Told you I'd be back with another! ;D

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ. If you'd like a LONG ONESHOT of Bart/Cissie that includes the others, please tell me! I'm working it out in my mind, but I don't have all the details yet! I know the plot and all, but it still needs a foundation. PLEASE INFORM ME IF YOU'D BE INTERESTED IN READING IT. :)

RATING: T (Reasons: Mildly grotesque scene due to violence (if you're queasy, you may get a bit sick in one part of this); a small swear that doesn't really even count as a swear.

Other Pairs: No

Age Range: 13

Summary: He becomes impulsive when you mess with his arrow.

-\[=]/- Pain -\[=]/-

"Help!" Bart heard the shriek from near his side, but all he saw was pure darkness.

He slowly fidgeted as he tried to awake from his sudden blackout. A quick blow was made to his head, and he had instantly lost become unconscious, which included his inability to move. What was it the enemy had thrown at him? Something along the lines of a grainy, rough cinderblock. It had some spikes in it; they were small, but it had enough force to cause his forehead to bleed. Suddenly, he felt a string of blood trickle from his forehead to his cheek.

"IMPULSE!" he heard the voice again, much louder this time.

It was enough to slowly, groggily, and starkly wake him up completely. He nonchalantly shook his head (giving him a slight headache) and looked in the direction of the harsh scream. His eyes landed on Cissie, his best friend, who had blood seeping from the top of her outfit. Her arms were just globs and strands of torn, crimson-stained skin, and a big, red splatter of blood covered the top half of her face.

"Help, please!" she hoarsely begged.

Somehow, Cissie had managed to choke out her request without crying. However, her left eye squirted out a tear. That was when Bart lost his mind. He hadn't realized he was being held up against a wall until that moment. He kangaroo-kicked the criminal nearest to him with his astoundingly large feet. Due to the velocity at which Bart kicked, said criminal had been physically thrown into the cement wall behind him. He vibrated his limbs from the metallic holds on the wall, causing him to successfully free himself.

"Now," he began with grit teeth, though a calm tone, "would anyone like to explain what you're doing to my friend?"

Two men pulled out their pistols, but Bart managed to race backwards and dodge them. Once all shots had been fired, Bart hopped onto the man with his enormous feet. He inhaled until his lungs were completely full. With all his might, he yanked his body forward and shrieked right in their ears. Their heads began to spin, and during their state of confusion and ache, Bart dashed to unlock Cissie and set her free.

She fell toward the ground, but Bart caught her in the middle of her plunge. The moment she wrapped her arms around his neck, he rushed out of sight. They were outside of enemy territory safely and soundly. He sighed in relief as he looked down at her.

"Those 'holes didn't hurt you too bad, did they?" Bart queried softly.

"No," Cissie replied, "but I think I need a hospital."

"I think you do, too," he lightly and sheepishly chuckled.