Nobody but Edward and Alice knew about their dirty little secret. Not even Carlisle or Esme knew what their sons did when they were away. Hell, they didn't even know that two of their sons were together as a couple.

Jasper gripped the collar around Emmett's neck, throwing him onto the bed, slamming the already half broken bed into the wall. Emmett panted, smirking up at his honey blonde tease. His could barely move his body from his earlier rough spanking, but he didn't mind at all. His body was wet and sticky with sweat. Blood dripped down the side of his face. He wiped the side of his face and proceeded to wipe it on his jeans he still wore.

Emmett braced himself as Jasper lunged at him. He was to know that Jasper never always used his full strength so as to not break him. He was human, however Jasper was a vampire. A very…very sadistic one at that.

Jasper straddled the human, Emmett shuddering with the cool leather of jaspers erotic outfit touched his bare torso. Jasper crushed their lips together in a heated, passionate kiss.

"A-ah!" Emmett exclaimed, breaking away from Jasper as he grinded his hips against the others. One eye closed, a smirk played across his lips. "I-I find it c-convenient that you're…hard 24/7…ah!" He threw his head back as Jasper start rubbing more firmly against him, causing a delicious frictions.

Jasper gave a low chuckled and kissed Emmett again, his hands roaming lower to undo the brown belt that held his pants hanging just a bit off his nice, round ass… Oh how Jasper couldn't go a day without thinking about groping Emmett's ass. Acting on impulse, Jasper sat and pulled the boy into his lap. He yanked Emmett's head back by his short, curly brunette hair, making him gasp and wince. The honey blonde skimmed his nose across the exposed throat and took in the scent, the sound of the blood that flowed through his neck. He absentmindedly nipped lightly at the sensitive skin so as not to break it. That was the last thing the two lovers needed. Jasper's self-control was only good enough to get through foreplay before he'd have to stop for a minute.

He pushed his lover on to the bed; the need to be inside of him took over his body. His hands worked open his jeans that looked rather tight on the brunette. He shedded the man of his pants and boxers, leaving him completely vulnerable to the lusty vampire on top of him. He was about to lean down and kiss him again but stopped.

Footsteps not even 20 feet from the house caught his attention. Emmett, who had wrapped his arms around Jasper's neck, new the intense look on his face. He wasn't looking at him, but towards the door. Within the blink of an eye, Jasper had changed out of the leather outfit and into loose fitting jeans and a white button down shirt that he left half unbuttoned.

"Stay right here," he ordered sharply. "Do not under any circumstance move or even make a sound unless you are being attack. Do I make myself clear?"

Emmett nodded and settled down in the bed. Jasper nodded back and ran out the room and down the stairs to the living. Bella was sitting criss cross on the couch reading a book as always.

"Bella, go upstairs," he said, startling her. "There's someone here and I'm sensing that he or she is very hostile. Go to my room and do not under any circumstance move or even make a sound unless you are being attack. Do I make myself clear?" Bella nodded and hurried clumsily up the stairs. Jasper waited patiently for the uninvited guest to reach the porch. He didn't even give time for the person to knock and opened the door.

Jasper was shocked to see Irene. She had grim look on her face. Her golden eyes widened and took a step back.

"Jasper! Are you with…a human?" Her nose wrinkled. "Does she know-"

"She knows, but Irene-"

Jasper never got a chance to explain before she hauled off and slapped him, crying, "You know that it's against the law! The Vultori'll-"

Irene was about to slap him again but years of training kicked in and he caught he wrist, spinning her around and catching her in a headlock. "You tell the Vultori and I swear it's going to be a death of a cousin. You are not to tell the Vultori humans know about us." He let her go. "I mean it. Get out of here!"

Irene left in a heartbeat, slightly terrified by Jasper's threat. Irene knew what she had to do, even if it meant betraying the trust the two families held between one another. Any vampire that has broken the law must be turned in. It was the right thing to do.

Welp, what did you think? It wasn't too bad was it? It's been awhile since I've done something Twilight related. I know, I know. It's kinda screwed up that Jasper is with Emmett and all that. But hey! I hope you still like it