Nicky gasped as strong arms encircled his hips in a tight grip. He couldn't believe that anyone would touch him especially after he went down in the sewers again. He blushed at the possessiveness of the hold was and then he yelled as he was thrown into the showers. Nicky landed harshly on his side and he growled in anger at being thrown.

"How the hell did you managed I that skinny? Damn it snake eyes what the hell was that for?" Nicky sat up and rubbed his sore shoulder and glared at the silent man standing at the shower's entrance. " I reek that much. I didn't even notice not that it really bothers me. I take it you want me to shower, look buddy I know we're team mates and all but seriously I can't take a shower with you standing right there." Nicky was seriously going to 'try' to push snake eyes out of the showers so he can take one. Had he not been physically thrown into here he probably would have skipped it. 'Fuck I need to remember to shower after the sewers. Or risk getting ninja'd again.' Nick finally got to his feet and crossed his arms as we waited for the ninja to leave.

Snake eyes remained still and silent that unnerved Nicky. Nick never really liked silence and it usually met with something bad happening. His long years of being bullied had made Nicky paranoid and mistrustful of others.

"Um...ok then. You better fucking look the other way then." Nicky sighed in defeat as it was apparent Snake eyes was not going to move until after Nicky cleaned up. ' going to be awkward.'