Nick was so flustered from the shower incident that he tried to avoid the ninja at all costs. This didn't last as long as Nicky hoped as the ninja went out of his way to see him. It made Nicky feel like a girl and that made him even angrier at himself.

"Why the heck do I feel like a shool girl that has a major crush...I need to get some air." Nick decided that walking around the forested grounds of the GI joe base would help appease the butterflies in his stomach at any mention of Snake Eyes.

The forest was rather peaceful and although Nicky was a city boy. He did enjoy everything nature could give him and he felt even more attuned to the earth after his own 'ninja' training. 'Great thinking about the ninja again...why do I do this to myself?' Nick groaned and sat on an old fallen tree trunk. He sat there poking at the platform fungus and when he accidently broke one off Nicky looked around as he felt like he was being watched. 'Heh, used a little too much force with that one...don't mind me forest I just tend to destroy things.' Nick shook the paranoia away as he bent down to pick up the broken fungus. He doesn't like destroying things but it happens anyways. He sighed as he placed the fungus back on the ground. He walked further into the forest and he was delighted to see a small pond.

"Hmm...should have brought some bread crumbs for the fish. Not that I knew there was a pond here. Oh well time for some zen meditation stuff to push all my worries away." Grinning he explored around the pond and noticed tadpoles. The memories of camp with his brother made him smile even if there were some memories that were rather painful. The teasings and beatings made his good mood turn sour. He picked up a stone and threw it into the pond. Disrupting the calm pond and silencing the various animal noises the area was soon pulled into an eerie silence. Silence was never a good thing in nature and Nicky held the urge to run away.

Suddenly Nicky heard a rather large object fall from the tree behind him. instead of turning towards it his instincts made him run the other direction instead. He ran silently through the forest jumping onto a larger fallen tree he ran until he lost his will to run.

"Fuck, been awhile since I ran that much. Wonder what the hell fell down." Nick leaned against a big oak tree trying his hardest to catch his breath. He stared upwards to enjoy the sunlight illuminating the leaves. There was only a little breeze and so the leaves didn't move that much. As Nick was so engrossed in his leaf viewing he failed to notice a shadow approach.

The shadow moved closer to the Rat and then it shot out its arm next to the Rat's face.

"AHHH fuck! Snake EYES DON'T YOU EVER SP-...nevermind you can't talk, aheh." Nick was nervous and the close proximity to the ninja made his stomach fill tingly. The two stared in each other's eyes until Nick looked away.

"What the hell do you want anyways ninja boy." Nicky still looked away trying to avoid the other's gaze. 'He might hide his face but you can still feel his damn gaze on you. How the hell does he do that?' Nick then tried to walk away when Snake Eyes' other arm stop him by being placed on the other side of Nick's face. Sighing in annoyance Nicky looked at the ninja.

"Well now." Nicky was slowly getting more annoyed than nervous and he hated being so close to someone. Close contact for him usually had pain follow and nicky mentally prepared himself for the pain. Closing his eyes he waited for the punch.

Instead he was surprised by the ninja's sudden gentle headbutt. With their foreheads now touching Nicky looked at Snake Eyes in bewilderment as the ninja stood watching how the other would react.

"W-what was that for Snake Eyes. I didn't do anything." Nicky was sure he didn't deserve the cruel attentions of the ninja. 'First he shamed me now what the hell is he going to do next?' Nicky wanted this all to stop and return to what it had been before Snake Eyes started to take notice of him.

"Hey you to-um did I interrupt something?" Duke suddenly appeared and Nicky wanted to die.

Snakes turned to Duke shaking his head in a negative returning his arms to his sides and allowing Nicky to move away from him.

"We have another mission. Come on, the Coyote is up and running." Duke turned and walked away.

Nicky glared at the ninja before he followed Duke out of the forest Snake eyes close behind.

A/N: Wow...something could have totally happened between them but damn it Duke. Y U SUDDENLY APPEAR AHAHAHLol. More awkward situations await poor little nicky as he still tries to deny his feelings.