Hi I have removed my story for the love of a Denali due to the fact it didn't seem right to me so I am rewriting it so please be patient. I will be making longer chapters so it might take a while to update.


Bella's P.O.V

New place, new school, and new start I think hopefully.

Me and my dad have moved to forks Washington to get away from all our troubles, well mostly my troubles but I guess dad has a few of his own.

As we pull up to our new home I couldn't help but feel guilty, this is my fault if I wasn't such a freak of nature we never would have had to move.

"Something on your mind Bella" my dad asks looking concerned and worried.

"I was just thinking how much this is my fault if I wasn't such a freak we wouldn't be here right now" I say looking down at my hands, I've always had trouble looking people in the eyes.

"This is not your fault Bella and you're not a freak you're just special and don't think otherwise" he says firmly but at the same time gently.

I could feel tears well up in my eyes at his words if only my mother could be like him. I feel the tears roll down my cheeks at the thought of her.

I feel my dad's arms wrap around me in an awkward hug, he has always been awkward about physical contact with anyone, I guess that's where it get it from.

"Come on let's go and check out our new place" he says with a forced cheerful tone. He opens the car door and gets out making his way towards the passenger side.

He opens the door for me I give him a small smile and get out of the car. Looking at the house I see it's a small but comfortable looking place.

Walking up to the door he searches his jacket pocket for his keys. Once he finds them he holds them up with a smile. He slides the keys into the lock and opens the door.

Making our way inside I take a look around. It is dark and dusty and looks like it could do with a bit of paint and a duster but I can see that with time this could be a nice home.

"So what do you think? I know it could do with a bit of work but we can fix it up and I tell you what if you help me you can pick your own room" he says with a grin.

"Sure I'll help you and thanks for letting me pick my own room" I say gratefully I like to make my room a sort of sanctuary a place that I feel safe in.

"No problem bells" he says with a kind smile, he continues to take a look around while I head upstairs to choose my room.

I first look at the one at the top of the stairs but it seemed too big for my liking so I head for the one down the hallway. I look inside and I know that this is the room for me. It's small but not too small and it has a giant window.

I like big windows as I can look out at the stars at night they always seem to soothe me when I have a nightmare.

I make my way downstairs to pick up my stuff and see that dad has already brought everything from the car and was at the bottom of the stairs.

"So did you pick a room?" dad asks walking in through a door which I believe is the kitchen.

"Yeah I have I choose the one at the end of the corridor I hope that's alright with you" I ask already knowing that it would be but it's always best to ask.

"Sure that's ok with me as long as you're happy with it then I am too" he says and in that moment I am grateful that I have him.

We decide to have a pizza delivered as it was too late to start cooking. After looking through the menus in the cupboard draws we decide and phone the takeout and place our order.

Twenty minutes later the delivery guy turns up dad pays the man and we sit down at the kitchen table to eat. Dinner is mostly silent apart from a few comments about the food.

During dinner I couldn't help but think of my old home mind you it never felt like a home more like a hell hole, I never felt comfortable around there and my mother never made me feel welcome.

She always said that I was a mistake and that if she could change time she would have never had me. And that I was a freak and that I was disgusting for being a girl with a penis.

I was born different than most girls instead of having girl parts I had boy parts and that's the reason mom didn't want me.

"Bella what's wrong" my dad asks worriedly, I just realise I am crying and that tears are flowing from my eyes. He gets up and goes to hug me but I pull back he looks slightly hurt.

"Sorry dad I just don't feel like physical contact right now" I manage to say through my sobs. He nods his head and stands at the side of me shifting from foot to foot.

"I'm going to bed I'll see you in the morning" I rush out and run out of the run and up the stairs and down the corridor.

Closing my bedroom door I breakdown. I slid down the door and to the floor and hold my head in my hands. Sobs rack my body and I find it hard to breathe.

Why couldn't my mother love me? Why couldn't she understand that I was different? And that it wasn't my fault I didn't ask to be like this so why was she taking it out on me.

Why couldn't I just have a normal mother?

end of chapter 1