Two Sides to Every Story: Debate Prep

15 Minutes After the First General Election Debate – PCN Studio

'I'm stunned…just stunned. I mean he looked like he was a million miles away. I cannot put into words what I just witnessed.' Jackie Miller, conservative pundit extraordinaire, sputtered.

'Did you see the smile?' Royce Cain, the lone liberal commentator, lamented.

'When was he NOT smiling or smirking like a goddamn fool?" Jackie snapped.

'Haa! No this smile said it all.' Royce beamed. 'Reston was wailing on him and Governor Flyboy was in la la land daydreaming about what I can only imagine wa—, you know what, I can't imagine…must have been one hell of a daydream.'

'Damn well better have been worth it…' John Boone, a well respected Republican donor, growled. 'It may have just cost him the election.'

Day Before the First General Election Debate – St. Regis Hotel, NYC

"Please Livie…" Fitz whispered softly against her skin while playing with the buttons on her blouse. "Please sweet baby."

"Fitz, no!" Olivia half-heartedly placed her right hand over his hand, sprawled across her chest, to still his movements.

"Livie…" He whined quietly as his tongue gently slid up her neck and teased the crevice behind her ear. He grinned against her throat as she involuntarily moaned and arched her neck toward him. "Please."

Sighing, Olivia met his eyes and swallowed another moan as she held his lust-filled stare. Her eyes fluttered shut as his fingers, occasionally brushing against her bare skin, slowly undid the buttons on her blouse.

"Governor Grant, yo—ouch!" Olivia jerked away from him and glared in disbelief while rubbing the side of her neck. "You…bit me!"

"You called me 'Governor'." He answered matter-of-factly. He gently pulled her back to him and peppered soft, sensual kisses along the offending mark he'd left.

"Seriously Fitz, are you a vampire now?"

"Baby, I can be whatever you want me to be."

"How about a presidential candidate who's studiously preparing for his first general election debate without trying to get into his fixer's pants?"

"Olivia" He growled in response; his fingers began playing with her jean's zipper.

"Fitzgerald" she mocked.

"Fine, let's make a deal." He stilled and looked at her. "You quiz me, I answer."

"oookay" Olivia sensed a catch. Wait for it. She thought.

"BUT, we only continue this farce for as long as you can." His grin was a little too wide for her liking and his eyes shinned a little too brightly. "Deal?"

"Deal." She eyed him wearily but decided that two could play at whatever game he had up his sleeves. "What do you say in response to Governor Reston's claim that your proposed tax policy doesn't add up?"

"Well," He drawled as his fingers resumed petting her zipper.

He slowly slid the zipper down and gently unlatched the button.

"I'd say, a fair and balanced approached is the way to go."

He lightly trailed a finger along the path of her stomach where lace met bare skin and smirked as her abdomen twitched beneath his fingers.

"We can have an across the board tax cut if we are serious about eliminating certain loopholes and reducing certain deductions."

He watched her chest rapidly rise and fall, and her eyes shut, as his fingers occasionally ducked beneath the lace and glide over her soft curls.

"Next question."

He placed wet kisses between her navel and lace, drying each spot with his warm breath.

"Umm, Governor Reston has said…umm, he's said that you…umm Governaaah" Olivia jumped at the sudden feel of his tongue ducking beneath lace and leisurely sweeping across her skin.

"Liv, you were saying?" Fitz slid her jeans down her thighs, his hands caressing very inch of her newly exposed legs. "Governor Reston said what now?"

"Right, Governor Reston has said…" For the life of her, Olivia could not fathom what words were supposed to come next. "Fuck it." She pulled him up and kissed him hard. He grinned against her lips before deepening the kiss, rolling on top of her and pinning her beneath him.

15 Minutes After the Debate – Bernard College

"Sir, what was that?!" Cyrus yelled. "No seriously, what the fuck happened?"

"Cy," Fitz sighed. "I messed up ok. I'll do better in the next debate."

"Sir with all do respect, this may have been the election!" Cyrus eyed Fitz angrily. "I don't understand, when I left you yesterday you were fine…More than fine, READY. What the fuck happened?"

"Ok enough Cyrus, he said he messed up." Olivia interjected.

"Sir, Mellie is on the line." A junior staffer skittishly informed Fitz.

"I'll take that." Cyrus snapped, snatching the phone from the staffer. Turning to Olivia, he begged, "Talk some sense into him please. They need the room…NOW"

Olivia remained silent until everyone filed out of the greenroom. Once alone, she slowly turned to face Fitz.

"What the hell was that Governor?!" She seethed.

"Oh so it's Governor now?" He cocked his head to one side as he regarded her.

"Look," She paused and took three deep breaths. "Do you want to be president?"

He gave her a pointed look but did not verbally respond to her question.

"Well do you?"


"Do. You."

"No, I mean yes, I mean I don't know."

"Which one Fitz?"

"I don't know, ok. I don't know anymore." He grew agitated and began to pace.

"Fitz," She said softly. "Nothing's changed. You're still the best man for the job. The country needs you."

"What about me?"

"What about you?"

"I need you."


"No, Liv…just listen." He reached for her hand but stopped short of contact when she glared at him – an unwelcomed reminder of their surroundings and circumstances.

"You say nothing's changed but that's not true, everything's changed. I stood up there tonight and before I knew it I was thinking about last night and about all the sounds you made." He chuckled when she rolled her eyes. "And I just kept wondering how many other different sounds I've yet to discover. I kept thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing with you and to you than be up there on that stage."

"Hence the shit eating grin?"


"Don't do it again Fitz." Olivia commanded. "I mean it, I won't be the reason you lose this race. You do it again and we're over. Understood?"

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"Then I guess I have no choice do I?"

"Oh you always have a choice Governor." Her eyes held a promise of things to come, a promise of satisfaction, a promise of answers to his deepest and most wanton questions.

"Yeah, ok, next two debates…they're handled."

"Atta boy."