Their mother and father still separate, Teru still go with their mother and Saki with their father, but what if Teru didn't hate saki?

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1) Speak of the devil

Kiyosumi Mahjong Club Room

Another fine afternoon when Hisa is watching her club-mates play.


"Ron. 1500/3000."


Hisa can't resist smiling at the scene. 'Maa they play very nicely' she thought 'if only another girl appear, then we can go to the tournament.'

As they say, speak of the devil and it shall appear.

*knock knock*

Hisa's eye twitch 'it can't be can it?' she open the door revealing one short haired girl that soon to be known as Miss Rinshan.

2) Texting

'Onee-san I got into a mahjong club ^^'

'Really? That's good :) Lets play mahjong.'

'Sure :D'

'Onee-san, I got beaten by Miss Katsudon today D:'

'Miss Katsudon...? Oh Fujita Pro. Do you play with your all.'

'Iie, I play +/- 0, but she keep taking my tile so I end up losing TT_TT'

'I see.. Let's play mahjong, I'll try copying her style and you play +/- 0'

'Hai :D'

'One-san my mahjong club will join the tournament ^^'

'Is that so? Then I'll be waiting for you on the Final.'

'Are we going to play mahjong today?'

'According to the rule participant on the tournament aren't allowed to play each other outside the tournament.'


'Don't be sad, I'm sure you'll find some good players on the tournament.'

'Hmmm... okay then :)'

3) Sea and Mountain

Prefecture Tournament Final

Saki is watching Koromo, 'The tide of the game flows from her and flooding all of us'

Saki smile

'But the sea is far below the peak of a mountain'

"Tsumo. Chinitsu. Toitoi. Sanankou. Sankatsu. 1 red dora. Rinshan kaihou. That's 32.000."

4) The Pool

"Well lets take a dip." said Nodoka happily

"Um I... Actually, I can't swim..." Saki embarasedly answer

On the other side of Japan.

"That Teru..." begin Sumire "We're in the pool yet she just sit on the side and read a book" she end annoyedly

"Well it can't be helped, Teru can't swim after all~" said Awai

5) Live Luck and God

'It would be nice if we all can go in the individual' muse Saki 'Lets make it happen then' Saki thought while smiling.

Later that day Takei Hisa wonders about live luck and God

"Going to the national on the third place is Kiyosumi High School's First Year Miyanaga Saki!"

"In second, also a first year from Kiyosumi High School, Haramura Nodoka!"

"And in the first place, also from Kiyosumi High School, Third Year Takei Hisa!"

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