu.I still love you.

Please don't leave me.Leave me alone.It hurts to see your number.Dxx't s Stop calling.Come get me.I need to see you. Please stop trying to contact me.



'I'm guessing he has a thing for you,' Crowley stated, pulling Dean from his thoughts.

Dean gave Crowley a half-hearted glare. 'So, where is he?'

'Not here.'

Dean took a breath, trying to remain calm. He could either ruin his chance of finding Castiel and just camp out in front of the building, or play nice with Crowley. He would rather wait for Castiel, but he had a feeling Crowley would then alert Castiel of Dean's presence. 'Will you please tell me where I can find Castiel?' he asked in strained politeness.

Crowley smirked at Dean. 'Tell you what,' he said as he pulled a small business card from his coat pocket. 'Come to this address on Saturday morning. At…eleven o'clock. And be prompt. This will be your only chance.'

Dean took the card and stared at it. A black and white photo of a man and woman entangled in each other's arms featured as the backdrop to the text. 'For a hell of a good time and photographic evidence, call Crowley.' Apparently, Crowley was a photographer. 'Is he there right now?' Dean asked quietly.

Crowley crossed his arms as he sighed. 'Yes,' he replied. 'But I suggest you take my advice and show up on Saturday.'

Dean put the card in his pocket and nodded. 'Eleven?'

'Eleven. Do not be late.'


The small studio was divided by a heavy, black curtain. The side with the entrance was littered with tubes of oil paint, cans of mineral spirits, half-finished paintings of monstrous beings, and several unpacked boxes. The other side looked like a fancy S&M bordello. Lighting equipment was stacked in one corner, a tripod sat in the middle of the area, and a table with various sex toys sat next to the tripod. The walls were decorated with black and white photographs of nude men and women. All erotic, some more than others.

Castiel stared at the painting he had been working on that week. Angry, green eyes stared back at him. He sighed as he pulled at his tie and looked over to Crowley. 'I don't think this is a good idea,' he said as he pulled his tie off and set it on the table.

Crowley looked up from his camera and tripod. 'It will get your mind off things,' he replied as he attached the camera to the tripod. He faced it toward the little stage he had prepared. Once satisfied with the framing, he moved to work on lighting. 'Hurry up and get ready. I'm on a schedule.'

Castiel picked up the cock ring from the table and turned it over in his hands. He didn't think a kinky photoshoot would help get his mind off of Dean.

'Castiel, I need to be done before noon. I have clients coming,' Crowley said and he adjusted a light. 'Hurry up, so I can finish lighting!'

Castiel undressed and put on the cock ring. He next put restraints on his wrists and ankles. He sighed as he picked up the ball gag. This used to be fun. He always got a kick out of sending the results of Crowley's shoots to Michael for Christmas. But today, he just couldn't get in the mood. Normally, the thought of being tied up and on display had him hard straight away. He walked up to Crowley and handed him the gag. 'Sorry… I just… don't think I can do this…'

Crowley took the gag and ran his eyes over Castiel's body. 'Let's see what we can do. Face away from the camera.' He attached Castiel's wrists to a pair of chains that hung from the ceiling, holding Castiel's arms apart. 'Spread 'em.' He knelt down as he hooked the ankle restraints to metal rings attached to the floor. He then gagged Castiel before heading to the table and grabbing Castiel's discarded tie.

Crowley reached into his camera bag and pulled out a remote controlled prostate stimulator and small tube of lube. He grinned wickedly as he approached Castiel. He held the unopened package in front of his roommate. 'I thought this would be a fun little experiment,' he said.

Castiel strained to look at Crowley. He grunted his annoyance.

'Come now, just think it's Dean,' Crowley said as he opened the package. 'Can you imagine it? Dean lightly caressing your shoulders. Slowly tracing his fingers down your back. Cupping that firm ass of yours…' He inserted batteries into the small toy and poured on some lube. 'Tracing down your crack,' he whispered into Castiel's ear as he imitated the action with the toy. 'Circling your tight hole and finally entering you.'

Castiel moaned as he shivered. He desperately wanted Dean to do those things to him. He pulled at his restraints as the toy entered him fully. He breathed harshly as he let the chains take most of his weight.

Crowley circled Castiel and gave him a smug smile. 'See? All better,' he said, looking down at Castiel's erection.

Castiel rolled his eyes in response. He gasped as the stimulator came to life. He squirmed and moaned as it vibrated against his prostate. The vibrations stopped and he sagged, staring up at Crowley.

Crowley shook the remote in his hand. 'I just want it to be more realistic,' he said simply.

Castiel huffed before nodding his consent. Maybe this would be fun, after all. He growled in frustration as Crowley blinded him with his own tie.

Crowley checked his watch. Two more minutes. Perfect. He adjusted the lights then headed for the camera. 'Shit,' he said. 'I need my other lens.'


'It's in my car. I'll be right back,' Crowley said as he headed for the door.


Crowley laughed as he shook his keys. 'Don't worry. I'll lock the door.' He flicked the stimulator on just as he exited the studio. He turned it back off when he reached the bottom of the stairs. Exiting the building, he found Dean standing there. 'Perfect timing.'

'So…is Cas willing to talk?' Dean asked, looking up at the building.

Crowley handed Dean the key to the studio. 'He'll stay put for as long as you need,' he said.

Dean frowned as he stared at the key. 'What, did you tie him to a chair or something?'

Crowley smiled as he shook his head. 'Nothing so crass.' He grinned as he watched Dean enter the building. In his pocket, he flicked the toy back on, then off.

Dean found the studio and unlocked the door. As he entered, he could just make out the sound of heavy breathing coming from behind the curtain. He closed the door behind him and looked around. Paintings in various states of finish were propped against the walls and on easels. On one easel, sat a large painting. It was mostly of red and darker hues, but bright, green eyes shone out. Dean breathed deeply as he recognized himself. A whimper drew his attention away, and he proceeded to the hidden part of the studio. He didn't know what he was expecting, but he certainly hadn't been expecting to find Castiel chained up and twisting as he moaned desperately. And he was blindfolded with his own tie! Dean was struck by just how hot and wrong the situation was. A quick, second look around the room had Dean coming to the conclusion that Castiel often posed for Crowley. He recognized Castiel's backside in several photographs.

Castiel stopped moaning and sagged against the chains, letting them take his weight. He could hear movement behind him, so he grunted out his annoyance. As the steps came closer, Castiel wondered if Crowley wanted to make adjustments to the scene. He blinked at the bright light as he tie was removed from his eyes. He squinted as his eyes adjusted. Concerned eyes stared into his. Concerned, green eyes. He pulled back suddenly, but had trouble keeping his weight on his legs. He stared up at Dean.

'What the fuck is going on?' Dean whispered. His hands shook slightly as he unhooked and pulled the ball gag from Castiel's mouth. 'Look, I have no idea what's going on. I just wanted to talk… Um…I guess I'll unhook you, and you can get dressed…'

Castiel opened his mouth, but all that came out was needy groan as the stimulator turned on again.

Dean pulled back quickly. God, he wanted to fuck Castiel right then and there. He breathed heavily as he reached for the restraint again. He was about to unhook it when Castiel begged him to stop. He stared at Castiel incredulously. 'C-cas?'

'Don't,' Castiel panted. 'Leave it. Just… Please, Dean? Please? I want you. I want you to take me like this. Fuck me while I hang here. Raise me up and drop me back down on your cock. Please? Dean…'

Dean gulped as Castiel's words went straight to his cock. 'Have you been drinking?'

Castiel gasped for air as the toy let up. He looked up at Dean with a confused stare. 'W-what? No. Why?'

Dean ran a hand over his face. He turned away from Castiel, not sure what to do. He knew what he wanted to do, but where did it stand morally?

'Dean? P-please?' Castiel stared at the floor. Dean didn't want him. Dean hated him. He probably wanted to talk about how much he hated Castiel. Castiel couldn't really blame him. Closure was the least Dean deserved.

Dean turned back around to find Castiel looking dejectedly at the floor. He sighed and gently ran his hand through Castiel's hair.

Castiel jumped at the touch. He stared up at Dean's eyes. 'Dean…'

Dean cupped Castiel's cheek and leaned down. There was one way to find out if Castiel had been drinking. He gently pried Castiel's lips open with his tongue. He slowly explored Castiel's mouth, tasting every corner.

Castiel moaned in loss as Dean pulled back. He stared up at Dean worriedly, and Dean stared back with a thoughtful expression.

'What do you want, Cas?' Dean asked.

Castiel stared. What did he want? Everything Dean had to give him. He would take whatever Dean gave. His love. His hate. Anything. He bit his lip and closed his eyes. 'I… I want…' How could he tell Dean? What did it matter anyway?

Dean sighed as he straightened.

Castiel shouted out as his prostate was hit with another round of relentless vibrations. 'Ahh! Y-you! I want you! Please, Dean! Please, oh, God… Fuck!' He thrust against air and whined when he felt no friction against his cock. He pulled on the restraints and twisted his body. 'Please,' he begged. 'Dean, I want you. I need you… I…I lo… Oh, please… Please…'

He gasped and stared in shock when Dean began softly caressing his balls. 'Yes…'

'You want it like this?' Dean asked as he ran his other hand up Castiel's arm, letting it rest over the restraint. 'Bound up? Unable to get away?'

Castiel nodded as he tried to get closer to Dean. The sensations in his ass ceased, and he stared at Dean, taking in the still uncertain look Dean was giving the restraints. 'M-my…er…safeword… Um…I uh…'

Dean looked at Castiel with a raised brow. 'What's your safeword?' he prompted. Castiel mumbled, and Dean gave him an amused smile. 'Didn't quite catch that.'

'Pikachu,' Castiel bit out. His already flushed cheeks burned brighter as he looked away.

Dean blinked as he registered what he had heard. 'Yeah…that'll make me stop. No problem,' he said.

Castiel shrugged, still not meeting Dean's eyes. 'It's supposed to make you stop.'

'Then, until you say it, I won't stop,' Dean said as he captured Castiel's lips. He gave Castiel's cock a gentle tug.

Castiel moaned into Dean's mouth. He bit gently at Dean's lower lip when Dean pulled back. 'I'd suck your cock, but I'm a little tied up at the moment,' he said cheekily.

Dean grinned at Castiel as he unbuttoned his jeans. 'I'm sure you would,' he said. 'And I'm sure you'd make the most obscene sounds while you did it.'

Castiel stared as Dean pulled his cock free from his pants, stroking it lightly. Dean paused and looked at Castiel. 'Lube? Condoms? Don't tell me I have to just use spit.'

'Table,' Castiel replied as he gestured with his head. 'Or try the cam—Oh, God!' Another wave of pleasure coursed through his body, cutting him off. 'Fuck! Bag… Camera…bag… Please…quick… Fuck, fuck, fuck…' He bucked and wriggled, lost in the sensations. If he hadn't been wearing the cock ring, he would have cum by now. 'Please, Dean! Need you so bad… Need to feel you inside me…'

He moaned louder as he felt Dean's hand cup his ass and slowly massage it. 'Yes, yes, yes! Ah—Oh, fuck!' He gasped and panted, hanging limply from the chains. Dean had just removed the stimulator, and now he felt empty. He didn't have to wait long before it was replaced by Dean's finger, quickly joined by a second and third. He pushed against Dean as the fingers lightly grazed his prostate. 'Dean…'

'Tell me what you want,' Dean whispered into Castiel's ear as he very slowly thrust his fingers in and out of Castiel's hole.

'Mmm… You…I want you… Fuck me. Fuck me so hard, make it feel so good…,' Castiel moaned as he pulled at the chains. 'Faster…please!'

Dean laughed softly as he kissed the back of Castiel's neck. He decided he was going to take his time. He began to trace the inked lines on Castiel's back. 'Why the wings?' he asked softly.

'I..I don't know…,' Castiel replied. He rolled his hips in time to Dean's thrusting fingers.

'They're beautiful. You're beautiful.'

Castiel thrust back against Dean. 'Please,' he begged. 'More… I need more… I need you. God, please!'

Dean kissed the spot between Castiel's shoulders. 'Give me just a moment,' he said as he pulled his fingers from Castiel's ass.

Castiel whimpered as Dean stopped touching him. He could hear Dean opening a condom behind him. 'I…I'm…clean,' he said. He looked over his shoulder to see Dean staring at him. He quickly looked away, unable to read Dean's expression. 'M-Michael… We have a…deal… I get tested every three months…and he…he leaves me alone…,' he explained. He pulled at the chains, wishing he could hug himself and hide. He had never told anyone that little bit of information. Not even Gabriel knew.

'Cas…' Dean moved to stand in front of Castiel.

'T-three weeks ago… I had an appointment,' Castiel said as he glanced up at Dean. 'It's the real reason I couldn't make it to lunch.'

Dean remembered the Tuesday Castiel had called him, frantic and claiming he had forgotten about a promise he had made to a friend. Analyzing the statement, Dean could now read between the lines. He doubted Castiel thought of Michael as a 'friend.' It was probably the doctor.

'What about me?' Dean asked, stroking Castiel's cheek. 'You don't know what sort of crazy diseases I might have.'

Castiel leaned into Dean's touch as he closed his eyes. 'I trust you.'


'I wanna feel you inside me,' Castiel said, cutting Dean off. 'I wanna feel you cum inside me, feel you fill me up. I wanna feel your cum drip down my legs. Please! Please, Dean. I promise it'll feel good!'

Dean closed his eyes and groaned at Castiel's words. 'Fuck, yes…'

Castiel gave a small smile just before Dean surged forward and kissed him hard.

Dean knelt down and unhooked Castiel's ankles from the loops on the floor. He lubed himself up as he stood again. He almost stumbled. Castiel was already lifting one and looping it around Dean's waist. Dean grinned as he grabbed Castiel's other leg and hefted it up.

Castiel pulled on the chains, trying to ease some of the strain off Dean. He felt Dean's cock rubbing against his crack. He angled his hips to give Dean better access. 'I'm ready…please… Dean…'

Dean gripped Castiel's thigh tightly and guided his cock into Castiel's entrance with his free hand. He hissed as he let Castiel settle fully onto his cock. 'God, you feel so good.'

Castiel rocked his hips, pulling a deep groan from Dean. 'I can make it better,' he promised. He pulled himself up slightly and let himself drop.

'Fuck, Cas!' Dean held onto Castiel's thighs, and he thrust into the deep heat. He lifted Castiel and brought him back down slowly.

Castiel threw his head back and moaned. He tried to fuck himself on Dean's cock, but all Dean would let him do was rock back and forth. He cried out as Dean set up a slow pace. 'Too slow! Faster! Harder! Dean! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!' he pleaded.

Dean sucked at Castiel's neck, intent on leaving a mark. He thrust up into Castiel, enjoying all of the sounds Castiel made, all of the pleas and promises. 'And why should I fuck you hard, Cas?'

'Oh… Ahh! I…ah…I deserve mmm it. Hahh!'

Dean licked the dark spot forming on Castiel's neck. 'All the more reason for me to go slow and be gentle.' He slowed his pace and pulled out.

'Nooo… Dean! Please! Anything you want. Please, I need you! Feels so good,' Castiel whined. He yanked at the restraints, frustrated that he couldn't touch Dean with his hands. He tried to lean forward and kiss Dean, but was denied by Dean leaning back. 'D-Dean! Please… Dammit, I need—I l-lo… I… Dean!'

Dean teased Castiel's hole with the tip of his cock. Pressing against it, but never entering. 'Why should I give you this?'

Castiel bucked in Dean's hold. 'Please!' he screamed. 'I need it! I want it! I want your cock! I want you to cum inside me! I…I want it! Please, Dean, I love you!' He gasped and moaned as Dean's cock slowly entered him. 'Yes, yes, yes!'

Dean set a quicker pace. 'I love how your ass feels,' he grunted into Castiel's ear. 'So fuckin' tight.'

'Ahh… Yes…so good…' Castiel rocked in time to Dean's thrusts. Pleasure wracked through his body. He could feel himself getting close. 'Faster…please… Gonna cum…wanna cum… Please, Dean! So close!'

Dean kissed Castiel as he thrust a little faster and harder. He reached up with one hand and laced his fingers through Castiel's hair. He ran his tongue across the roof of Castiel's mouth. He licked at Castiel's tongue, light and teasing.

Castiel thrust his tongue into Dean's mouth in time to Dean's own thrusts. He cut off the kiss and screamed out as he came hard, spilling onto Dean's stomach. 'Dean… Dean…love you…,' he whispered quietly.

Dean pressed deep into Castiel as muscles clamped down on his cock. He buried his face in Castiel's neck and almost missed Castiel's confession. It sent him over the edge, and he bit down on Castiel's collar bone as he came.

Dean panted, and his legs shook. His knees gave out, and he collapsed onto the floor.

'Hahh!' Castiel hung limply from the chains. He looked down at Dean, not sure what would happen next.

Dean stared up at Castiel, struck by how the light hit Castiel's body. He was so beautiful, but looked so broken. 'I think I know why you got the wings,' he said.

Castiel frowned. How could Dean know the reason when he didn't even know why.

'You're a fallen angel. A beautiful, fallen angel,' Dean said. He shakily stood and tucked himself back into his jeans.

Castiel shrunk back as Dean loomed over him. His mind was cloudy from his delayed orgasm. 'I believe you have me confused with Lucifer.'

Dean walked behind Castiel, taking in the younger man from all angles.

Castiel looked at the floor and tugged at the chains. 'I…I understand,' he said quietly, barely above a whisper. His eyes stung as tears formed. 'This is…a nice bit of closure. Um… Can you…can you let me down before you leave?'

'No.' Dean stared at Castiel's back, an amused smile playing over his face.

Castiel sighed. He should have expected as much. At least he got to feel Dean inside him. Pretend for just a moment that everything was perfect. He gasped as strong arms wrapped around him. 'D-Dean?!'

'I can't let you down before I leave because I'm not leaving,' Dean said.

Castiel's eyes darted back and forth as he searched for a clue to Dean's behavior. 'W-what…?'

Dean kissed Castiel's neck and nuzzled his ear. 'I'm not leaving you. Not yet, at least.'

Castiel's heart beat faster as tears streamed down his cheeks. 'But…but everything you know about me… It's all a lie.'

'Your favorite color is purple,' Dean said, grinning. He returned to standing in front of Castiel.

Castiel stared up at Dean, shocked. 'I…I never told you that…'

'You didn't have to,' Dean replied. He wiped the tears off of Castiel's cheeks and kissed him. 'I paid attention. You're in love with Clive Barker and Prince. You have an unhealthy obsession with your own blood,' Dean said, kissing Castiel between each observation. 'You sleep like a spaz. You get this little quirk in your smile when you're pleasantly surprised. And…you love me.'

Castiel sobbed as Dean stroked his hair. 'How…how do you know all this?!'

'I told you. I paid attention. Well…except for the part where you love me,' Dean admitted. 'That, you said while drunk.'

'Don't you…don't you hate me for lying?' Castiel asked.

Dean shrugged. 'It gets a little annoying sometimes, but it's not like I didn't know.'

Castiel stared up at Dean in confusion. 'Y-you knew?!'

Dean laughed self-consciously. 'Yeah…I guess I shoulda said something sooner... I found out the first night we got drunk together. You, Castiel, are an honest drunk. You don't give up much information, but you like to talk.'

Castiel frowned as he sniffed. 'But…you didn't…you didn't act any different.'

'I… I kinda wanted you to be the one to say something,' Dean said as he reached up and unhooked one of Castiel's arms.

Castiel fell against Dean as his weight swung to the other chain. 'But…you said you…l-loved me…'

'And you freaked out,' Dean pointed out and unhooked Castiel's other arm. 'Scared the shit outta me! What was up with that?' he asked as he gently guided Castiel to the floor. He sat next to Castiel and wrapped an arm around him, hoping he wouldn't run off again.

Castiel leaned against Dean and closed his eyes. He had to be dreaming. That was the only answer. 'I… Um… Lucifer says I have abandonment issues,' he replied.

Dean nodded in understanding. 'Yeah, I have a few of those, myself. I…kinda overreacted when you ran off.'

Castiel looked up at Dean. 'Oh?'

'Yeah…' Dean rubbed at the back of his neck in embarrassment. 'I think Gabriel hates me right now… I kept bugging him about you. Constantly.'

Castiel smiled shyly.

'I love you, Cas,' Dean said as he tilted Castiel's chin up and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

Castiel's breath caught. 'But—'

Dean cut Castiel off with another kiss. 'I love you.'

Castiel's tears started up again. 'No one…'

Dean cupped Castiel's face in both hands. He stared into Castiel's eyes. 'I love you. That's all that matters right now.'

Castiel sniffed and wiped at his tears. 'But the lies…'

'I love everything about you,' Dean replied, smiling. 'Including the lies.'

'You can't fix me…'

'I don't need to.'

Castiel broke down into heaving sobs. Dean loved him! Dean loved him the way he was! He wrapped his arms around Dean and clung tightly, never wanting to let go.

Dean rubbed his hand in soothing circles on Castiel's back. He nuzzled his nose into Castiel's hair as he made light shushing sounds. He smiled as Castiel slowly calmed down.

Castiel sniffed as he pulled away from Dean and wiped his nose on his arm. 'I need a tissue…' Dean's plaid shirt was shoved into his line of vision, and he looked up at Dean questioningly.

'I can wash it later,' Dean explained with a shrug. 'I'm gonna have to wash everything else,' he said, indicating Castiel's drying cum on his shirt.

Castiel ducked his head, blushing. 'S-sorry…,' he said as he took the shirt and blew his nose.

Dean laughed as he roughly pulled Castiel into his arms. 'Say, Cas… Can I fuck you when you're drunk?' he asked.

Castiel frowned at Dean. 'Yes? Er…why…?'

'Thank God!' Dean dipped his head and sucked at Castiel lips. 'You, you little shit, are fucking hard to say "no" to.'

'W-what are you talking about?'

Dean shook his head and caught sight of the camera in the center of the room. He grinned as he looked down at Castiel. 'Let's get shit-faced and make a sex tape.'

Castiel blushed deeply as his heart sped up. 'I already have one, thank you.'

Dean's grin widened, and he pulled Castiel closer. He relentlessly attacked Castiel's mouth, drawing out softs moans. 'No, you don't, but I think you need one.'

Castiel ran a finger down the bridge of Dean's nose, considering Dean's suggestion. He had no idea what he was like drunk. It might be fun. 'Very well. You have my permission.'

Dean smiled and lightly kissed Castiel. 'I love you, Castiel.'

Castiel gave Dean a small smile before looking down shyly. 'I…I love you, too, Dean.