Santana was up in her bedroom doing some last minute homework, because she was a last minute kind of person. She actually hardly ever did her homework which is why she's surprised she's doing some right now but a couple nights ago when she was talking to Brittany telling her, her grades were dropping Brittany told her that maybe the reason for that was because she never did her homework. She didn't argue with that, she knew that was probably the reason but never did she think she would actually do something about it.

Yet here she was, sitting on her black, spinney chair at her desk doing her homework because Brittany told her it would be a good idea if she tried in school and tried to pull up her grades. She couldn't believe that Brittany had this affect on her, to actually make her do her homework on her own free will. She agreed to do everything but her math homework because she would be doing enough of that with her fricken math tutor. She really didn't feel like doing some shitty math homework when she didn't get it and knew all her answers would be wrong.

To say Santana was bored was an understatement. She had been writing her English essay for a couple of hours now, which makes her want to slam her head against the wall. All she knows is that she's almost done and then she's home free, all she has to do is re read this damn thing and hit the print button. Suddenly her phone starts to ring which jolts Santana out of her state of boredom once she see's that Brittany is calling her. A big grin creeps up onto the girls face as she answers the phone.

"Hey you," Santana says cheerfully.

"Hey! Are you doing anything right now?" Brittany asks her.

"I'm just finishing up by English essay," silence appears on the other end of the line, which makes Santana curious. "Britt?"

"I'm sorry I'm just... am I hearing correctly, Santana Lopez actually doing homework?" Brittany jokes.

"Shut up," Santana tells her. "Tell me why you're calling."

"Right, we'll I thought that maybe tonight, you wanna maybe, go on a date?" Brittany said hesitantly. She wasn't too sure where Santana and her stood and she defiantly wasn't sure how comfortable Santana was about everything that was going on. She knows she's still in the closet and having a hard time adjusting to everything so she didn't want to push her luck.

"Like, a public date?" Santana asked cautiously, she liked Brittany a lot, but she wasn't ready to go announcing that to the world.

"No, I mean, we don't have to do that, until you're ready. You could come over and I'll cook dinner or something," that sounded nice, exactly what Santana needed. She loved that Brittany knew what was going through her head, it was easy with Brittany, everything became so much simpler.

"That sounds nice," Santana tells her.

"Great! So be here by 7ish?" Brittany hopes.

"I'll see you then," Santana says as she hangs up the phone and squeals with joy. She's not a squealer, she's never squealed a day in her life but for some reason she felt as if this situation needed one. It wouldn't be complete without one because as of tonight, she would be on her first date with Brittany, their first official date. Then everything kicked in for Santana, they would be on a date which means Santana needs to look hot which means she needs a fashion consultant.

She knows that she won't be able to hide the fact that she likes Brittany from her friends forever. She could always keep it a secret for a little while longer and ask Puck for help but honestly his fashion choice would probably not get Santana a second date so she decided it was time to tell Quinn. She shot the girl a quick text telling her to come over asap.

Not too long after that Quinn arrived. That was one thing Santana liked about Quinn, she would always come over straight away when Santana asked. She knew she could count on the girl even if they got into a few fights every now and then. They would always make up and have each others backs. As Santana brought Quinn up to her room she replayed how she was going to tell Quinn over and over again in her head. She was nervous, really nervous, she knew she didn't need to be, it's just that Santana's friends had never known the girl to get crushes so this would probably be a surprise.

"So what was so important you had to pull me away from my family dinner?" Quinn asked Santana who just stood there in silence still figuring out what to say. "Earth to Santana?"

"Right, I just... I need help," Santana swallowed the lump in her throat. "I have a date tonight and..." Quinn's cut her off.

"WHAT?!" Quinn shouts in dibelief.

"Geeze Q, calm down a little bit," Santana tells her.

"Am I hearing this correctly? You have a date? With another person, and you are going with your own free will," Santana rolls her eyes at Quinn because the girl always has to be so over dramatic.

"Yes Quinn I have a date, so I would apreshiate it if you would help me find something to wear now," but Quinn just stands there smirking at Santana.

"Who's it with?" Quinn asks.

"Is this really necisary?" Santana asks. She knew Quinn was going to drill her with questions but this was getting a bit reticulate.

"Yes! I want to know who finally captured your heart," Quinn tells her.

"Brittany," even her name causes Santana to smile.

"Brittany? Like Lima Bean Brittany?" Quinn asks with surprise.

"That's her," Santana says looking down trying to hide the smile that's on her face. That smile doesn't go unnoticed by Quinn who gets up from her spot and tackles Santana down in a hug.

"I'm so happy for you!" Quinn says.

"Quinn, can't breath," Santana says trying to get out of Quinn's grasp.

"Sorry, I'm just so happy for you!" Quinn tells her as she lets go of Santana and makes her way to the girls closet pulling out every single bit of clothing in there to find Santana a good outfit for tonight. "We are going to find the perfect outfit. Do you need to wear something casual or really nice?"

"Like casual nice, she's cooking me dinner," Santana blushes.

"Awe you're blushing!" Quinn says with excitement.

"Shut up," Santana says all embarrassed.

Quinn starts matching outfits to put together, things that Santana would never have thought about wearing but she has to admit that everything she's trying on looks really cute and hot at the same time, she made the right choice inviting Quinn over then Puck. Hopefully Brittany would like what she was going to wear. Santana's final choice ended up being jeans that hugged her butt just right and a low cut t-shirt with a jacket that would get Brittany's mouth to hang.

Santana was really nervous, she liked the girl so much and this was her first real official date with her. Sure they had been hanging out and kissing... a lot, but those never really counted as dates. Those were what Santana thought as, as practice dates or just getting to know each other times. This was the real deal.

"You better tell me how this date goes," Quinn told her.

"Maybe, we'll see," Santana joked, of course she was going to tell Quinn, they basically told each other everything.

"Santana!" Quinn said as she slapped her playfully.

"I'm just joking okay, yeah I'll tell you," Santana says.

"Good! Now go have fun on your date!" Quinn said shoving Santana out of the door. The door of her OWN house. Santana just laughed at how excited she was for Santana to go out, not that she wasn't excited herself... she was except she was just way more nervous. She didn't want to screw up or give Brittany a reason to not want to be with her. She didn't think she could handle that, she's screwed everything up in the past she really needs this one thing to work out.

Santana decided on riding her bike to Brittany's because she didn't have the car and she knew if she told Brittany she was riding her bike that the girls would have offered to come pick her up. She didn't want that, she wanted to get to her house on her own time and mentally prepare herself for what's about to happen. She wanted a few minutes to breath for herself, collect her thoughts, plan what she would say through her head so she doesn't screw up.

On her way to Brittany's she passed by a couple of stores not really paying attention to what was in the window when one thing caught her eyes. There, sitting on a table next to a light was a stuffed duck, staring at her like it needed a home. Fortunately for it she knew a great home and a great person that would love that duck. Santana decided to buy it in hope that Brittany would love it just as much as she loved real ducks. She hoped that it would make her happy and give Santana a point in the right directions.

Standing out front on Brittany's doorway Santana became extra nervous. It had all come down to this. Yes, Santana was about to faint right now because her stomach was doing so many flips at once but she also felt like she could lift off from the ground at any second from her happy high. Before she could think what she was doing she rung the girls doorbell waiting for Brittany to come.

She was greeted with the most amazing blonde she had ever seen. Brittany was absolutely jaw dropping, her hair was like ocean waves that moved with the wind and she was wearing a dark blue shirt with black dress pants. Santana's eyes widened at the sight as she tried to remind herself to speak, to use her words.

"You look, wow," was all Santana managed to get out making Brittany giggle.

"You look pretty wow yourself," this made Santana blush.

"Uh, I got you this," Santana said reveling the duck that was behind her back and giving it to Brittany. Watching her face light up was worth every penny she spent on that thing.

"Oh my god San I love it!" Brittany cheered as an excited child.

"Yeah?" Santana said still a little unsure of everything.

"Yes! It's so cute! Thank you," Brittany said wrapping the girl up in a big hug. A smile spread across Santana's face because she didn't feel like she had to be nervous anymore. She didn't know why she was nervous even to beguine with.

"I just finished the last bit of the dinner so we can eat if you want?" Brittany asked a little hesitantly. She was pretty nervous for this date too, she didn't really know what Santana even liked to eat so she went with chicken and pasta. A safe thing because those are the things that everyone in the world likes even a little bit.

"That sounds perfect," Santana said as she got lead into the kitchen by Brittany.

"Do you need any help?" Santana asked before Brittany sat her down at the table, which was set up really nicely by the way. There were candles on the table to help set up the lighting and what looked liked hand picked flowers on the table to help give it some class.

"No thanks, I got it," Brittany said. Brittany placed two plates in front of them and they beguine to eat. The pasta was amazing, Santana thought that Brittany was a great cook which made her eve hotter.

"Britt, this is great!" Santana exclaimed.

"You sure? Not to much salt or anything?" Brittany asked.

"No, it's perfect," Santana told her.

After they both finished Brittany's lovely dinner Santana though she would help Brittany by doing the dishes which Brittany put the desert in the oven. This was something new for Santana, she never really helped around the house, she thought chores were not necessary and that you could just heir people to do that for you. Once Brittany had finished putting the desert on she went to Santana to help her with the dishes but the girl wouldn't let her help. Brittany tried to reach past Santana to grab a dish but Santana pushed her away and then splashed a little water on her.

"Did you just splash water on me?" Brittany asked a little surprised.

"Maybeeee," Santana dragged out to be playful.

"Well," Brittany drove at the sink, cupping some water and sprayed Santana back getting her shirt all wet. Santana yelped and sprung back from the sink but not before taking a glass and filling it with some water. Brittany saw what was coming and her eyes widened. She had to fight back, she couldn't let Santana win in her own house so she took a bowl and filled that with water.

"Wait! What if we both put down the water at the same time?" Santana said calmly, trying to reason with Brittany.

"Nahh," Brittany said as she launched the water in the bowl at Santana.

"Brittany!" Santana screamed. Brittany saw the look in Santana's eye and knew what was coming next so she was fast to get out of there hoping to escape the water Santana was carrying. "You can't hide forever."

"I can try," Brittany said running into the living room.

"I'm coming for you," Santana told her.

Santana ran in after her and looked around but there was no sign of Brittany. Carefully she put the water glass down to have a look over the couch. She crept up very carefully hoping that she would surprise to the girl, but as she peered over it she realized that Brittany was not there. Which meant she was somewhere else, hiding, ready to jump out and attack Santana. The girl had a bad feeling about this.

She quickly looked up and turned around just in time to see Brittany coming toward her and before Santana could do anything about it she was being pinned to the ground with Brittany straddling overtop of her. Everything begins to feel hot around her because Brittany is here, sitting on top of her. Santana's heart rate begins to speed up and her breath becomes hitched, the affect that the girl has on her is tremendous.

"Surrender or face tickles," Brittany said.

"Never!" Santana said back. Brittany started tickling her hoping to get the girl to give up. "Stop it!" Santana called.

"Then say I win," Brittany joked.

"No!" Santana won't go down that easily she thought but that soon gets put aside when Brittany starts tickling her in all her ticklish spots and Santana can't take it anymore.

"Fine, ok, you win," Santana laughs.

A happy Brittany got off from Santana who just managed to get the girl all hot and bothered by that. Having Brittany over top of her like that made her head spin and her thoughts become all muddled up in her brain. She couldn't focus on anything other then, 'Brittany was just on top of me'.

"You look a little flustered there San," Brittany joked. Santana tried to speak back but nothing would come out of her mouth.

"I uh g-h," Santana tried to say.

Brittany just hummed and then came closer to the girl cupping her cheek in her hand. Brittany looked into Santana's eyes which made the girl stop trying to form a sentence and just focus on the girl in front of her. How her eyes beaming the color blue and how her dimples looked so cute when she smiles. Santana made sure she took everything in but that was before Brittany leaned in and kissed her. Kissed her so gently Santana knew she could stay like this forever.

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