Jasper walked back to his room, an irritated expression on his face. He found Emmett standing in the middle of the room, hands in the pockets of his jeans that he had put back on. Bella sat on the bed, legs crossed. Emmett looked at him and tilted his head. Jasper shook his head and sighed. Emmett gave a small smile as he walked towards Jasper. He captured his lips in a soothing kiss.

The honey blonde couldn't help but smile into the kiss. He pulled Emmett closer, resting his hand on his arm. One arm snaked around Jasper's waist.

The two boys had forgotten that Bella was in the room until she giggled. "No wonder you asked if Emmett could stay, Jasper!"

The two broke apart, still holding onto each other, and looked at her, smiling.

"Shh, don't tell Mom or Dad," Emmett said.

"This is our little secret." Jasper winked.

"Oh, what about this?" Bella held up Jasper's leather outfit.

Jasper snatched the outfit away from Bella and hid his face in Emmett's neck. Nobody else was ever supposed to see that.

Emmett chuckled, his arms wrapping tightly around Jasper. "I wouldn't mention it to anyone."

"If I could blush I would be red right now."
"Oh, so you were the one wearing this?"

"And now beet red…"

Jasper intertwined his fingers with Emmett's. They stood there, swaying side to side. Emmett leaned his forehead against the other's.

"The others are home," Jasper murmured quietly.

Emmett made a noise of acknowledgement and pressed their lips together for one final kiss of the night. The three started towards the door.

Carlisle took Jasper by his arm and threw a glance at Emmett. "Really, son? But anyways, Alice said Irene came by. What was she there for?"

"I don't know. All I know is that she figured out that humans knew about vampires." Jasper added more softly, "How'd you figure out?"

"The collar around his neck. Come on son. We need to have a talk."

Carlisle guided Jasper out of the house. They walked through the woods behind the grand house. It was quiet for a while, which was a good thing for Jasper. He was slightly afraid of what his father had to say. He smelled a deer not far from where they were. His throat burned as a reminder that he hadn't fed in a few weeks, spending family hunting days staying with Emmett and Bella. He didn't hesitate to attack the animal, snapping its neck. He bit into its soft neck draining the animal dry in minutes.

"Son, why didn't you just tell us you were homosexual?" Carlisle asked, kneeling down beside Jasper.

Jasper shrugged. "I didn't know how you would react."

"Well, you wouldn't have to have this talk if you had just told us in the first place. Why did you lie and say that he was just a friend?"

"Because, in a way, he was just a friend. He was the new student in school. Nobody would talk to him because, let's face it, he looks pretty mean. We were really close friends, blah, blah, blah, the bam!" Jasper clapped his hands together. "Here we are, perfectly happy together."

"I see."

"Do you?"
"Yes. It all makes sense to me now. At least, why you always skip out on hunting days. I thought it was just to keep an eye on Emm and Bella."
"That was actually part of the reason. Somebody has to keep watch of them. There are nomads roaming around in Forks. Come on, Dad, you have to admit that Emm and Bella do smell pretty good."

Carlisle rolled his eyes, but what Jasper just said brought on a new topic to discuss. He studied Jasper as he stood and wandered away. Carlisle followed him.

"So, how do you control yourself around him? I mean, you almost ate Bella last year."

"To be honest, I don't." Jasper turned around and threw a smirk at his father. "At least to a certain extent. If anything, Emmett doesn't mind at all."

"You know, I could have gone the rest of eternity without knowing that, son."

Jasper shrugged and wiped his mouth. "You know, Emm wants to be a vampire to-"

"Be with you," Carlisle finished his sentence.

"That too."

Carlisle raised an eyebrow, his golden eyes examining his honey blonde son. "Oh? And what else?"

"Keep in mind you asked," he chuckled. "He wants to be dominant for once."

Carlisle's eyes widened and he shook his head. Well, he couldn't be any more disturbed than he already was. He pushed his hands into his pockets and motioned for his son to follow him home. They were a good ways away from home, seeing as Jasper had wandered more than two miles away from where their property ended. It was a silent walk back. They didn't bother to run, finding it quite peaceful out in the woods. It was a nice place to think, and in its own way, romantic.

Jasper sighed softly. He couldn't remember the last time he and Emmett had a romantic day out. He thought for a minute. He could take him out here where it was quiet and peaceful.

"Jasper, son, snap out of it."

Carlisle's voice brought him back to reality. He shook his head and looked at the house in front of him. He glanced at his bedroom window; he could see Emmett standing with him arms crossed across his muscular chest, a smile planted on his face.

"I'm waiting," Emmett mouthed, tilting his head teasingly.

Jasper didn't hesitate. He climbed the side of the house and slid into the open window. He pulled Emmett into his arms and crushed their lips together. Jasper broke the kiss to allow Emmett to take in a very much needed breath.

"Dude…I love you," Emmett muttered, burying his face in Jasper's neck.

"I love you too, you big brute."