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Aunt May and Lisa soon walked in on Gwen and Peter's cuddle fest and cooed a bit.

"Awe, look Lisa! Aren't they adorable?" Aunt May asked, smiling at the couple.

Gwen lifted her head, startled a bit.

Peter just grinned his famous grin.

"Oh,know we're cute." Peter said in a matter of fact tone.

Gwen just rolled her eyes, "Your ego is getting the best of you."

Peter smirked, "You know you love it."

Gwen shook her head, chuckling, "Yeah, yeah bug boy."

Aunt May and Lisa smiled.

"How are you feeling Peter?" Aunt May asked, pulling a chair next to Peter's bed.

Peter just shrugged. "Eh, I've been through worse."

Aunt May flinched a bit, "I bet."

Peter looked at his aunt.

"Look, Aunt May, about the whole…Spider Man thing…I'm really sorry I didn't tell you. I just couldn't, because, if you knew about it, then my enemies would know. And if they knew…they'd go after you. I didn't even want Gwen knowing but…she kind of slithered her way into that."

Gwen lifted her head, "Wait, I slithered? You're the one who pulled me by the waist with your little web shooters and practically dragged me into a kiss."

"Peter Parker, you did not force Gwen into a kiss! I raised you better!" Aunt May scolded.

Peter laughed, "Of course not, Aunt May. It's only forcing if she doesn't kiss back and she tries to push you off but you keep her in place. But, she kissed back."

Gwen blushed and buried her face in Peter's face.

Peter chuckled, "Poor Gwen's embarrassed."

"Yes!" Gwen hissed, "Because a certain boy doesn't know how to keep his trap shut!"

Peter laughed so hard it started to hurt his ribs.

"Our kids…" Lisa said, smiling softly.

Aunt May smiled and shook her head, "Our kids…" She repeated.

Peter finally settled down and Gwen decided it'd be best if she just kept quiet.

"Oh, and Peter, it's fine; the whole keeping Spider Man a secret thing, it's okay. I understand." Aunt May said.

Peter Smiled, "Thanks Aunt May."

Aunt May smiled and grabbed Peter's hand and squeezed gently.

"I just want you to be safe while you save New York, got it? If you end up in this hospital bed again, I'll kill you myself." Aunt May said sternly.

Peter laughed a bit, "Okay Aunt May, I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep, Peter." Gwen teased.

Peter looked down at her, "But those are the best kind."

Gwen just giggled and laid her head back down.

Aunt May and Lisa gave them each a puzzled look.

"We'll explain later." Gwen said, noticing their facial expression.

Aunt May and Lisa just smiled and for the rest of the day, they all talked about random things.

The nurse walked in, telling the girls that visiting hours were over and they had to leave.

"I'll visit you in the morning, okay sweetie?" Aunt May said, leaning down to kiss his head.

Peter nodded, "Okay."

"We'll see you tomorrow, Pete. Try and get some rest." Lisa said, squeezing her hand.

Peter nodded.

"Bye Pete. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you." Gwen said, leaning down and giving Peter a soft kiss.

Peter smiled as they pulled away, "Okay, Love you too."

And with one final goodbye, they left the hospital.

When it was morning, Aunt May kept her promise and went to visit Peter.

"Hey sweetie," Aunt May said, walking through the door.

Peter looked up from a book he was reading and smiled.

"Hey, Aunt May."

Aunt May smiled and sat down.

"Where'd you get the book?" Aunt May asked, pointing to the hard covered book on Peter's lap.

"Oh, a nurse saw that I was bored and she thought she's let me read one of the books she was carrying with her for when she goes on brake. She said she's read it many times so she let me read it. It's actually pretty good." Peter said, looking over the book.

Aunt May smiled, "There's my baby, loves reading under any circumstances."

Peter grinned a proud smile, "Can't help it, I'm a bit of a book worm."

Aunt May raised her eye brows, "A bit? Sorry sweetie, but, have you seen your room? If we wanted, we can turn that into a book store."

Peter chuckled, knowing she was right.

"Well, we're not turning my room into a book store, I'm going to keep those books as a collection or if I get bored and I can read one of them again."

"Your father was a book worm himself. As kids, all he did with his free time was to read a good book, while I hung out with my friends. I kind of wished I read as much as he did. I mean, look at how smart he became? Then, he met your mother and they were both impeccably smart. Then they had you and when I first laid my eyes on you, I knew you'd be a smart one." Aunt May said, her smile never leaving her lips.

Peter smiled, tears welling up in his eyes, "Thanks, Aunt May that means a lot."

Aunt May got up and hugged Peter gently, "Your parents would have been so proud of you. Scared to death about the situation you're in now, but still…proud."

Peter let out a little chuckle and rested his chin on his Aunt's shoulder.

"I know."

Aunt May smiled and pulled away.

"So, about you and Gwen,"

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