I know it has been a while since I've written. This year has been, well crazy to say the least and I've had a hard time getting into the writing state of mind and so my writing was put on hold. I'm going to aim to write a chapter and get one posted every week. I might not always succeed with that but I have a few chapters written for this story already so hopefully it'll give me a head start. For those who were waiting for it yes this is the sequel to Healing the Broken. This is the prologue and because it is so short I will post chapter one later this weekend. Enjoy


Melinda hurried through times square, dodging around other pedestrians as she hurried on her way down the street. A few hot dog venders were busy filling orders to hungry fellow pedestrians but Melinda dodged around the crowds as she made her way past the NASDAQ building. She'd had a long hard day at work today and she was exhausted. Jogging quickly through the mass of people, all of who, just like her, were tired and anxious to get home after their long work days Melinda managed to make it down to the subway, just in time for a subway to pull in. A few excited looking tourists in nice clothes and dresses stepped out, talking excitedly about the shows they were going to see at the theater district, others, obviously those familiar with the ways of the big apple remained aboard, keeping their seats so all that was left was standing room.

Melinda scrambled aboard, grabbing one of the handholds to stop her from losing her balance when the subway began to move and adjusted her briefcase. Working as a secretary for Buddy Potkiss wasn't always easy, it demanded long hours, punctuality, reliability, and often Melinda took her work home with her just so she wasn't at the office more than thirteen hours a day. But she didn't complain. She was grateful that Buddy had taken her on. He predecessor had been extremely well organized and had been willing to show her the ropes. It had been easy enough to learn – just not always easy to execute now that she was on her own. She'd only been working for him for six months on Monday, and now that the weekend was here she planned on prepping for Monday's big meeting. Her briefcase seemed heavier this weekend thanks to all the extra packets she'd put in them to look over so she'd have a good idea about the investment Buddy Potkiss had planned on taking on.

Her feet were beginning to ache in her high heels by the time the subway finally reached her stop. She climbed off the subway gratefully and climbed wearily up to the streets and made her way down the street to her apartment. She was half tempted to take her shoes off and walk barefoot if only to get rid of the pains shooting through her toes. But she thought better of it. The streets weren't clean and walking barefoot on a rough surface was an easy way to wear holes in one's panty hose. And while she earned a fair wage working for Buddy, the apartment she'd managed to rent was priced steeply and ate up a good majority of her paychecks. She budgeted carefully every month to make sure she'd have enough for the basic essentials, but rarely would she spend more than she had to. Because of that she always had an emergency stash of money set aside just in case something came up.

Melinda's long blonde curls were falling down around her face, pulled loose from the long day and her fast jog through time square to catch the subway. She reached back and undid the clip, letting the long curls fall down her back. Her heels seemed to click loudly against the cement, the street seemed quieter than usual tonight. Melinda dug into her purse and pulled out her keys, grateful she was only another couple buildings down now. She always felt safer when she was in her apartment with the bolt locked, keeping her safe, and New York outside.

The city seemed to take on a different way of life after dark. Predators were lurking around almost every corner, ready to pounce out and take advantage of unsuspecting women, and rumors of a particular gang were getting around. The news had had several stories on them lately. Purple snakes… lizards… something along those lines. A bunch of tough street punks breaking into electronic stores, knocking off armored trucks and of course, taking advantage of several unsuspecting female victims. The women usually lived but were always roughed up as far as Melinda could tell from the stories anyway. The gang was a very hands on type of group and weren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

She shuddered a little and pulled her purse tighter to her side and adjusted her briefcase. Her heels clicked loudly in the nearly deserted street. She felt uneasy for some reason, as if unfriendly eyes were watching her from everywhere. Unconsciously she picked up her pace, practically jogging in her high heels as she hurried to reach her apartment. Her nice safe apartment.

It wasn't much, but most New York apartments weren't anything extravagant. But it had everything she needed as far as she was concerned. She fumbled with her keys, grabbing the right one but dropped them when she heard a horrendous crash from the alley right next to her. She swore and bent to pick them up, and readied herself to bolt, but her briefcase also fell and several papers scattered all over the place. She couldn't afford to lose those. They all had important data on them that she would need for the meeting next week.

She swore again and hurried to pick them up, and paused when she heard a groan. She straightened stiffly. The alley was dark, and seemed empty except for the two large dumpsters where she took her trash every week. But another low groan made her heart start to beat faster than usual. Someone was down there!