Chapter 5. Rockets and Waterfalls

10:19pm EST – East Wing, The White House

"What if I want to stand Rocketman?"

Rocketman? Who the fuck is Olivia talking to and why is she in here? Mellie thought in a panic. She quietly inched toward the closet door to try and get a glance at Olivia and the mystery man. Fitz! Mellie stood quickly, almost falling backwards at the force of her actions. She was incensed at the nerve of her husband bringing another woman into his bedroom, their bedroom. But more than anything, Mellie was incensed that her body was beginning to heat up at the rich and warm timbre in his voice. Why her?

"Rocketman, huh?" He laughed. "Come on Livvie, come sit that ass on me." He purred seductively.

"Fitz, no."

Mellie strained her neck as her eyes followed Olivia as she took slow and unsteady steps backwards toward the bedroom door. She watched as Olivia wearily eyed Fitz, who deliberately and confidently stalked toward her. Mellie abruptly dropped the soft object she was holding and clamped her hands over her mouth to stifle a moan as she watched Fitz close the gap between he and Olivia and roughly grab Olivia's hips pulling her flush against him. Fuck, why her?

"Suit yourself Livvie, stand."

Mellie almost tumbled out of the closet and into the bedroom as she struggled to get as close as possible to the door and to the couple, without being detected. She watched as Fitz seemingly glide, while completely wrapped around Olivia, toward the mirror in the corner of the room. From her spot in the closet, while Mellie could not see the couple, she had an unobstructed view of the couple's reflection in the mirror. She watched Fitz whisper in Olivia's ear and even without hearing the words, judging from Olivia's eyes widening and jaw dropping, Fitz was no doubt describing in great details what he wanted and would no doubt do to her. Transfixed on the scene in front of her, Mellie could do nothing but follow Fitz's hand as it slowly slid down the front of Olivia's throat, lightly brushed over the front of her blouse, and disappear inside her black dress slacks. It was only at the sound of Olivia's gasp and moans that she snapped out of her trance and noted the throbbing between her thighs. She squeezed both her legs and eyes shut in a vain attempt to assuage both her mental and physical discomfort.

Mellie backed away from the closet door quietly and dejectedly looked at her surroundings. In light of what was happening on the other side of the door, she could no longer remember why she'd even come into this room in the first place. She plopped down on the ottoman in the middle of the room and covered her ears, trying to drown out the sounds of lips smacking, zippers being lowered, and clothes and shoes hitting the ground. Her eyes landed on the reason for her closet visit and she rolled her eyes in disgust at the discarded hairpiece, a wiglet. Angrily shutting her eyes once more and cupping her ears to block out the sounds of her distress, she sighed in resignation and thought, I need to reevaluate my life…and my hairstyle choices.

10:05pm EST – West Wing, The White House

"Fitz. Fitz, what do you think?" Olivia asked as she stood in the middle of Fitz's private office located to the right of the Oval office. She watched Fitz stare absently at the television screen which was airing the much-anticipated unmanned NASA launch.


"Sorry, what?" Fitz mentally shook himself and tried to focus on Olivia. His eyes slowly ran up and down her frame, taking in her creamed colored silk blouse and loose-fitting black pants. He absentmindedly licked his lips as he watched her mouth move.

"I was sayi—"

"You're like a rocket you know that?" Fitz smiled softly at Olivia's confused expression.

"What?" Olivia turned toward the screen only to catch the tail end of the launch. "Like at Kennedy?"

"When we're together I watch you." His voiced dropped an octave as the air became thick with tension.

"Fitz" Olivia warned. She looked around for the nearest exit although she made no move toward the door. "Focus."

"What? You are." He took one small step toward her, then another. "A few perfectly placed touches," He purred as he continued to eliminate the distance between them. "And suddenly your body comes alive."

Olivia was finding it hard to breathe. She fought the urge to rub her hand against her neck.

"Caresses and kisses, have you climbing toward the peak." He murmured against the side of her neck, as he accentuated his point by softly running his hand along the swell of her silk covered breast. He hummed in approval as she sighed and her body relaxed under his touch. He teased her nipples through her blouse until they became rock hard and Olivia squirmed with need.

"And just before your launch, you have tells." Fitz untucked her blouse, suddenly overwhelmed with the need to touch her skin. "You hold your breath." He ran his palm across her stomach. "Kind of like now." He teased.

"Fitz, baby plea—"

"Fitzgerald, where the hell are yo—" Mellie barged into his office and squinted in anger as she watched Olivia quickly move out of Fitz's arms.

"Isn't this cute." Mellie took in Olivia's untucked blouse and ragged breathing. She noted Fitz's flushed cheeks and bright red ears and nose. If Mellie had any doubt as to what she'd walked in on, the tent in Fitz's pants was a dead giveaway. To her embarrassment and dismay, Fitz didn't seem to see the need to hide his predicament from her gaze. Rather, he seemed to be having a difficult time meeting her eyes for a prolonged period of time in that his eyes were constantly drawn to Olivia.

Mellie, after having reached her limits of being ignored as Olivia and Fitz watched each other, turned on her heels and slammed the door on her way out. "I'm going out." She yelled.

Olivia swallowed as she watched the irritation recede from Fitz's eyes as desire, love and lust replaced it. "Fitz" She said, attempting to sound stern.

"I'm not done with your lesson on rocket science Livvie." He grinned devilishly and grabbed her hand, leading her out of the Oval and toward the East Wing.

10:30pm EST – East Wing, The White House

"Rock it 'til water falls"

Olivia shuddered while on top of Fitz as he swerved his hips, hitting her spot over and over slowly.

"I want to play in your deep baby"

Olivia moaned loudly as he buried himself deeper within her.

"Hard. Rock. Steady."

Olivia was going insane. Every dip, meet with a steady thrust, was driving her closer and closer to the edge. She found it impossible to catch her breath and the ability to form a coherent thought had long since left her. Between Fitz's hot breath against her skin, as he whispered words oddly familiar to her, and his warm, strong fingertips digging into her hips, as he held her still, Olivia was on the brink of facing sweet death.

Fitz reached between them and lightly stroked her. He pulled back slightly and stared into her eyes. "I wanna feel your river flow."

"Let go baby." He whispered into her ear as she bit down on her bottom lip and began to shake uncontrollably. Olivia turned her head into his shoulder and bit down on the base of his neck. The stinging sensation sent Fitz over the edge and he came with a loud groan.

Both spent, Olivia rolled off of Fitz and smacked him lightly on the chest.

"I can't believe we just did that…here!"

Fitz chuckled in response and licked is lips as he felt himself begin to stiffen again.

"Put that away Grant" Olivia teased as she got up and began putting her clothes back on.

"You're no fun Pope" He lightly smacked her ass as he too began to retrieve his discarded clothing and started to dress.

"Oh and Beyonce, really?"

"What?" He shrugged. "It's a good song."

They both began laughing as they walked hand in hand toward the door.

"wait, did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Nothing, I umm, nothing." Olivia shook her head and reentered the hallway. As they walked back toward the West Wing, she thought back to moments ago in Fitz's bedroom where she should have sworn she hear the muffled sounds of someone crying. Nah. She thought, couldn't be.