3,369 BBY or 16 BTC…

A woman lied on her bed in the slums of Coruscant's lower district. She was human, but her light skin looked just as dark as any of the other species in the dim lights of her room. She was carrying quadruplets, and her husband watched over her as she cried in pain from the agonizing process of child birth. He was a Miraluka; an eyeless near-human species, he wore a metallic eye covering to stop others from viewing his vestigial eye sockets. He could see through the force, and he could see his lover's suffering as clearly as he could feel the force coursing through his body as the woman clenched his hands. He was a Jedi – she was as well – and they knew that their love was forbidden, that is why they were here. They had wanted a nicer place to give birth, but that wouldn't happen now. Alaina pushed and pushed, breathing like it would be her last; when giving birth to four children at a time it may very well be. Her husband, Liamen, was keeping her stable with the force, but that did not ensure an even close to painless birth. She screamed and screamed as her first child emerged from inside of her and took a large breath; he was welcoming himself into the world. Liamen was coddling him in a nearby blanket when he noticed that the new born had no eyes.

"It's a boy," he said happily, "a Miraluka like his daddy!" he looked down at his first of four sons, it saddened him that he would not be able to raise these children himself; he needed to keep their relations to each other a secret or risk being expelled from the order. Alaina smiled and kept pushing until another boy came out minutes later. Liamen quickly put down the other baby in a basket and went to help with the next birth.

"Another boy, a human!" he breathed; he was breathing so hard that you think he would be the one giving birth, "They both look so much like me…"

"I need to… rest before… the next two come out…" she told her husband. Liamen picked up both of his sons and walked over to sit beside his wife.

"These two are very strong in the force," he told her, "I can feel it."

"Well then… they must go… for training…" she recommended. Liamen looked down at his two baby boys.

"I would like to name them if you wouldn't mind?" he asked to Alaina. She nodded her head.

"Go… right ahead…" he looked down at them again and one made a delightfully adorable cooing sound; Liamen smiled wide and giggled a little. The Human baby was still crying.

"Liamen," he referred to the Miraluka child, "and Kiberan." He said to the other, still crying child. The mother seemed quite stunned at his request.

"Why would you name them the same as you and your brother?" she gave him a worried look, "Won't the council see that something is wrong?" he looked saddened by her point, but did not falter.

"My brother never came back to the light," he referred to his now sith brother who was once a Jedi like him, Kiberan, "maybe he can redeem my brother's name, and maybe his brother could help him through it by bearing my name…" he looked up at his wife now, "They are both common corellian names, they won't think anything of it." She sighed and reached out to touch Kiberan's head; he calmed instantly to her touch. Alaina started to convulse again and Liamen almost jumped out of his seat; he ran over to the baskets and put the two of them down. He quickly wrote their names down on two notes and readied two more, so as to not confuse the four children. Another boy came; he looked just like the last one, with slight differences here and there.

"Xaffaj…" she said, "His name will be Xaffaj…" he held the new born in his arms for a few moments and then frowned.

"He is not very force sensitive, not enough for training." She smiled still.

"That's okay… we know people… who can take care of him…" he smiled too now; she was right. They had many friends and he could find one for their son. She groaned and moaned as the other baby popped its head out. He put Xaffaj down, writing his name down on a note as well. He reached down in between his wife's legs and as she screamed, another baby boy was born into the world, crying and kicking his legs. She breathed very heavy as her chest contracted up and down.

"Lymathe… name him… Lymathe…" she was absolutely exhausted, but she did have a reason to be so tired, after all. He held Lymathe in his arms for a moment as well; he sighed and let the baby down in the basket where he wrapped him in sheets.

"He's not very force-sensitive either…" Liamen wiped the sweat from his brow and let out a long breath. "They're all in perfect health, we can be thankful for that," he wrote down the name Lymathe on a note and slipped it in the basket, "but only two can go to the temple, where we can watch over them…"

"You mean you can." She said. Liamen looked slightly confused, but it was hard to tell what emotion was on his face when he had no eyes.

"What are you saying?" he wondered.

"I've been transferred." She sat up in her bed now, and stretched her back.

"Where!?" one of the babies began to cry, it was Kiberan. Alaina rubbed her face and let out her breath as well.

"I've been moved to be an ambassador on Voss, I'm sorry Lee…" that was her nickname for him; she began to cry. He rushed to her side and kissed her on the cheek; he lifted her chin.

"Do not give in to such negative emotions," he said, "If we are to break the Jedi code then let it be for the right emotions…" she wiped her tears and looked up at him lovingly.

"Do you have any idea who can take Xaffaj and Lymathe?" Liamen sat up for a moment and pondered, he walked over to his sons and looked at their soft faces; they did look like him.

"I do have an idea of where we can put them…" he picked up Lymathe's and Xaffaj's baskets and began walking toward the door.

"Where are you going!?" he stopped at the doorway and looked at his wife with his non-existent gaze.

"I know exactly where to put them," he turned to the door again, "You take care of the other two while I'm away…"

A few Coruscanti days later he arrived on the Mandalorian world of 'Concord Dawn' an agricultural planet mainly. He landed his starship far passed the outskirts of a nearby settlement, instead landing in a field beside a farmer's homestead. The fields of grass blew sideways as he landed his sleek looking ship and opened the airlock. He stepped out of the comfortable looking ship and onto the soft soil. It had been a while since Liamen had felt soil like this, too much time on Coruscant he supposed. A man dressed in ragged looking attire came out of the homestead with a blaster rifle in his hand; he was a burly looking man with lots of muscle. He noticed his old Jedi friend holding a basket and let his gun fall to his side.

"Liamen!" said the retired Mandalorian warrior, he threw his hands up and let them back down.

"Let me get right to the point." Said Liamen before Askaun could say anything, "This is my son," he held out the basket containing Xaffaj, "you still owe me for that business on Corellia, so I ask of you a favor." He let Askaun take the basket, he seemed very confused.

"What is it that you want?" he asked Liamen; Mandalorians always kept a deal, and on that day that Liamen had saved his life he vowed to make it up to him.

"I need you to take care of my son…" he looked positively perturbed by the concept.

"I-I-I have no experience w-w-with children, I can't take your son!" Liamen sighed.

"He is too weak in the force for me to train, but he will be strong one day…" he paused and looked down at his son, "… if he is raised by a Mandalorian." Askaun stared at the Jedi for a few moments and then gave in.

"Xaffaj huh?" he looked down at his forcibly adopted son and smiled.

"Will you do it?" asked Liamen hopefully.

"I'll make him into a fine warrior…" they shook hands and without another word Liamen got into his ship and flew off into the sky. Askaun looked down at Xaffaj and laughed a bit.

"I'm sure we'll have a great time together kid…" and he walked back into his homestead.

Liamen docked in a station orbiting the pitiful scum hole that was Nar Shaddaa and met up with another old friend of his, the female Mirialan smuggler named Usodd; she owed Liamen for something as well. They met on Usodd's ship, a corellian freighter with a black and orange paint job.

"I'm not sure…" said Usodd whilst rubbing her green fore head, "I… I've never taken care of a kid before… are you sure there is no one else?" she said with hope in her heart; smugglers never liked being in debt. Liamen looked at the basket on the Dejarik table nearby and then back to the Mirialan.

"I wouldn't be here otherwise…" he answered. She looked less than pleased by the situation, "Please… I'm begging you, as a friend…" she let out a long sigh and went over to the Dejarik table to see Lymathe; he made a cooing noise and Usodd smiled.

"I… I guess he is kind of cute…" Liamen smiled behind her back.

"Will you take him?" he asked her for the tenth time. She took a deep breath and then spoke.

"I suppose I can take him." She said, "For a pri—"

Liamen had already begun to walk out of the ship, but he had left a large sack of credits on the table for her. "You sly bastard…"

When he had arrived back on Coruscant he met up with his wife, Alaina, and they went to see their sons before she left for the spaceport. She kissed the two of them goodbye and then she left in a taxi to the local spaceport, bound for the planet of Voss. Liamen tried to stay strong, but he knew that the roads ahead would be long and unforgiving. That night as speeders buzzed by the apartment building's windows, Liamen prepared to disown his final two children. He adorned a black robe that fit very snug to his figure and put on a black mask to hide his identity. Babies that families had suspected were strong in the force were often dropped off by the temple entrance, many of them happened to not be sensitive to the force, but none the less, they were cared for. Liamen snuck around the statues that lined the walkway to the Jedi temple; he always marvelled at the magnificence of the statues before him. He set his two sons on the top steps of the stairs to the temple, right beside the near right column. He had no tears to shed; after all, he would still be able to see them, to talk to them, maybe even to train them. He took off his black robes and put on his usual brown ones; he used the back entrance to the temple that night.

"Maybe our sons will be friends someday too!" said Liamen's Jedi friend Dren, they were sitting in a local cantina. Dren was a large Zabrak man with long red hair, it was an unusual trait for his race, and it didn't match well with his light brown skin.

"You have a son?" asked Liamen, he never thought that would happen.

"Yes, the council allowed me to have a child with a mate back on Iridonia." Liamen was still confused.

"They allow people to have children in the order now?"

"Only under special conditions."

"Like what?" Liamen asked his horned friend.

"Only the council can decide so the details are dodgy at best." Liamen sighed.

"Well it's too late for me and Alaina anyways." The server droid finally came back with Liamen's glass of Alderaanian Ale, "Thank you!" he said cheerfully.

"No Problem, sugar!" 'She' said in a slightly robotic voice as 'She' walked off. He took a big swig on his frothy beverage and set it down on the counter in front of him.

"Ahh…" he relaxed his body and looked at his friend, "Alderaanian Ale, nothing quite like it…" he took another drink of his Alcohol before setting it back down again. The Zabrak patted his remarkably smaller friend on the back.

"Cheer up, you and Alaina would be FORCED to separate if you did what I did; me and my mate will only be able to see each other once in a blue moon…"

"That doesn't matter much now that she's all the way across the galaxy." He reached up to his face and adjusted his eye covering; they were more ceremonial than anything.

"Hey pal, watch where yous' is goin'!" Liamen and Dren looked over to see a pair of men, one Twi'lek and one human, the human had soup on his shirt and he grabbed the Twi'lek by his shirt in return.

"Another day on the job…" said Dren, and then they walked over to break up the fight, being a Jedi was a demanding line of work…