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*Start from the training camp act – manga version*

11) Flow Control

The training games are going smoothly until one table suddenly emits dark aura.

One unfortunate Bundo have the privilege of being the first to spot the said table and sub-consciously feel the need to share the *wonderful* vision to the others and say "Uwoh! Look at that table..."

Which propmt one Kanbara to look, get shocked, and immediately say "I don't want to join them..."

Hisa hear Kanbara's word, got curious and turn around to see Saki, Koromo, and Pro Fujita waiting for another player while emitting "Come here and we'll eat you alive" aura.

Hisa is just about to participate when an oddly calm looking Touka steal the 4th seat prize.

*several game later*

Saki scan the table while thinking 'It almost feel like playing Onee-chan... but' she then take a quick look at Touka 'this kind of playing style didn't suit her and because of that, it is putting a heavy strain on her body... What should I do...'

In the end Saki decide to not block Touka's flow and let her game get dominated, sadly her act of kindness didn't really help when Touka pass out at the 4th round.

12) Copy

Truth to be told, after seeing her sister *see* other's people playing sytle, Saki isn't really bewildered to see that someone could copy it, but it still didn't help to calm her down.

The effect of Maho copying her Rinshan lingers even after the game end, not because it is surprising, but more because her Rinshan is a bond, a prove that she and her sister share a deep connection, and for someone to copy it like that... It is just... sad...

13) Gut Feeling

Teru watch the raffle goes on with something akin to boredom visible on her face, that is until she hears the announcer calls "Kiyosumi". Sparks of interest glows in her eyes as she watch Kiyosumi's captain rose from her seat to take the number. She scan the group of Kiyosumi's team and much to her disappointment, Saki isn't there. She let out a small sigh as she thought 'This place is huge, Saki probably get lost'

*somewhere on the building*

Saki is currently crying while trying to identify the place she at, "Where am I...?"

*back to the main hall*

Teru got a sudden gut feeling that she is very right in thinking that Saki got lost.

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