A Lock Of White Hair

Over the past few months, Jack Frost had developed a habit of visiting his friends at least once a week. Sandman taught him flying tricks, as well as long-forgotten history of the world. Deep in the Warren, Bunnymund taught him how to properly paint an Easter egg and how to hide it. They were still tense with each other – Bunny hadn't quite forgiven Jack for the winter of '02 in Scotland, or the ice-skating disaster on Easter Morning of '09 in Rome. Personally, Jack thought that if a trio of Cardinals were going to stand by a frozen pond, they should get some fun in.

North and his workshop had quickly become his favorite place to visit. There was always hot chocolate and cookies, and the jolly man loved showing him his newest ice creations or toy inventions. A few quick jabs with his staff (as well as a round of bowling-for-elves) taught the little elves to stay away from him. The yetis were alright, as long as they didn't try and crowd him. Phil, the one in charge of security that had worked teeth and claw to keep Jack out of the North Pole, even taught him how to play poker.

Tooth was, well, Tooth. Jack made sure he smiled a lot around her (not that it was hard) and had gained an almost permanent shadow in the form of Baby-Tooth. He visited when she wasn't busy out in the field – the sprite had taken to collecting teeth herself on busy nights. When they were able to sit and have tea together, they exchanged stories of favorite children and adventures.

Tonight, however, Jack wasn't here to visit Tooth. He rode the wind to her palace, and hovered just at the edge of her domain. She was out collecting teeth tonight – summer meant sports camps, and children were losing teeth all over the Northern Hemisphere. The palace spires hung like icicles, dripping with columns and adorned with bright colors and golden baubles. The Guardian of Fun glanced down at the cave floor, where waterfalls pooled together beneath a mural of Tooth Fairy.

A last contingent of fairies flew past their stations, depositing their latest teeth before hurrying on to join their leader on another run. Jack watched them fly from the cave, and slowly landed on the nearest pavilion. He kept his staff tight in hand – ever since Pitch Black had managed to snap it in half, he wouldn't let it out of his sight, let alone his grip. The three-hundred-year-old boy reached out and touched the central column that supported the entire spire. It was marble, gilded in gold, and cold to the touch. A spiral of frost traced the shining metal and he pulled his hand back. When he was nervous, he tended to lose control of his power of ice.

A squeak in his ear had Jack Frost shooting straight up in the air, and back away from the column. He looked in every direction wildly, staff brought up to protect his body from any sudden attacks. A blur of color shot across the pavilion, towards him. The guardian sighed in relief as he recognized Baby-Tooth, who hovered in front of him, mismatched eyes bright. She chirred a question, and he reached out to rub her head.

"You scared me, Baby," he muttered, floating to land on the marble. "You should know better than to sneak up on a Guardian like that! Remember when you surprised Sandy and he put you to sleep for three days?" The sprite chirped and nodded, then nuzzled his cheek with her head. "Yeah, it's good to see you too." He allowed her to settle on his shoulder, her preferred place while shadowing him. Frost slowly made his way back to the column. "Now Tooth, this has to remain a secret, kay? Just between you and me." The little sprite nodded her head and watched curiously as he pressed his hand back against the column.

Tooth had shown him how to do this after taking his memories back. She had insisted he return them, since it was her job to guard them. She had all of the guardians, now locked up in a special vault deep within the palace. She had showed him how to summon a tube, by pressing his hand against the metal and focusing on who's memory he wanted. It was tricky, and required more concentration than he normally possessed, but tonight it was all he could focus on.

Holding back his ice, he pressed his hand against the gold and thought hard about what he wanted. No, what he needed.

Pippa Frost.

A moment later, a tube popped out of the column, and he grabbed it in suddenly numb hands. He turned the bottom of the tube towards him, and stamped across it was a picture of a pale girl with straight brown hair. Pippa Frost.

His sister.

AN: I hope y'all enjoyed reading this! I just saw the movie tonight, and this was the first thing that popped into my head. Everything is based on the movie, not the books (which hopefully I'll be able to get for Christmas!). I also forgot how exactly the tooth delivery system works, so I winged it a bit.

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