All Grown Up

Brittany always babysits Santana and Santana's had a crush on her. Now Brits in 2nd year and Santana's in grade 11 and they meet again.


The Lopez's were leaving tonight to go onto their date night which meant one thing, Santana got to stay behind with her babysitter who she loved very much. She loved spending time with Brittany because Brittany let her stay up past her bedtime and watch movies that her parents normally wouldn't let her watch.

Santana waited at the window for Brittany to come to her doorstep, she was always so excited. Santana was a good kid, she was super nice and chatty to everyone she met and always had a smile on her face. If someone said anything weird or funny she would burst out laughing like she didn't have a care in the world. Brittany was quiet the same as her, people would say she almost lived in a different land. She was so sweet that no one ever wanted to hurt her. She was carefree and of course always made sure people were treated right.

Brittany thought Santana was a great child, and together they had a good time. Brittany was glad she was Santana's baby sitter. As Santana watched the street through the window her eyes light up in joy and she sprung from her seat to her parents running down the hallway in excitement.

"She's here! She's here!" Santana called out and ran around the house with joy stopping right at the door waiting in anticipation for her mother to open it.

"Calm down Santana she's not going to go anywhere," Mrs. Lopez laughed at her daughter for being all silly.

Mrs. Lopez opened the door for Brittany and a big smile crept up onto Santana's face. This was always her favorite part of the week, when she got to see Brittany. She didn't know why she thought Brittany was so great, she just did and that's all that mattered to her.

"Hey San ban," Brittany said as Santana jumped up onto her and gave her a big hug. " Someone's happy to see me I guess," Brittany chuckled.

"Oh yes, she's been talking about it for quiet some time now," Brittany only laughed again, Santana was probably her favorite kid to babysit.

"So Brittany, I felt 20 dollars on the front table for you incase you want to order some pizza or anything. The emergency numbers are where they always are," Mrs. Lopez always made sure that everything was right before she left the house. She cared about Santana deeply.

"Thank you again, now you two go and have a good time," Brittany said waved the Lopez's out the door.

"Call me if you need anything," Mrs. Lopez called out after Mr. Lopez practically had to drag her thought the door. Brittany waved bye to them and then carefully shut the door. She then turned to Santana who was smiling big at her.

"And what do you want to do tonight little lady?" Brittany asked her bending down to Santana's level.

"Britty, I'm not little anymore! I'm 10 I'm practically an adult," Santana huffed and crossed her arms pouting at Brittany causing the blonde to smile.

"I am very sorry, of course, you're all grown up," Santana's face light up into a huge smile.

"Can we watch Finding Nemo while eating ice cream?" Santana asked.

"Of course," Brittany said.

"Yey!" Santana ran to the kitchen and climbed up onto her chair waiting for ice cream.


Santana was getting ready for school like every morning she was in her washroom putting on her make up making sure she looked like the hottest bitch around. She had quiet a turn around from since she was 10. She was no longer the sweet innocent girl that laughed at everything; no instead she was at the top of her school pushing people around and giving people slushies. She could get whomever she wanted, girls, guys anyone and although she didn't want to admit it she liked girls way better then guys.

It didn't matter if Santana was late for school or not, she didn't really care. She was on top of the school and she could easily cheat her way into good grades. So Santana went down stairs, grabbed an apple and walked out the door. She had come a long way from being ten years old, now she was 16 and ready to take on the world.

She walked to school everyday, well usually, many times she would see one of the guys drive by and they would stop for her to offer a ride. That or she would make them give her a ride or she would make sure they would receive many slushy facials that week.

Santana started to eat her apple as she walked to school in her Cheerio's uniform, she was proud to wear it. Strangely not a single car had come her way yet and she was beginning to get annoyed. She shouldn't have to walk, she was on top of the world, along with her best friend Quinn but she was obviously ahead of her. She didn't even know why they were friends, Quinn always wanted to be nice to the gleeks and nerds she didn't see what was so great about them.

It wasn't acceptable, she didn't think that this was acceptable at all to be walking to school so she pulled out her phone and scrolled through it to decide who she should call and demand to pick her up. She could call Puck but he was an ass or she could call Quinn but she was probably at school already and she wasn't that heartless to make her miss school. She knew Quinn hated missing school.

She was so involved in her phone she didn't see the person coming right at her and smashing into her. Santana jolted back and landed on the ground along with the other person that had bumped into her.

"Watch where you're going!" Santana snapped.

"Oh sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going," the other person said cheerfully.

"Clearly!" Santana grumped pulling herself up off the ground. She finally looked at the other person who was still sitting on the floor examining her knee. It was bleeding and scratched up but that's not why she kept staring. She was looking at the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. She had long blonde hair that flowed down her shoulder and the biggest blue eyes at shimmered when you looked at them. Santana thought this girl was gorgeous.

Blue eyes found brown ones and the Santana couldn't help but stare. She knew she should look away but this girl was just too beautiful she couldn't. She thought something looked familiar about her but she couldn't quiet put her finger on it. Just then she saw the blonde smile at her.

"No way, little Santana?" The blonde girl asked. Santana was taken by surprise, then she finally realized who this gorgeous girl was.

"Brittany?" Santana said still in shock.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time! I can't believe I bumped into you... literally," she said with a chuckle. That same chuckle that Santana loved hearing when she was a ten year old. She was the same smile the same everything, Santana couldn't help but smile at Brittany.

"Yeah sorry about that," Why was Santana saying sorry, she never did that. "Is your knee okay?" And now she's showing concern. Sure it was Brittany and Brittany had always been her favorite but she still never would thought she would show someone concern.

"Yeah, it should be fine. But look at you, you're all grown up now," Brittany said as she got up off the ground.

"Yeah, that's right, I'm not little Santana anymore," Santana didn't want Brittany to think of her as little, she wanted her to think of her as a big girl, maybe even someone she could hook up with a couple of times. Santana claims she doesn't do relationships, or feelings or any of that stuff, she says she just wants hook ups but actually in truth Santana wishes she had a girlfriends. Someone to call hers and that will hug her and kiss her everyday.

"I see you're a cheerio, that's pretty cool," Santana's face light up in a huge smile, she really liked getting Brittany's approval. It made her heart warm up.

"Yeah, so what brings you back in Lima? I thought you were in LA," Santana asked.

"I was but you know the university year is over so I'm back home ready to enjoy the summer. I even got a job at the Lima Bean," Santana smiled, she always hangs out there and that means she would get to see more of Brittany.

"I go there sometimes," Everyday Santana. Santana goes there everyday.

"I guess I'll be seeing more of you then," Brittany said with a wink, Santana blushed. She was so glad her skin tone hid how red her face was.

"I guess you will," Santana said.

"Well I would talk longer but I was actually heading there right now so I'll catch you later," Brittany said as beginning to walk off.

"Bye!" Santana called after her watching as Brittany turned around to wave at her and that's when the warm feeling came back into her heart and the huge smile grew on her face. She turned back around and carried on her walk to school and she knew this walk was worth it in the end.

All through the day Santana couldn't help but think of Brittany, she was in such a good mood that even her slushy facials were reduced to only three students, usually she slushied at least 12 a day. She just went through her day living her life without anyone pissing her off. She listened in all her classes and actually put up her hand once to answer a question. That brought up a lot more questions like why she was behaving or that she was actually listening to the lesson.

At the end of the day just before Cheerio's practice a very confused Quinn came up to her in order to confront her friend. She was kind of werided out by Santana's nice act. She didn't know what to think of it, she had only ever seen her friend as a bitch and now suddenly she switched.

"Alright cut the crap," Quinn said as she marched up to Santana. "What's up with you today? You're nice."

"Way to state the obvious Quinn," Santana sighs as she shuts her locker.

"What happened?" Quinn asked.

"Is it such a crime to be nice for one day?" Santana asked trying to get ride of the subject.

"For you, yes," Santana just rolled her eyes.

"Look it's nothing okay, I promise I'll be back to my usual self tomorrow," I tell her.

"I kind of like this Santana better actually."

"Well don't get used to it because she's not sticking around. By the way, I have a craving for a drink so we need to go to the Lima Bean after practice," Santana tells her but all she wants to do is see Brittany again and maybe if she's lucky she'll get to talk to her just one more time.

"Yeah that's fine. I'll see if the guys want to come with us," Quinn said, she had a huge crush on Sam and always hoped that he's come with them wherever they go.

"Aw do you want to see Sammy again?" Santana said trying to get on Quinn's nerves.

"Shut up," Santana just smirked at her.

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