Nicky snuck into the cafeteria making sure there were no other personnel around. He just found a puppy during his mission with Roadblock. Roudblock said nothing as he grabbed the underweight puppy when they returned to the base.

" to get some food, wait. What should I feed him?" Nicky managed to get in the kitchen and was searching for some food that wouldn't upset his puppy's stomach.

"Well fuck...guess I'll just need to head to the WHOA! heh...sorta scared me there ninja." Nicky didn't want to deal with the ninja now so he ignored him and continued to look at the various canned food.

" to the store then." Nicky turned and smacked right into Snake Eyes' chest.

"Seriously pissing me off there ninja! Just...ugh leave me alone ok?" Nick moved out of the ninja's reach and ran to try to get Roadblock to head to the store. Snake Eyes merely stared at the retreating figure in silence.

"Hey Roadblock! HEY!" Nicky nudged the man that was under his finely cared for vehicle.

"Just a sec...Tunnelrat? What do you want I have some upgrades for Coyote here." Roadblock took a glance at the short man before grabbing the towel to dry his hands of grease.

" long will that take ya?" Nicky questioned ,"I sorta have something I need at the store." Nicky leaned back to the wall to wait for the big guy to answer.

"Uh well...I just took out her engine an-"

"You WHAT?!" Nicky yelled and then sighed at his horrible luck.

"Well you can get a ride on the ninja's new bike." Nicky froze and slowly turned to Roadblock as if he told him to kill himself. Roadblock merely shook his head ," It's that or just go without whatever you need T-rat...sorry." Roadblock then returned his attention to his baby.

"Che...whatever." Nicky turned and headed straight for his barrack. He shared it with Ripcord who was happy about the puppy and promised he wouldn't tell anyone. 'Like that guy can keep his mouth shut for that long. jeez...fine...I guess I'll ask him.' Nicky was still bummed by what happened in the forest. Duke still gives him these weird looks every now and then.

It wasn't long until Nicky found the ninja who was sharpening his katanas. Nick walked nervously over to the ninja and waited until the loud scraping was done.

"H-hey there. Um. I just wanted to uh." Nicky was nervous as hell and he kept his gaze averted ,"I need a ride to the would you be kind to take me there?" Nick let out a breath as he said that in a rush.

Snake Eyes then continued to sharpen his katanas. Nicky sighed in defeat and started to leave. His hand was grabbed and Snake Eyes had returned his katanast on his back, using his hands to point at him and then to his motorcycle.

"Awesome! Thanks Snake Eyes." Nicky smiled and headed to the cycle when he then saw how awkward it was about to get. 'Please...let no one see us when we return.' Nicky blushed and waited for the taller guy to get on.

(A/N just gonna drop this lol lol seriously when that episode had t-rat and snake eyes on the motorcycle I made whale noises at how ADORABLE they looked...of course I laughed so hard at nicky's sad attempt at driving one. ENJOY)