A/N: This is what I think happens 100 years after the end of GT.

It starts off with the World Martial Arts Tournament Jr. Division Finals.

"Wow, you're strong" Goku Jr. said, flaring his super saiyan aura.

" You too. But now I'll finish it! Galik Gun!" Vegeta Jr. shouted from the air.

" Hey I can do that too! Kaaa-meeee-haaaa-meeee!" Goku Jr. shouted back from the ground.

" Fire!"
"Haaa!" The Galik Gun and Kamehameha waves fired and collided with each other, much like the original Kamehameha and Galik Gun clash. The beams were at the same strength, as each super saiyan provided more and more power into the beam. Vegeta 't think about thinking of things that would make himself angry, giving himself only the power that he had at the moment to use. Goku Jr. remembered all the bad things that happened to him in his life. Pan's heart attack, Puck's death, the bears getting hurt. Finally thinking of all those things at once, he let out an extra large yell and transformed into the first super saiyan 2 of this point of time. Vegeta Jr. could not keep up with Goku Jr.'s ssj2 power, and the kamehameha wave pushed the galik gun back to Vegeta Jr. Vegeta Jr. fell to the ground, clothes ripped like Majin Vegeta's when he made the ultimate sacrifice. Goku Jr. flew up to Vegeta Jr. and held out his hand for him to take.

" Great match. I'd like to fight you again sometime. It'll be fun!" Goku Jr. said, dropping out of his super saiyan 2 state. Vegeta Jr. grasped Goku Jr.'s hand as Goku Jr. pulled him up.

" Yeah. I'd like that. My grandma, Bulla, told me about a group of people,that included our great-great-grandpa's, Goku and Vegeta, called the Z Fighters. Maybe, if we found their ancestors , we could start a new generation of Z Fighters. We could call us the Z Fighters Jr. and Yamcha Jr., the guys we fought in the semifinals, were named after Tien and Yamcha, some of the original Z Fighters. Let's go talk to them and see what they think." Vegeta Jr. said. Goku and Vegeta Jr. flew up to Tien and Yamcha Jr.

" Hey Tien, Yamcha, can we talk to you for a sec?" The young super saiyans asked.

" Sure. Why not Tien?" Yamcha said.

" Fine. But will it really be so important?" Tien asked as they flew over to the destroyed ring.

" Have you heard of the Z Fighters?" Goku Jr. asked.

" Yeah, from our grandparents." Tien and Yamcha Jr. said.

"Well, what me and Goku were thinking, was that we could start a new generation of Z Fighters. You know, to protect the world from future threats. Grandma Bulla says that we can even learn how to fuse! That would give us a huge power boost. Plus, Goku's a Super Saiyan 2. That's stronger than Cell! At least that's what Grandma says that theres even a Super Saiyan 3 and 4!" Vegeta Jr. rambled.

" We'll do it! Fusing sounds cool. But don't you think we should be celebrating making it so far in the tournament?" Yamcha said.

" By you guy's! How about tomorrow we meet at the baseball field and go somewhere a few miles away from there and train!" Goku Jr. said. The Z Fighters Jr. all agreed to meet at the baseball field at noon and find a good spot, far away from anybody to do some training. Goku Jr. put two fingers to his head and instant transmissioned to his home, thinking excitedly about tomorrow's training session.